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UV LED Printing: The Print Technology of Today and Tomorrow

GSW is paving the way with a range of Mimaki and EFI UV LED printing solutions.

Among the many advancements that have revolutionised the world of printing, UV LED printers stand out as a game-changer. GSW is proud to offer two of the highest quality UV LED print suppliers; Mimaki and EFI, who pioneered the UV LED print technology over a decade ago. Mimaki UV LED printers were some of the first in the industry, and have remained at the forefront, becoming leaders in innovation and development.

Today, UV technology is not only the standard print offering but is now replacing eco-solvent and latex technology in many applications due to the advancement in the inks, the lower cost of printing and the flexibility to print on materials that can be cut, creased or even vac formed. These are only a few advantages of UV LED printing with many more detailed below.

In this exciting journey of UV LED printing’s evolution, GSW has been an integral part, empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions that harness the full potential of Mimaki’s and EFI’s pioneering technology.

The Magic of UV LED Printing

Unlike traditional printing methods, which rely on heat to cure inks, UV LED printing employs ultraviolet LEDs to instantly dry and cure inks. This process not only enhances print quality but also opens up a world of possibilities in terms of materials, applications, and environmental sustainability. Take a look at the Mimaki UJF-7151 Plus. This UV flatbed printer offers allows you to print on materials such as acrylic, metal, glass, and even leather.

The Key Advantages of UV LED Printing

  • Speed and Efficiency:
    UV LED printing is known for its incredible speed and efficiency. With no drying time required, it allows for rapid production and reduced turnaround times, making it a go-to choice for businesses looking to meet tight deadlines.
  • Vibrant Colors and High Resolution:
    The UV LED curing process ensures that inks adhere to surfaces with unparalleled precision, resulting in sharp, vibrant, and high-resolution prints. This is crucial for industries such as signage, branding, and marketing, where visual impact is paramount.
  • Eco-Friendly:
    This technology is eco-friendly as it eliminates the need for solvent-based inks and reduces energy consumption. It also produces less waste, making it a sustainable option for environmentally-conscious businesses.

The Future of UV LED Printing

As we look ahead, UV LED printing is poised to become even more influential in the printing industry. Here are some trends and developments to watch out for:

  • 3D Printing: UV LED technology is evolving to support 3D printing applications, opening up new opportunities in product prototyping, custom manufacturing, and more.
  • Personalisation: With UV LED printing’s ability to print on a variety of materials, we can expect to see more personalised products and packaging, tailored to individual preferences.
  • Sustainable Printing: As environmental concerns continue to grow, UV LED printing’s eco-friendly attributes will make it increasingly attractive to businesses and consumers alike.
  • Integration with IoT: UV LED printers are becoming smarter, with integration into the Internet of Things (IoT). This allows for remote monitoring and maintenance, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency.

UV LED printing has not only changed the game in the printing industry but is also shaping its future. Its speed, precision, versatility, and eco-friendliness make it a technology that is here to stay. AS GSW continues to partner with Mimaki to push the boundaries of large format printing, we are excited to see how this technology will continue to transform the world of printing.

GSWs range of Mimaki printers and EFI wide format printers offer unmatched quality, reliability, and versatility, ensuring that your printing projects are executed flawlessly. With a dedicated support team, our team is on hand to answer any of your questions and assist you in finding the best solution for your business. Get in touch with us to discover the innovative solutions.