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Celebrating A Prosperous Business Relationship: Impressive Designs has proudly purchased several Printers, Cutters and Plotters from GSW!

“We have had a long standing relationship with GSW since the 1990’s but our digital printing story only began in 2010” Rico Messina, from Impressive Designs, explained in an interview. Impressive Designs is a family run Acrylic Manufacturing business offering the best quality and service in this sector since 1985,  based in Elsies River, Western Cape. We supply quality acrylic (Plexiglas and Perspex) products to all sectors of the economy from Shopfitters to retail to pharmaceutical to agencies and also to the general public.


Rico proudly announced how, “We believe to achieve a quality product we need to invest in quality machinery.” Further suggesting that they have been buying from GSW and working closely with the engineers, sales team and CEO Robert Franco for several years now. “We have Mimaki vinyl plotters, Mimaki laminators, Mimaki UJF and Mimaki JFX flat bed digital printers and even EFI Roll to roll digital printers and even an aristo cutter. These machines are used daily in our production lines.”, exclaimed Rico. Today, Impressive designs has purchased over 10 different types of equipment and printers as well as regularly receiving media and Inks from GSW.


“We utilise these machines to enhance our product offerings to our clients.  Acrylic products shine but with the addition of Branding we enable our Clients Brand stand well above their competitors.  Our end products need to be the best quality we can produce and the Mimaki, EFI and Aristo brands are well known for their quality and definitely aid us to deliver the best quality product we can.”


“I have always received excellent service from GSW most notably when there is a production issue. Their technicians are available immediately and these machines are up and running or the technical / training issue resolved quickly. They are a key member of our Team.” – said Rico Messina. GSW is also truly grateful to have customers like  Impressive Designs who make this business so enjoyable to be in. It has been an incredible journey working with them and we look forward to many more prosperous years of business with Rico and his remarkable employees.





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Business buys EFI Pro 16h LED Hybrid Printer to Expand Opportunities!

A new EFI™ Pro 16h  flatbed/roll-to-roll hybrid wide-format printer is giving MSP Design Group the ability to expand offerings and its customer base with high-quality LED inkjet print. The printer has been the next positive step in the businesses’ continued expansion to meet customers’ needs. The printer’s versatility, with its ability to deliver high-quality images on traditional and specialty media up to two inches thick, was a prominent factor for MSP, which is using the printer to produce signage and a wide range of ad specialty products.

A long-time provider of screen printing and embroidering, apparel and promotional products, MSP adopted a new mission in 2015. “We want to do it all for all of our customers and meet all of their needs|, explained CEO Dan Clarkson. Their new focus moved MSP to grow from being primarily a seasonal business to one that has work year-round. Much of that growth has happened by selling more display graphics signage.

A high-quality, productive alternative to outsourcing

The higher volumes MSP saw in display graphics lead to outsourcing for production, which reduced margins and spurred a serious search for a new wide-format production solution, resulting in EFI’s Hybrid Printer. The EFI Pro 16h is designed to give users the lowest total cost of ownership, superior image quality and access to the widest range of substrates and applications. It prints on both flexible and rigid substrates up to 65 inches wide in four colors plus white ink, delivering near-photographic quality at resolutions up to 1200 dots per inch. MSP can print saturated colors and smooth gradations with true four-level, variable-drop grayscale print capability at speeds up to 976 square feet per hour. Plus, the EFI Pro 16h’s “cool cure” LED technology requires less energy than latex or traditional UV printers and enables the use of thinner and specialty substrates that cannot withstand the heat required with latex and UV.

Versatility creates new opportunities

Size was key for MSP because space was an issue; Dan Clarkson did not want a large table machine. He also liked the printer’s productivity, flexibility and its ability to print on a variety of materials. When seeing examples of what the printer can produce in a demo that featured unusual and unique applications, Clarkson could immediately envision how it would help MSP bring in new business. Resulting in Clarkson saying, “There’s a lot of stuff that we can do now that we couldn’t before”.

Sales started to grow shortly after the printer went into production at MSP in late 2019. MSP’s customers now look to the company to produce signage and a broader range of ad specialty items. And, in terms of the quality those customers receive with MSP’s new LED-inkjet digital print offering, “they love it,” Clarkson said.

About EFI

EFI™ is a global technology company, based in Silicon Valley, and is leading the worldwide transformation from analog to digital imaging. We are passionate about fueling customer success with products that increase competitiveness and boost productivity. To do that, we develop breakthrough technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents, with a wide range of printers, inks, digital front ends, and a comprehensive business and production workflow suite that transforms and streamlines the entire production process. (






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Efi Reggiani Exhibit Sustainable Solutions at ShanghaiTex

Textile solutions from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (EFI) are changing the way textile and apparel products are designed and produced, bringing environmental sustainability to the industry in a big way.

