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Celebrating A Prosperous Business Relationship: Impressive Designs has proudly purchased several Printers, Cutters and Plotters from GSW!

“We have had a long standing relationship with GSW since the 1990’s but our digital printing story only began in 2010” Rico Messina, from Impressive Designs, explained in an interview. Impressive Designs is a family run Acrylic Manufacturing business offering the best quality and service in this sector since 1985,  based in Elsies River, Western Cape. We supply quality acrylic (Plexiglas and Perspex) products to all sectors of the economy from Shopfitters to retail to pharmaceutical to agencies and also to the general public.


Rico proudly announced how, “We believe to achieve a quality product we need to invest in quality machinery.” Further suggesting that they have been buying from GSW and working closely with the engineers, sales team and CEO Robert Franco for several years now. “We have Mimaki vinyl plotters, Mimaki laminators, Mimaki UJF and Mimaki JFX flat bed digital printers and even EFI Roll to roll digital printers and even an aristo cutter. These machines are used daily in our production lines.”, exclaimed Rico. Today, Impressive designs has purchased over 10 different types of equipment and printers as well as regularly receiving media and Inks from GSW.


“We utilise these machines to enhance our product offerings to our clients.  Acrylic products shine but with the addition of Branding we enable our Clients Brand stand well above their competitors.  Our end products need to be the best quality we can produce and the Mimaki, EFI and Aristo brands are well known for their quality and definitely aid us to deliver the best quality product we can.”


“I have always received excellent service from GSW most notably when there is a production issue. Their technicians are available immediately and these machines are up and running or the technical / training issue resolved quickly. They are a key member of our Team.” – said Rico Messina. GSW is also truly grateful to have customers like  Impressive Designs who make this business so enjoyable to be in. It has been an incredible journey working with them and we look forward to many more prosperous years of business with Rico and his remarkable employees.





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Addressing the Mask Crisis with the Mimaki TR300-1850C coater!

Mimaki technology is being used to process mask material that is both functional and fashionable to wear. In doing so, they are creating high quality masks to meet safety standards and regulations worldwide!

Many manufacturing companies have decided to convert production to contribute to addressing the COVID-19 crisis. In the textile sector in particular, print service providers have started producing masks and other kinds of facial protection, due to the sudden surge in demand and limited supply. So that masks, both medical and non-medical, can guarantee protection while being suitable for contact with the face, the fabrics used must meet specific technical requirements. Often many layers of different fabrics are used, including polyester, warp knits, standard knits and non-wovens. Two fundamental properties are needed to achieve maximum functional and protective efficiency: impermeability and sterility.

Mimaki technology meets these specific requirements with a highly effective solution for fabric preparation. The TR300-1850C pre-treatment unit, originally designed for inkjet printing applications, can now process mask materials, simply by using it with different chemicals. “Appropriate fabric preparation is essential for producing masks. At the moment this remains one of the trickiest aspects for operators in the textile sector”, explains Marco Vanzini, Sales Director at Mimaki Bompan Textile. “Although it was developed for inkjet printing, the Mimaki TR300-1850C coater has demonstrated its suitability for the specific treatments making mask materials sterile and impermeable.”

Part of the TR Series, an innovative range of pre- and post-treatment systems developed by Mimaki, the TR300-1850C digital coater offers a compact design for installation in any production environment. Easy to use, this roll-to-roll unit makes it simple to apply the coating: once inserted, the fabric passes through a padder, where it is implanted with the selected chemicals, then proceeding to successive phases through squeeze rollers and a dryer, before being rewound into a roll.

Using the coater to meet the mask challenge, fabrics can be treated with water-soluble antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral disinfectants, such as salicylic acid and bleach. As for impermeability, this can be obtained by dissolving silicone-based products in water.

“We are convinced of the potential of this solution, not only in helping to optimise mask production today, but also in opening up a brighter, more optimistic perspective for the steps ahead. It is clear by now that masks and facial PPE will be part of our everyday lives even after the worst of the COVID-19 crisis, in what is called phase 2. It will be important to be prepared, adapting production methods to offer accessories that are both functional and pleasant to wear”, adds Vanzini. “Fabrics pre-treated with the TR300-1850C coater can be decorated and personalised using Mimaki sublimation transfer printing plotters, meeting the demand for trendy accessories that is sure to come from the market.”

