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Celebrating A Prosperous Business Relationship: Impressive Designs has proudly purchased several Printers, Cutters and Plotters from GSW!

“We have had a long standing relationship with GSW since the 1990’s but our digital printing story only began in 2010” Rico Messina, from Impressive Designs, explained in an interview. Impressive Designs is a family run Acrylic Manufacturing business offering the best quality and service in this sector since 1985,  based in Elsies River, Western Cape. We supply quality acrylic (Plexiglas and Perspex) products to all sectors of the economy from Shopfitters to retail to pharmaceutical to agencies and also to the general public.


Rico proudly announced how, “We believe to achieve a quality product we need to invest in quality machinery.” Further suggesting that they have been buying from GSW and working closely with the engineers, sales team and CEO Robert Franco for several years now. “We have Mimaki vinyl plotters, Mimaki laminators, Mimaki UJF and Mimaki JFX flat bed digital printers and even EFI Roll to roll digital printers and even an aristo cutter. These machines are used daily in our production lines.”, exclaimed Rico. Today, Impressive designs has purchased over 10 different types of equipment and printers as well as regularly receiving media and Inks from GSW.


“We utilise these machines to enhance our product offerings to our clients.  Acrylic products shine but with the addition of Branding we enable our Clients Brand stand well above their competitors.  Our end products need to be the best quality we can produce and the Mimaki, EFI and Aristo brands are well known for their quality and definitely aid us to deliver the best quality product we can.”


“I have always received excellent service from GSW most notably when there is a production issue. Their technicians are available immediately and these machines are up and running or the technical / training issue resolved quickly. They are a key member of our Team.” – said Rico Messina. GSW is also truly grateful to have customers like  Impressive Designs who make this business so enjoyable to be in. It has been an incredible journey working with them and we look forward to many more prosperous years of business with Rico and his remarkable employees.





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Aristomat LFC Series

Finishing in the LFP sector is today changing. Increasing printing speeds and ever larger formats of digital printers require new manufacturing strategies in finishing processing.
The ARISTOMAT LFC® –Large Format Cutter– , specially designed for the cutting of large format roll and sheet materials, offers the conditions for an optimized work flow.

Available sizes (mm)


2575 3615 5345


3440 5420 7400

Further sizes on request

With the easy-to-use CutterControlPanel software, that is available in many languages, the ARISTOMAT cutters are controlled from PC. With a mobile ControlPad essential functions such as navigation or setting the start point allows an effective operation.

Combinable single and multifunctional tool heads and a large number of precision tools, offer the possibility of processing a variety choice of materials.

This variety of possibilities for material processing can be supplemented with the automatic measuring system AutomaticEye, the providing of data via mobile barcode reader and the automatic material feeding via material transport systems.

Want to know more? Watch the video here>

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Aristo Traffic Sign Cutter


Traffic Sign Cutter Aristomat® impresses with its functional design and concentration on the basic essentials: a from all sides freely accessible work surface and extremely robust traverse bridge with minimal protruding at the sides. Powerful AC-servomotors and the modern CAN-Bus-steering technique enable the high throughput.

Powerful vacuum technique

Up to 54 controllable vacuum zones hold even the smallest of remnants safely on the work surface.

Simple operating

With the easy-to-use operable ARISTO software CutterControlPanel available in many languages, the Traffic Sign Cutter is controlled via PC. The windows user interface offers the user all graphical informations of the cutting data. With a mobile control pad essential functions such as navigation or setting the origin allow an effective operation.

Tool head

Combinable single and multi-functional tool heads offer the possibility of a varied choice of materials to process.

This variety of possibilities for material processing can be supplemented with the automatic measuring system AutomaticEye and the providing of data via mobile barcode reader.

Material transport

To automate the processing, the machines can be supplemented with a revolving conveyor, a powered unwinding device for continual material transportation of roll materials and a winding device. The machines also be converted to ProductionLineCutters (PLC) with integrated loading and/or unloading table.

intertraffic_aristo_2Ultrasonic Cutting Device UCD35K

A specially designed tool for the high standards of cutting reflective vinyl, when it is important to seal edges. The UCD35K cuts and seals the edges in one work process.

AutomaticEye System

The intelligent camera system with integrated color camera and reflection suppression enables quick and exact cutting of printed patterns, even of large areas with complex cutting contours. Cutting data from a plot file is allocated to the printed pattern by using freely placeable reference marks printed on the pattern.

Pneumatic Cutting Device 2T

This tool head is particularly suited for tough and stiff material, such as laminates or reflective vinyl, which shall be cut and die cut in one operation. Two separately controllable cutting depths can be adjusted directly at the blade holder.