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Mimaki 3DUJ-553 Printer Supports Mission of the Smithsonian Institution

3D printer will be used to aid educational, science, research, art, and cultural exhibits and experiences

Mimaki USA is proud to work with the Smithsonian to place a Mimaki 3DUJ-553 full-colour 3D printer in the Smithsonian Exhibits’ (SIE) studios, located in Landover, MD, and part of the Smithsonian Institution. SIE collaborates with museums and offices throughout the Institution and the federal government to help them plan, produce, develop, and design powerful and engaging exhibits, and produce models for public programs and research purposes.

“We are pleased to be a part of the Smithsonian Institution’s efforts to engage and inspire audiences through the increase and diffusion of knowledge,” said Josh Hope, Sr. Manager, 3D Printing & Engineering Projects at Mimaki USA. “This printer will enable the Smithsonian to use new technologies to produce exhibits in new ways, particularly for creating models and tactile elements that help bring exhibits to life for all visitors.”

The SIE team has embarked on its first project to use the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 printer, which is to create full colour 3D printed models of viruses that are enlarged with great detail for hands-on engagement with visitors in the Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World exhibition currently on view at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Future possible projects for the full colour 3D printer include:

  • Models of collection objects used for hands-on educational activities with the public
  • Tactile display elements for low-vision or blind visitors such as raised-line maps to aid with wayfinding
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OKI and Mimaki Engineering Conclude Exclusive International Sales Agreement

OKI Color Painter M 64s

Mimaki Engineering to sell OKI Data’s wide format inkjet printers through Mimaki Engineering’s robust international sales network

On January 6, 2020, Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. and OKI Data Corporation, the OKI Group’s printer company, concluded an exclusive international sales agreement for the distribution of OKI Data’s wide format inkjet printers. Under the terms of this agreement, the two companies will expand their sales alliance in Japan, announced in March 2019, to encompass overseas sales.

Under this agreement, from April 1, 2020, Mimaki Engineering will sell OKI Data’s wide format inkjet printers, ink and other supplies, and maintenance parts in overseas markets through Mimaki Engineering’s robust international sales network.

The products covered by this international alliance include OKI Data’s two wide format inkjet printers capable of high-speed, high-density printing—the ColorPainter H3-104s and the ColorPainter M-64s—as well as ink and other supplies for these models and for other OKI Data’s wide format inkjet printers previously sold by OKI Data. Mimaki Engineering will initiate sales and maintenance of these products on April 1.

Mimaki Engineering develops, manufactures, sells, and maintains commercial inkjet printers, cutting plotters, and the ink and software used with such products. Backed by an international dealer network in some 150 countries, Mimaki Engineering delivers not just products, but a comprehensive environment for delivering peace of mind to customers who use the products, advocating community-based sales activities as a keyword. OKI Data concluded this agreement based on its high regard for Mimaki Engineering’s technological capabilities and sales and maintenance performance in the wide format inkjet printer business and OKI Data’s judgment that the alliance will make it possible both to continue serving existing customers reliably and to propose solutions to even more customers.

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Mimaki drives cost-effective wide format printing with innovative SWJ-320EA

Earlier this year, Mimaki and Graphix Supply World showcased its innovative, cost-effective SWJ-320EA large format solvent printer at FESPA Africa 2019. Addressing the demanding, ever-changing and price-sensitive super-wide format printing market, this highly productive 3.2-meter-wide printer offers an unmatched ratio of top print quality, fast printing speed and reliability at a very accessible price.

Following successful sales progression in price-sensitive markets, such as Turkey, Russia and the Middle East, the SWJ-320EA is now available for the entire EMEA region. “Addressing the needs of the highly competitive wide format market, the SWJ-320EA represents an important business differentiator for customers,” says Bert Benckhuysen, Senior Product Manager EMEA, Mimaki Europe. “Combining a high level of efficiency and low operational costs with a very competitive price for the hardware and the inks, the SWJ-320EA makes a much more cost-effective choice for investment, particularly when compared to what our competitors in China, Russia and Turkey have on offer.”

Building on the legacy of Mimaki innovation, the SWJ-320EA super-wide solvent printer includes Mimaki core technologies, namely MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System) and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System). MAPS4 helps prevent banding during the printing process. With every pass, MAPS4 is using a unique algorithm that calculates the most effective way of jetting the ink drops to avoid visible banding. This constantly changes depending on ink colour, coverage and printing speed. This feature, alongside NRS – which ensures the replacement of clogged nozzles without stopping production – enhances the printer’s performance and boosts productivity and print quality for the user. For further production benefits, the SWJ-320EA is equipped with four advanced high-speed printheads, arranged in a staggered array ensuring resolutions of up to 1200dpi and print speeds of up to 137m2/h.

Offering established world-class Mimaki speed, quality and reliability in a super-wide format, the SWJ-320EA is equipped with an extremely stable media feeding system and a newly designed tension bar. These features prevent the media from cockling and ensure high grip for extremely accurate printing, resulting in steady, premium print quality, even for larger prints. For those requiring higher volumes, a twin-roll printing function is available as an optional feature, enabling the printer to handle up to two rolls (with maximum width of 1,524mm each) and resulting in double-volume production for smaller rolls per day.