The EFI Reggiani ShanghaiTex tradeshow exhibit features sustainable printing solutions for direct-to-textile production and denim dyeing under the theme of Innovation in Green. The company is showcasing the future in innovation with the range of superior-quality EFI Reggiani scanning digital printers; the company’s short and environmentally friendly direct sublimation process offering; a new FUOCO acid ink range; and DENIM technology, a highly sustainable, breakthrough continuous indigo rope and warp dyeing and denim fabric finishing solution.

“We look forward to sharing the benefits of our green solutions, such as the TERRA printer line-up with pigment inks and direct sublimation processes, with ShanghaiTex attendees,” said EFI Reggiani Senior Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “More and more, the market is rewarding textile producers that not only deliver high efficiency, but also sustainability and a lower environmental impact.”

Leading-edge digital textile printing

The centrepiece of EFI’s ShanghaiTex exhibit is the EFI Reggiani VOGUE, an industrial textile printer designed for superior-quality direct-to-textile printing in fashion and sportswear applications. The VOGUE model prints at resolutions up to 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) with 16 printing heads, 8 colours and 4- to 72-picolitre drop sizes. In addition, the VOGUE printer boasts an innovative recirculation system that saves ink and reduces maintenance during machine operation and between stoppages. The recirculation system also reduces the need for specific air conditioning and humidity controls, saving energy and reducing overall usage costs.

The VOGUE printer is capable of using virtually any type of textile ink; at the show, it will be running with EFI Reggiani IRIS sublimation inks to showcase direct-to-textile printing. The EFI Reggiani direct sublimation process ensures superior colour brightness and penetration, as well as fast turnaround time, while increasing sustainability by avoiding transfer paper waste.

EFI Reggiani develops and produces a whole range of water-based inks from reactive to direct disperse and disperse sublimation, pigment and acid. New at ShanghaiTex is the EFI Reggiani FUOCO range of water-based acid inks, which are specifically designed to deliver superior-quality prints for highly demanding textile applications with unmatched colour depth and vibrancy.

Available in 11 colours, including three light colours, EFI Reggiani FUOCO can give textile producers some of the highest-quality printing available on both silk and polyamide fabrics. EFI Reggiani Extra Deeping chemistry, an additional enhancement solution that can be used with FUOCO, increases the penetration of the ink into fibres for a fabulous double-face effect.

Facilitating efficient textile and apparel design

The EFI portfolio of advanced technologies also features prep, design and colour management solutions from the EFI textile ecosystem. These include:

  • EFI Optitex, a portfolio of solutions, including both 2D and 3D design elements, that enable brands and designers to make design decisions virtually and then transform those decisions into manufacturing instructions. It also includes Revu, a collaborative tool for showcasing virtual samples in a 3D digital environment to facilitate design review and approval processes.
  • EFI Fiery digital front end (DFE) technologies designed to ensure the ultimate in ease of use, colour management and efficient throughput. The EFI Fiery proServer DFE features advanced colour management and screening technology, giving users high-quality prints with saturated blacks, vivid colours, clean pastels and smooth gradients, without compromising fine detail designs. The DFE also provides important production tools including shrinkage correction and step-and-repeat management, plus a set of design tools to create repeats and colourways, manage seasonal palettes and create colour ranges.
  • EFI Fiery DesignPro, a suite of powerful and easy to learn Adobe® plug-ins for fashion and textile designers that delivers a comprehensive design workflow. Fiery DesignPro improves design speed and accuracy, lets designers experiment more effectively and communicates colour consistently from design to production.

“We are looking forward to talking with ShanghaiTex attendees, learning more about their requirements, and demonstrating the EFI Reggiani commitment to improving sustainability through the continuous development of productive systems with lower environmental impact for the full textile workflow,” Genoni concluded. “Not only will they see the industry’s leading solutions for digital textile and apparel production, but they will also experience Innovation in Green, a key focus for EFI as we continue to bring innovation to the industry.”

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Quarmby Colour installs EFI VUTEk h3 LED hybrid printer

For more information on Efi solutions click here »

Quarmby Colour has installed an EFI VUTEk h3 LED hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll inkjet printer from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. The printing company is using the 3.2-metre wide production device to drive higher throughput and superior print quality in its display graphics operations.

“We needed more productivity in a similar footprint area to cater for new customers and workload,” said Quarmby Colour Director Damian Quarmby. “We also wanted to upgrade our print quality. There’s been quite a leap in technology with the new VUTEk h3. The print quality is amazing, especially for fine detail, and it’s seriously fast!”

Outstanding print quality
Producing high-end graphics is paramount at Quarmby Colour, which chose an eight-colour plus white configuration of the printer to ensure superior colour quality reproduction.

“It’s our first printer to produce text that’s too small to read by eye, that you literally need to use a glass to view,” Quarmby explained. “It’s great for small decals, barcode and machine labels but the true appreciation is in printed gradients.

“We are printing ever-increasing amounts of architectural optical clear film for glass manifestations,” he added. “The exceptional quality of the new VUTEk h3 model is allowing us to print seamless gradient fades, especially using white ink.”