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ArtLab uses Mimaki Printers to fight Covid19!

Covid-19 is no laughing matter!

But hey – why make it more miserable than it is?

C’mon – let’s lighten up a little and have some fun!


While they may be funny as hell these are PROPER personal protection masks! Made from Dual Layer  Polyester & Polycotton, they also have a professionally applied Silver Nano-Particle Coating which gives lab tested added protection against bacteria. Yeah we know… Corona is a virus but if we can stop other opportunistic uglies getting in (or out)… Why not!


They have been professionally digitally printed by ARTLAB – leaders in digital textile printing technology. ArtLab, one of Graphix Supply World’s longest customers, makes use of their excellent TXP300 Mimaki textile printers, allowing them to print on a wide array of natural fabrics using the latest pigment inks. These dye sublimation printers have certainly been put to work, printing an exciting series of custom-printed face masks for the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The masks are fully washable and the antibacterial coating itself is good for 50 washes!


These hysterically funny “Mad Masks” have proved wildly popular as an alternative to the dreary and dull masks on the market. These masks use the quality technology of Mimaki printers to print onto a synthetic support fabric for the masks outers. This is a high performance moisture wicking fabric that also prints exceptionally well. It is lined with an antibacterial coated polycotton inner and offer great comfort, safety and breathability while raising a bucket full of laughs and good humour!

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Over 25 Years of Excellent Supply & Service from GSW

ArtLabs CEO says, “We have experienced the highest levels of service over our many decades of supply by GSW. Technical assistance has always been prompt and efficient but it must further be said that the excellent quality of the Mimaki range of printers means there is a nominal amount of service required in the first instance. They have proven highly reliable under the most strenuous and testing conditions.”

One of GSW’s long-standing customers, Craig Whyte, expressed his delight and appreciation for his relationship with GSW. His company – ArtLab  is a multifaceted, large-format printing business based in Cape Town, South Africa. ArtLab has a lengthy and illustrious history in the printing industry. The business was started 11 years ago by Craig Whyte who has an extremely long career in digital graphics; having pioneered digital colour copying in SA as The Image Centre way back in 1983. In 1992 Craig was the first to introduce high resolution large format printing to the SA market as the Big Picture which grew quickly to become OmniGraphics Express  – one of the most successful and recognized names in digital printing.


Craig explained that he has been using the services of GSW and Rob Franco since the earliest days of the industry and are probably one of if not the oldest surviving clients of the company. He went on further, “We purchased one of GSW’s first digital printers in 1995 – which was co-incidentally called the F.I.R.S.T. printer. It was a revolutionary machine that was probably the (first) system to digitally print onto vinyl that could be used outdoors.”


“We have purchased a wide array of machines from GSW over the years. From simple vinyl cutters to sophisticated textile printers we rely on GSWs excellent range of Mimaki printers in all our day to day processes. They are and have been a cornerstone of all our operations and success. We use GSW’s Mimaki printers for a wide offering of services. Our primary and latest application is the use of the excellent TXP300 textile printers which allow us to print on a wide array of natural fabrics using the latest pigment inks for same.” Craig explained.


During the lockdown Craig said that they have put the textile printers and certainly the dye sublimation printers to extensive use, currently printing an exciting series of custom-printed face masks for the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. He said that their hysterically funny “Mad Masks” have proved wildly popular as an alternative to the dreary and miserable masks that we will be forced to wear for the foreseeable future. “We are using Mimaki printers to print onto a synthetic supports fabric for the masks outers. This is a high performance moisture wicking fabric that also prints exceptionally well. It is lined with an antibacterial coated polycotton inner and offer great comfort, safety and breathability while raising a bucket full of laughs and good humour!”






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Mimaki 3DUJ-553 Printer Supports Mission of the Smithsonian Institution

3D printer will be used to aid educational, science, research, art, and cultural exhibits and experiences

Mimaki USA is proud to work with the Smithsonian to place a Mimaki 3DUJ-553 full-colour 3D printer in the Smithsonian Exhibits’ (SIE) studios, located in Landover, MD, and part of the Smithsonian Institution. SIE collaborates with museums and offices throughout the Institution and the federal government to help them plan, produce, develop, and design powerful and engaging exhibits, and produce models for public programs and research purposes.

