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Incredible photo quality on hard substrates from Neenah Coldenhove

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New! Jetcol® DHS

Driven by the creativity of designers around the world, the market  for digital dye sublimation on hard substrates is expanding at a rapid pace for the desktop and wide format markets.

To keep up with the new possibilities that this segment can offer, Neenah Coldenhove developed Jetcol® DHS. Jetcol® for Desktop Hard Substrates. Colours printed with Neenah Coldenhove’s Jetcol® DHS come out crisp and clear thanks to high transfer ink yield made possible by our innovative new coating.

The hard substrate market can be divided into both the desktop market for personalised consumables like mugs, tiles and phone covers and a separate market for industrial applications like aluminum ChromaLuxe® panels, wood, and glass.

Are there more benefits with our paper? Yes!

In close cooperation with Sawgrass we have created a Virtuoso Print Manager (VPM) profile for our Jetcol® DHS paper. Thanks to this profile users will be able to optimise Sawgrass inks for our paper and achieve stunning colour reproduction.

The new Jetcol® DHS profile will be available for download since the week of March 18. The VPM software is a free download through the Sawgrass website, don’t miss the chance to combine the latest Sawgrass VPM software update with the latest hard substrate paper design to take your work to a new level of professional results.

Jetcol® DHS will be available in the most popular sheet and roll sizes from select  distributors that specialise in hard substrate dye sublimation products.