Designed to enable users to diversify their businesses in a profitable way, the Mimaki SWJ-320EA is ideal for producing a wide variety of large format indoor and outdoor applications, including POS materials, banners and billboards, displays, transport and floor images. Diversification will also be driven by a wide and varied range of compatible solvent-coated substrates, such as self-adhesive PVC film, photo paper, billboard paper, blue-back, backlit film, banner materials and tarpaulin, to name a few. The SWJ-320EA uses Mimaki CS100 solvent-based ink – available in CMYK configuration and with a capacity of 3 litres per colour. The new inks have been developed to ensure lower consumption and increased weather and scratch resistance.

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Mimaki Innovation Keeps CottonBee Returning

When espoused entrepreneurs Michał and Ania Laskowski set upon a new venture to create a textile business, they had little experience in the business of textiles and printing but possessed vital expertise in e-commerce and an astute vision.

CottonBee founder, Ania, inspired the business when she observed there were no good resources for buying contemporary fabrics for her sewing hobby; overseas websites were the only option and ordering processes proved difficult. From this spark of an idea, Ania and today’s CEO Michał founded CottonBee in 2014. The vision was to sell ultra-short-run textiles – averaging just one metre in length – direct to consumers.

Five years on and CottonBee has transformed from a side hustle for these entrepreneurs to an established business that goes from strength-to-strength. Still engaged in small volume printing, the business today has 15 employees and has shipped over 28,000 orders to hobbyists and small businesses. From the outset it was obvious digital production was a must for the business as short run-lengths were essential. Recognising that their own knowledge of print was limited, Ania and Michał worked with local vendors to find a technology that would be simple to operate, whilst providing the vibrant fabric prints and fast turnarounds needed – at the right price.

“Mimaki was the first and only choice for us. We were a start-up business with a limited budget and didn’t need a huge amount of capacity to start with. However, we had strict criteria with regards to the print quality, turnaround times and we needed equipment that was easy to operate,” Michał explains. “The Mimaki Tx400 series was the only option at that time which delivered on all our requirements. Our only other alternative was a rebuild and we didn’t want the risk. We also felt Mimaki was a trustworthy brand and working with a company like that would mean continual investment in the technology and excellent customer service.”

A little later Mimaki launched its TP400 pigment inks and according to Michał “Everything improved, but especially dry and wet colour fastness and the vividness of colour. The quality compared very nicely even against large-scale industrial printers.” It was a welcome development for CottonBee’s remarkably tough customer-base, as Michał put it: “Consumers want a good price, good quality, good turnaround times: they’re super demanding. In fact, our single metre customers have the most exacting requirements!”

Having established the CottonBee business, Michał and Ania ramped up their approach after 18 months, expanding their target market to include small-scale businesses as well as consumers. Excelling in its niche, CottonBee continued to focus on small runs, attracting many small-scale ‘hobbyist’ businesses.

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Bordeaux Eco-Solvent Inks for Mimaki 

Bordeaux Digital PrintInk is an industry leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality premium digital inks and solutions for almost every inkjet technology and application available. From our revolutionary Latex ink to our Eco solvent inks and UV curable inks, our products deliver superb printing quality exceeding original ink and present outstanding features in terms of wide colour gamut, durability, quality and low cost.

Dedicated to Mimaki® JV5™, JV33™ and CJV30™ printers, FUZE ECO ME eco solvent-based ink offer high quality, yet economic solution as a replacement for ES-3™ inks.   For high speed printing, the ink is compatible with and Mimaki bulk ink systems.

Unique benefits

  • NEW VERSION NOW AVAILABLE- FUZE Æ (Advanced Environmental) GBL-free ink
  • Mix & Match*, fully compatible with OEM ink
  • Quick drying ink with excellent substrate adhesion
  • Low odour and harmless
  • Superior outdoor and scratch resistance
  • Compatible with a broad range of substrates
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Up to 2 years outdoor durability without lamination**
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RollsRoller® Flatbed Mounting and Laminating

ROLLSROLLER® is a patented and proven technology for flatbed mounting and lamination. More than 8 000 signmakers worldwide are using ROLLSROLLER® daily for efficient sign making and print finishing.

Rollsroller AB is the leading manufacturer and supplier of products and services for flatbed laminators. The company has the proprietary and patented ROLLSROLLER® Flatbed Applicator recognised internationally. ROLLSROLLER® Flatbed applicator poses a technological shift in the sign and printing industry. The company has grown rapidly and established sales in more than 40 countries through an efficient distribution system and business concepts.


More than 7,000 sold machines later, the ROLLSROLLER is ready to revolutionise production for thousands of graphics companies, just like it once revolutionised Reklamidé. Since the first machine was built, its functions, details and materials have been repeatedly fine-tuned and tested in daily production.

Göran is confident about the future:
“This is only the beginning. I imagine a ROLLSROLLER in every print shop – and I’m sure my vision will come true. A modern sign maker can’t afford not to use this technique, and we’re ready to supply the whole world with a top class, proven product. The ROLLSROLLER is the future.”