“We are pleased to be a part of the Smithsonian Institution’s efforts to engage and inspire audiences through the increase and diffusion of knowledge,” said Josh Hope, Sr. Manager, 3D Printing & Engineering Projects at Mimaki USA. “This printer will enable the Smithsonian to use new technologies to produce exhibits in new ways, particularly for creating models and tactile elements that help bring exhibits to life for all visitors.”

The SIE team has embarked on its first project to use the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 printer, which is to create full colour 3D printed models of viruses that are enlarged with great detail for hands-on engagement with visitors in the Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World exhibition currently on view at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Future possible projects for the full colour 3D printer include:

  • Models of collection objects used for hands-on educational activities with the public
  • Tactile display elements for low-vision or blind visitors such as raised-line maps to aid with wayfinding
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OKI and Mimaki Engineering Conclude Exclusive International Sales Agreement

OKI Color Painter M 64s

Mimaki Engineering to sell OKI Data’s wide format inkjet printers through Mimaki Engineering’s robust international sales network

On January 6, 2020, Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. and OKI Data Corporation, the OKI Group’s printer company, concluded an exclusive international sales agreement for the distribution of OKI Data’s wide format inkjet printers. Under the terms of this agreement, the two companies will expand their sales alliance in Japan, announced in March 2019, to encompass overseas sales.

Under this agreement, from April 1, 2020, Mimaki Engineering will sell OKI Data’s wide format inkjet printers, ink and other supplies, and maintenance parts in overseas markets through Mimaki Engineering’s robust international sales network.

The products covered by this international alliance include OKI Data’s two wide format inkjet printers capable of high-speed, high-density printing—the ColorPainter H3-104s and the ColorPainter M-64s—as well as ink and other supplies for these models and for other OKI Data’s wide format inkjet printers previously sold by OKI Data. Mimaki Engineering will initiate sales and maintenance of these products on April 1.

Mimaki Engineering develops, manufactures, sells, and maintains commercial inkjet printers, cutting plotters, and the ink and software used with such products. Backed by an international dealer network in some 150 countries, Mimaki Engineering delivers not just products, but a comprehensive environment for delivering peace of mind to customers who use the products, advocating community-based sales activities as a keyword. OKI Data concluded this agreement based on its high regard for Mimaki Engineering’s technological capabilities and sales and maintenance performance in the wide format inkjet printer business and OKI Data’s judgment that the alliance will make it possible both to continue serving existing customers reliably and to propose solutions to even more customers.

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“I Love My Mimaki”

Celebrating 27 years of a successful printing centre and design studio, FormsXpress, has seen continuous transformation, evolving into the most versatile company they are today.

With 120 permanent staff, utilising the best colour management and production software, FormsXpress are able to produce an extensive range of products, all in-house and always on time.

The services offered at FormsXpress range from Digital Print, Variable Data Laser Printing, Litho Printing, Continuous Litho Printing, Book Binding and Finishing, Warehousing and Logistics.  It is no wonder they are Cape Town’s most versatile printing centre.

FromsXpress pride themselves on two key factors, one: their fast turnaround time and two: the buy in of their staff. The owner was proud to disclose his staff are dedicated to getting the job done, regardless of having an ‘early day’.

John Donaldson, who has invested in only the best printing equipment, that being the very first LED UV Litho press and two brand new Mimaki CJV150-160 to name a few. “I liked the fact that the Mimaki had a print and cut solution, it makes our work easy and allows us to be flexible with the services we offer, we purchased two CJV’s because we don’t want to let our customers down, so if the one machine is busy, we have another” says Mr Donaldson.

