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Mimaki CG-FX II Series


High-speed & ultimate operational efficiency with labour-saving ID Cut technology.

The CG-SR III Series (two variations available) Mimaki cutting plotters allow continuous operations for multi-product orders. These vinyl cutter machines also boast fast cutting speeds up to 140 cm/s.

Mimaki CG-SR III Series


User-friendly precision technology for a wide range of cutting needs.

The CG-SR III Series (two variations available) Mimaki vinyl cutter machines offer fast and accurate contour cutting plus half-cut functionality. These affordable cutting plotters also boast a variety of applications.

Mimaki CJV150 Series


Affordability meets versatility with these integrated printer/cutter machines.

The CJV150 Series Mimaki printers (three variations available including Mimaki CJV150-75 Mimaki CJV150-130 and Mimaki CJV150-160) is where high performance, versatility and creativity collide. Including signage printing capabilities with vibrant inks such as silver, orange, and light black.

Mimaki CJV300-130 Plus

Ultimate efficiency, versatility, and high-quality vinyl printing and cutting solutions.

The CJV300-130 plus Mimaki printer boasts ID Cut functionality, environmentally-friendly and silver ink options, plus image quality control for a wide range of signage applications from labels to car-lapping films.

Mimaki UCJV300-160

Versatile printing applications supporting extended media types (uncoated/heat sensitive)

The UCJ300-160 Mimaki printer offers roll-to-roll UV LED vinyl printing and cutting capabilities in one. Showcase innovation using environmentally friendly ink options or four-layer printing for day/night view.

Kongsberg X Edge

The perfect entry-level and upgradeable machine for versatile cutting solutions.

The X Edge Kongsberg cutting system utilises fast production speeds (30m/min) to offer a wide range of vinyl cutter and heavy-duty milling applications for the sign and graphic industries.

Kongsberg X Series


This versatile vinyl cutter and fast miller unlocks production potential.

The X Series (six variations available) Kongsberg cutting system offers a series of speciality tools to empower production and expand versatility. Save time switching tools with auto tool adjust feature.

Kongsberg C Series


A high-speed multifunction digital finisher for increased operational efficiency.

The C Series (six variations available) Kongsberg super-wide cutting table boasts speed and accuracy. This versatile vinyl cutter works on many materials (up to 3210mm wide) at 24/7 production potential.

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