Enquire here for more information »

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Neenah Coldenhove Texcol® Revolutionary Technologies

“Have you recently heard about Neenah Coldenhove’s latest product, Texcol®?
Texcol® is their newly developed digital transfer paper, it allows users to print on a wide range of natural fibre textiles, using a waterless process with your standard technology! This eliminates complex pre- or post-treatments of textiles and reduces the user’s cost and carbon footprint.

“After we launched it in July during ITMA 2019, Texcol® has been hailed as one of this year’s revolutionary technologies.”

From that point on, Texcol® has secured its place in the spotlights and the interest surrounding our new product has not faded away. We kept receiving enthusiastic feedback and in order to keep the momentum going, we took some actions.
A brand-new printing laboratory has been built here at Neenah Coldenhove and throughout the week of 11 November we organized a seminar with selected parties: the Texcol® Demo Days.

Out of more than 600 interested leads, we choose a few experts from various countries with differing backgrounds, end-use markets and expertise.
Driven by the curiosity of a product that could be the key to unlocking new business opportunities, participants of the Texcol® Demo Days have been able to see the actual printing and transferring process, in addition to market analysis and insights on the development of the paper.

We have marked positive takeaways from those days, which were filled with solid discussions, fascinating workshops and informal chats! Despite the differences in knowledge and skill sets, we at Neenah Coldenhove and the attendees enjoyed highly productive sessions that have motivated us all to continue improving and working together to achieve great results.

True, we will most likely experience some challenges in the near future, but challenges open the door to new opportunities. Additionally, all the insights collected during the Texcol® Demo Days can create the basis for new initiatives!
Our first action will be to declare our participation at Heimtextil 2020: the international trade fair for home and contract textiles.

Stay tuned to find out what else we have in store for you at this upcoming event. Who knows, you might even be the next person invited to the Texcol® Demo Days 2.0!”

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Sensient Promotes Portfolio of Digital Inks at ShanghaiTex

Sensient Imaging Technologies, the trusted partner for innovative digital inkjet technology, promoted its portfolio of digital inks and demonstrate its commitment to safer, more sustainable solutions for the textile industry, at the ShanghaiTex 2019 held earlier this year.

Visitors discovered the environmental and performance benefits of ElvaJet Coral – Sensient’s digital water-based sublimation ink for textiles – which will be showcased in China for the first time at the show.

High quality, low environmental impact
With the textile industry in China under increasing pressure to reduce the amount of water, waste and energy from the production process, there is a growing demand for solutions that help manufacturers and brands reduce their environmental footprint.

Designed to reduce water and waste, ElvaJet Coral is a sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or colour. The ink has been specially developed for direct printing onto polyester fabrics, which significantly reduces the waste from transfer paper and residual ink. ElvaJet Coral also requires much less water than other inks – just 1 litre compared to the 50 litres required for traditional direct disperse printing.

Global partner, local support
Sensient showcased its broader portfolio of digital inkjet solutions, which include reactive, acid and sublimation inks such as Xennia Amethyst. A water-based, reactive dye ink, ideal for printing on a wide range of substrates, Xennia Amethyst has been optimised for use in demanding production environments on high-volume industrial printers.

Customers in China can benefit from Sensient’s locally stocked ink, allowing for a fast response to the dynamic textiles market, ensuring fast and convenient product availability and technical support for customers within the region.

A trusted digital inkjet partner
Jérôme Jeanneret, Managing Director at Sensient Imaging Technologies, commented, “With our expertise in both the chemistry of colour and delivery of high-quality, environmentally responsible digital inkjet solutions, the Chinese textiles industry can trust Sensient to deliver colour that protects the integrity of their brand and ultimately adds value to their business.

“We are excited to showcase the environmental benefits of ElvaJet Coral in China for the first time at the show and as we continue to see stable growth across China, ShanghaiTex is the perfect platform to demonstrate the benefits of our digital inkjet technology and how we deliver sustainable colour without compromise.”

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GSW’s Longest Standing Happy Customer – Cecil Meyers 

Cecil Meyers of Meyers Signs and Screen Printing acquired his first Mimaki cutter, the CG50, 24 years ago from Graphix Supply World and still uses his cutter today.

As Graphix Supply World celebrates twenty-five years with Mimaki and holding the title as Africa’s #1 Leader in Digital Solutions, we take a trip back in time to one of the first Mimaki cutter’s they supplied. The ‘state of the art’ Mimaki CG 50, forerunner of the dynamic and popular Mimaki CG 60 and FX Series of cutting plotters, has stood the test of time. The CG 50 made professional sign writing possible at a reasonable price.

Cecil Meyers, is pictured with Mr Sakaguchi from Mimaki and GSW MD, Mr Robert Franco taken earlier this year at Fespa Africa 2019 trade show.

Mr Meyers is a A longstanding client of Graphix Supply World, Meyers Signs and Screen Printing has supplied top quality, custom printed signs since 1989. Graphix Supply World is proud to provide them outstanding service and products and values their ongoing loyalty and support.

We offer a wide range of Mimaki printers and cutting plotters. View the list of  Mimaki products here »