The Mimaki CJV150 Series is an affordable, high-spec, high-performance, integrated printer and cutter. The CJV150 delivers:

  • Fast printing speeds up to 56.2m2 per hour
  • High quality print resolution of up to 1,440dpi
  • Printing widths up to: 1,610mm

More on the Mimaki CJV150 Series here »

More on FormsXpress here »

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ATG A-Type Grafix Are Happy with their Mimaki JFX200

Ruan Chamberlain, owner of ATG A-Type Grafix, who acquired the Mimaki JFX200-2513, a wide-format flatbed printer with the capability to print onto thick substrates, states “this high-quality flatbed printer from Mimaki prints up to 5cm thick substrates”, he went on to say: “this is the best machine I have ever bought, it has opened up new business opportunities while saving me on time and labour. GSWs service has been nothing but outstanding.”

ATG A-Type Grafix are leading sign manufacturers since 2001 and are well known throughout for their competitive prices and quality of work. They handle any sign work whether complex or as simple as a boat number.

They are your one-stop-shop for all your branding needs including signs, shop fronts, cars, trucks, vans, boats, trailers, banners, business cards, flyers, brochures and more.

More on ATG A-Type Grafix here »

The Mimaki JFX200 offers the ability to produce a diverse range of prints for both indoor and outdoor use. It is ideally suited for applications such as backlit displays and signage, signs and posters, interior décor, glass and metal decorative panels and more. Its 4’x 8’, landscape-oriented format is small enough to fit into most sign and graphic print shops. White, clear and inks are available. The UV-LED lamps offer reduced energy consumption and a longer lamp lifetime.

More on the Mimaki JFX200 here »

Want a quote? Click here »



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Mimaki drives cost-effective wide format printing with innovative SWJ-320EA

Earlier this year, Mimaki and Graphix Supply World showcased its innovative, cost-effective SWJ-320EA large format solvent printer at FESPA Africa 2019. Addressing the demanding, ever-changing and price-sensitive super-wide format printing market, this highly productive 3.2-meter-wide printer offers an unmatched ratio of top print quality, fast printing speed and reliability at a very accessible price.

Following successful sales progression in price-sensitive markets, such as Turkey, Russia and the Middle East, the SWJ-320EA is now available for the entire EMEA region. “Addressing the needs of the highly competitive wide format market, the SWJ-320EA represents an important business differentiator for customers,” says Bert Benckhuysen, Senior Product Manager EMEA, Mimaki Europe. “Combining a high level of efficiency and low operational costs with a very competitive price for the hardware and the inks, the SWJ-320EA makes a much more cost-effective choice for investment, particularly when compared to what our competitors in China, Russia and Turkey have on offer.”

Building on the legacy of Mimaki innovation, the SWJ-320EA super-wide solvent printer includes Mimaki core technologies, namely MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System) and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System). MAPS4 helps prevent banding during the printing process. With every pass, MAPS4 is using a unique algorithm that calculates the most effective way of jetting the ink drops to avoid visible banding. This constantly changes depending on ink colour, coverage and printing speed. This feature, alongside NRS – which ensures the replacement of clogged nozzles without stopping production – enhances the printer’s performance and boosts productivity and print quality for the user. For further production benefits, the SWJ-320EA is equipped with four advanced high-speed printheads, arranged in a staggered array ensuring resolutions of up to 1200dpi and print speeds of up to 137m2/h.

Offering established world-class Mimaki speed, quality and reliability in a super-wide format, the SWJ-320EA is equipped with an extremely stable media feeding system and a newly designed tension bar. These features prevent the media from cockling and ensure high grip for extremely accurate printing, resulting in steady, premium print quality, even for larger prints. For those requiring higher volumes, a twin-roll printing function is available as an optional feature, enabling the printer to handle up to two rolls (with maximum width of 1,524mm each) and resulting in double-volume production for smaller rolls per day.

Designed to enable users to diversify their businesses in a profitable way, the Mimaki SWJ-320EA is ideal for producing a wide variety of large format indoor and outdoor applications, including POS materials, banners and billboards, displays, transport and floor images. Diversification will also be driven by a wide and varied range of compatible solvent-coated substrates, such as self-adhesive PVC film, photo paper, billboard paper, blue-back, backlit film, banner materials and tarpaulin, to name a few. The SWJ-320EA uses Mimaki CS100 solvent-based ink – available in CMYK configuration and with a capacity of 3 litres per colour. The new inks have been developed to ensure lower consumption and increased weather and scratch resistance.