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Klieverik’s Roll-to-Roll Sublimation and Fixation

Transfer and Fixation Belt Calenders

Klieverik GTC belt calenders can be used for roll-to-roll dye sublimation transfer printing (paper to textile) as well as for dye fixation of direct printed dispersed dyes or pigments. Our GTC calenders are well suited for the professional and high-end production. With sharp edge definition, high processing speeds, less waste and fewer re-prints, these calenders are suitable for all kind of materials like wovens-stretch-knits or non-wovens.

The machine is equipped with pneumatically adjustable brakes and Touch screen with recipe operation, cooling down and start up timer. There are a number of options available:


These features are included in all our models of the GTC-series.

  • Low tension textile winding for stretch sensitive materials
  • Textile tensioning device
  • Universal unwind shaft for textile rolls for any core diameter
  • Wind and unwinding shafts for transfer and protection paper, each with tensioning device
  • Contact winder for textile
  • Scraper blades to prevent paper or textile from wrapping around the drum and cleaning of the drum
  • Air pressure operated paper tension setting
  • Touchscreen


The features below are optional for most of our GTC models.

  • Driven substrate expander*
  • Edge cutting unit
  • Compressor
  • Exhaust hood
  • Pressure laminating roller
  • Pneumatic winding shafts

The options marked by * are included in the models GTC 131 and GTC 141 only.

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Hot Off The Press With Klieverik

Dye sublimation transfer printing is the most widely used form of digital PES textile printing. But it’s also the most challenging; there’s no other printing process where so many items – textiles, ink, paper and machinery – come together to determine the success or failure of your business.

Whether it’s shrinking textiles, wrinkling paper, or incorrect machine settings, there are many mistakes to be made.

What’s the trick?

At Klieverik, we believe the trick is to understand that there are no shortcuts in textile printing. To achieve your desired results, there are three important requirements:

  1. high-quality materials
  2. a stable process, and
  3. the right environment, meaning the optimal humidity and storage conditions.

Once you’ve got all three, you are ready for quality printing.

From trick to trade

Interestingly, it’s at this point – where all the costly items come together – that the value is added to your product. And a good heat press will last a long time, requires a minimum amount of spare parts and can run virtually unmanned. But the machine itself must be absolutely consistent in its heat source and belt guiding.

Temperature deviations, shifting of materials and uncontrolled paper feeding are also common mistakes. A good printing calender will not make a bad print better, but a bad calender will destroy a good print.

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Dye Sublimation Transfer Printing & Fixation for Technical Textiles

Are you looking for high quality rotary thermo processing equipment suitable for all kind of Polyester (or nylon) textiles? We offer solutions for roll-to-roll or single piece goods specifically designed for dye sublimation transfer printing and fixation for both dispersed dyes and pigments. From the professional start-up to the industrial high-volume manufacturer, Klieverik offers the best technical solutions for woven – non woven – knitted or strech, thin or thick material.

With Klieverik, you always make the right choice for the highest return on your investment. Here is how:

  • You will get high value end-products with brillliant colours and sharp edge definition
  • High productivity, high processing speed
  • First time right, less waste and fewer re-prints
  • High availability, limited down time due to quality components


Klieverik heat presses offers you:

  • Best sublimation and fixation of dyes by very constant temperature use of thermal oil for superior thermo-dynamic temperature control.
  • No colour differences side-to-side, over the production run or between the seasons; heating drum is completely filled with oil and oil is thoroughly mixed.
  • No distortion in the print pattern due to a very stable belt (PID) steering. No lateral movement of material due to the longest belt in the industry.
  • High speed at required contact time by making use of maximum drum surface and very constant temperature.
  • Quick heating up (+/- 1 hour) due to ample heating capacity and low quantity of oil in the drum.
  • Minimal maintenance required. Long life-time of machine, its components and belt; long belt and belt guiding system working without mechanical force. No edge or side elongation of the belt.
  • Ease of operation. Single button operation for pressure, speed, temperature.

Klieverik stands for high quality industrial digital printing. We have been active in transfer printing for more than 50 years and have thousands of machines in operation worldwide.

High Volume Roll-to-Roll production equipment

Klieverik already delivered transfer printing production equipment at a time that digital printing did not exist yet. First machines were installed 50 years ago; industrial big drum machines processing up to 10 m/min using 40 gr/m2 transfer paper printed on roto-gravure printing lines. Today, you can benefit from this depth experience.


The advantage of our pressure-less system is that the drum is always completely filled at all temperatures, ensuring an even temperature distribution over the full cylinder and duration of the production. An internal displacer limits the oil content enabling quick heating up.


Our high-volume machines can be electrically heated inside the drum orexternally with the use of a gas-operated thermal oil boiler. This option can lower your operation cost significantly and even contribute to an even better temperature consistence of +/- 1 degree Celsius under all circumstances. And in area’s where the availability of the electricity from the network is not always guaranteed, production may contintue with the use of a small generator for the drive system only.


The production lines can be equipped with driven and tension controlled winding and unwinding, edge cutting equipment, accumulators or scray’s for uninterrupted operation. As a standard the calenders are delivered with:

  • Quick change-over system for transfer paper
  • Heavy duty unwind axes, suitable for diameter 70 and 76 mm cores
  • Driven expander roller
  • Fabric cooling
  • Cooling down timer
  • 2 unwind positions for slit edge protection paper