Craftsmanship meets efficiency with GSW’s collection of print finishing machines. With us by your side, you’ll be able to elevate your printing projects to the next level.

Explore our selection of cutting-edge finishing machines designed to add the perfect final touch to your prints, transforming them into polished and professional masterpieces.

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Mimaki CG-FX II Series


High-speed & ultimate operational efficiency with labour-saving ID Cut technology.

The CG-SR III Series (two variations available) Mimaki cutting plotters allow continuous operations for multi-product orders. These vinyl cutter machines also boast fast cutting speeds up to 140 cm/s.

Mimaki CG-SR III Series


User-friendly precision technology for a wide range of cutting needs.

The CG-SR III Series (two variations available) Mimaki vinyl cutter machines offer fast and accurate contour cutting plus half-cut functionality. These affordable cutting plotters also boast a variety of applications.

Mimaki LA Series

LA 160W
LA 170W

High-speed meets superior finishing through heat-assist with these laminator machines.

The LA Series (two variations available) Mimaki laminators are reliable and easy-to-use machines that regulate heat (max. 60˚C) to improve over-laminate film adhesion while reducing the air-bubble silvering effect.

Kongsberg X Edge

The perfect entry-level and upgradeable machine for versatile cutting solutions.

The X Edge Kongsberg cutting system utilises fast production speeds (30m/min) to offer a wide range of vinyl cutter and heavy-duty milling applications for the sign and graphic industries.

Kongsberg X Series


This versatile vinyl cutter and fast miller unlocks production potential.

The X Series (six variations available) Kongsberg cutting system offers a series of speciality tools to empower production and expand versatility. Save time switching tools with auto tool adjust feature.

Kongsberg C Series


A high-speed multifunction digital finisher for increased operational efficiency.

The C Series (six variations available) Kongsberg super-wide cutting table boasts speed and accuracy. This versatile vinyl cutter works on many materials (up to 3210mm wide) at 24/7 production potential.

Discover a range of machines tailored for diverse finishing needs, from laminators and binders to cutters and creasers. Our collection features industry-leading brands like Mimaki and Kongsberg, both known for their precision and innovation, ensuring that every print receives the attention it deserves.

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with our print finishing machines that offer versatile features to enhance the visual appeal and durability of your prints. Plus, they're designed to be user-friendly.

Whether you're looking to add a protective layer with lamination or achieve flawless cuts and creases, our print finish machines are crafted to meet your specific requirements.

Choose precision, versatility, and reliability – browse through our diverse range of print finishing machines to add the finishing flourish to your prints and make a lasting impression. Elevate your printing experience with GSW!