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Klieverik’s Roll-to-Roll Sublimation and Fixation


Transfer and Fixation Belt Calenders

Klieverik GTC belt calenders can be used for roll-to-roll dye sublimation transfer printing (paper to textile) as well as for dye fixation of direct printed dispersed dyes or pigments. Our GTC calenders are well suited for the professional and high-end production. With sharp edge definition, high processing speeds, less waste and fewer re-prints, these calenders are suitable for all kind of materials like wovens-stretch-knits or non-wovens.

The machine is equipped with pneumatically adjustable brakes and Touch screen with recipe operation, cooling down and start up timer. There are a number of options available:


These features are included in all our models of the GTC-series.

  • Low tension textile winding for stretch sensitive materials
  • Textile tensioning device
  • Universal unwind shaft for textile rolls for any core diameter
  • Wind and unwinding shafts for transfer and protection paper, each with tensioning device
  • Contact winder for textile
  • Scraper blades to prevent paper or textile from wrapping around the drum and cleaning of the drum
  • Air pressure operated paper tension setting
  • Touchscreen


The features below are optional for most of our GTC models.

  • Driven substrate expander*
  • Edge cutting unit
  • Compressor
  • Exhaust hood
  • Pressure laminating roller
  • Pneumatic winding shafts

The options marked by * are included in the models GTC 131 and GTC 141 only.