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Mimaki Boost Creativity in Retail

Addressing retailers, the new software enables easy design through templates and in-house production of a diverse range of advertising materials, helping enhance performance in sales.

Mimaki Europe, a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, has today announced the release of brand new design software, Simple POP, scheduled for April 2019. Addressing the retail market segment, Simple POP is designed to boost creativity in in-store decoration, enabling retailers to produce in-house, as well as to widen the range of Point-Of-Purchase (POP) displays as required, simply using templates.

There is an extensive variety of advertising materials that the retail industry uses, ranging from window signs, posters and POP ads, to seals and stickers, which are also strictly linked to seasonal events, time-limited sales, weather trends and daily bargains. This means that flexibility in producing in-house advertising materials is crucial to enhancing performance in sales. Proprietary software Simple POP directly addresses those requirements, enabling user-friendly processes based on the use of preset templates. The range of available templates includes various POP ads designed to be eye-catching and to properly convey key information (such as swing POP displays, price cards, posters, banners, etc.), in-store decorations for each season and event (such as wall stickers, window signs, magnet sheets, tapestries, etc.), as well as small articles (labels, seals, stickers, etc.).

For further benefits in terms of flexibility and quality, the templates come with pre-installed cut data which empowers printing and cutting automatically by using Simple POP combined with Mimaki series UCJV150 and UCJV300 of UV curable inkjet printers with cutting functions. Additionally, the UCJV300 series, equipped with white ink, perfectly fits the needs of catchy and highly decorative items as it allows reproduction of natural colours both on transparent and coloured media.

Key technological features of Simple POP:

  • Preset templates tailored for specific applications enabling easy design
  • Pre-installed print and cut data for POP and in-store decorations
  • Automatic cutting improving work efficiency
  • White ink on the UCJV300 series enabling print on transparent, coloured and metallic media

Simple POP offers a wide range of templates suited to different applications. Once a template is chosen, users can easily edit text, as well as edit, add, resize and modify images and graphic symbols. The easy design process is intuitive, even for those who have no experience in using design software. Furthermore, additional templates will be provided on the Mimaki website as free downloads.

Another key feature of Simple POP is templates that come with pre-installed cut data which enables retailers to perform print and cut operation in-house by combining the software with the Mimaki UCJV150 / UCJV300 series. Those printers are equipped with a cutting function that allows automatic production of displays with different shapes, which would take time and effort when manually cut.

The white ink with high hiding power available on the UCJV300 series is yet another added-value feature. Using the white ink as a base for colour prints on transparent, coloured and metallic media helps increase ink colour development and achieve beautiful and appealing prints.

“Brand-new Simple POP allows retailers to bring the production of ad materials in-house, avoiding outsourcing issues. It is designed to simplify the production of eye-catching and themed in-store decoration and to enable automatic printing and cutting when combined with the UCJV150 and the UCJV300 printers,” says Senior Marketing Manager for EMEA, Danna Drion. “Benefits for retailers include shortened production time, boosted flexibility in design and improved work efficiency.”


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Esko features Green Ox Pallet Technology in Cape Pack software

“Esko is featuring several Green Ox Pallet Technology designs in its Cape Pack and Cape Truckfill software to help companies maximise truck space utilisation.”

“Green Ox corrugated pallets are unique in the global market. Globally produced and configured at the point of use, the pallets offer a viable lightweight alternative to wood that can scale across the footprint of multi-national manufacturers and their suppliers. As presented in Cape Pack, one of Green Ox’s most transformational features is dimension customisation, which allows clients to increase the amount of truck bed space used by 5-30%. Together, Esko and Green Ox Pallet Technology are paving the way for global manufacturers to improve space utilisation, cut transportation costs, and reduce their carbon footprint.”

“Green Ox pallets can, quite literally, help reduce the number of trucks needed to transport the same amount of product, which benefits our clients and the planet. Esko is thrilled that Cape Pack is the first transport software in the world that enables clients to evaluate this innovative pallet technology,” said Brad Leonard, Global Business Development for Cape and Esko.”

“Esko and Cape Pack have long served as visionary leaders in truck modelling and efficiency,” said Adam Pener, President of Green Ox Pallet Technology. “As the global precedent set by IKEA demonstrates, in the future all truck beds will maximise area and volume, thereby reducing the number of trucks on our roads. Green Ox is honoured to be aligned with Esko, a company that understands the importance of giving their clients the next-generation tools necessary to drive innovation, profitability, and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.”

“In addition to the Green Ox Standard 48×40 pallet, Cape Pack Software v2.15, released last year, introduces to the market Green Ox’s space-maximizing: “Walk-In Cooler” (40×32), “Mini-Square” (32×32), “Bike” (61×36), “U.S. Square” (46×46) and “Euro” (1 meter x 1 meter) pallets.”

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Date: 15 April 2016