The printer’s opaque white ink also creates more opportunities for Quarmby Colour, which uses the printer’s multi-layer printing capacity to output jobs intended for viewing from both sides.

“The multi-layer is superb as we can now print true block-out double-sided window graphics,” Quarmby said. “We are doing some pretty cool stuff with rear projection fabrics incorporating illuminated customer logos along with true block-out screen ratio framing.”

The printer is also more efficient thanks to an innovative skip-white feature that advances media and controls the printing carriage to bypass unused areas of substrate. “It is a new benefit for us, and the time savings it brings has been noticeable on our existing contract work,” said Quarmby.

The EFI VUTEk h3 is fitted with high-end greyscale printheads that have a minimum drop size of 7 picolitres and a maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi. The printer prints up to 74 boards an hour and its belt drive handles sheet and rigid media up to 50.8 mm thick and 90.7 kg in weight, while the roll feeder takes rolls up to 40 kg.

The printer is one-day field upgradable to an EFI VUTEk h5 printer configuration, which gives users up to 47% higher throughput. Quarmby has already opted for the field upgrade to the h5 specification.

A lasting relationship
Quarmby Colour is a family-run company first set up in 1994 as a colour photolab and is today a well-established large format digital printing business catering to the display, exhibition and imaging industry. Quarmby Colour employs 13 people including three directors and anticipates revenues of £2 million this year with the aid of its new investment. The company has a respectable reputation for producing high-quality display graphics. As a result, the company has been using VUTEk UV-cured printers since the start.

“When we transitioned to direct-to-substrate printing in 2005, the VUTEk PV200/600 was the first printer giving the nearest to the photographic quality and richness in colour which we wanted to offer our customers,” said Quarmby. “Over the years each new VUTEk that EFI has have brought to the market has improved and proved to be a successful choice for our business. The reliability of all the printer models over the years has been superb and the few times we’ve required service support we’ve never been let down. That’s why after 14 years as happy customers we continue to go back!”

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Efi Applications that WOW! Textured Print on Wall Covering

EFI’s multi-layer and white ink technology enables users to create tactile textures with any design or pattern on wall Covering. The example pictured above, printed on DreamScape’s Gold Flash, is a two-layer print with white ink.

The black shapes print on the bottom layer, creating the base for the texture. CMYK and spot white
Texture can be added under the white shapes as well by creating a file with the white elements only and colouring them black. This file prints on the bottom layer. CMYK and white will print on the top layer, completing the print.

To increase the height of the texture in either example, print two or more layers of the black texture file.

Visit our Applications that WOW! resources page to watch a video on how to create a textured image using EFI’s multi-layer and white ink technology. Once you’re there, you’ll find plenty more advanced application training videos, applications technique data sheets and our Ultimate Guide to White, Clear and Multi-layer Applications.print on the top layer, adding a second layer of black ink to the shapes. The result is a raised appearance. The light, neutral grey tone in the artwork creates a matte finish on the glossy gold surface.

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EFI Reggiani Bolt Solutions Showcased at ITMA

Transformational technology for the industry’s digital migration

The new 1.8-meter (71-inch) wide Reggiani BOLT printer at ITMA is designed to give textile manufacturers high uptime and reliability, high performance throughout and unparalleled printing uniformity and accuracy, superior printhead life, and minimal maintenance needs. Thanks to its cutting-edge printhead concept and high-performance ink delivery system, the Reggiani BOLT reaches a record throughput speed of 90 meters/minute at a 600×600 dots per inch (dpi) resolution. It features high-end imaging in drop sizes from 5 to 30 picoliters, and also provides premium-quality 600×4,800 maximum-dpi resolution printing, allowing customers to address their full range of design needs.

A robust, industrial platform designed for 24/7 operation, the Reggiani BOLT printer offers an innovative, low-maintenance, fast-startup recirculation printhead that delivers more uniform, high-quality printing with superior uptime. Users can reduce the cost per meter of digitally printed textiles with the Reggiani BOLT while creating a broader range of designs quickly and efficiently. The printer also has another remarkable advantage in its ability to include one or more analog printing stations as an option, integrated into the digital printer for special effects.

The Fiery BT-1000 DFE is a professional colour management and RIP solution that enables efficient job management and streams jobs directly to the Reggiani BOLT printer in real time. It is purpose-built to deliver fine detail, smooth gradations, clean solid colours, deep blacks, and high saturation. Superior screening and fine dithering algorithms provide high-quality print results.

Time-to-market miracles: design and sampling solutions

EFI’s stand at ITMA featured one of the industry’s most-advanced workflows for design through production. The newest-version EFI Optitex software featured in the EFI exhibit addresses retailers’ and brands’ urgent need to bring new products to market faster. The new release delivers true-to-life fabric simulations, enabling custom views of designs for consistent and adaptable 3D sample displays, minimising the need for physical samples and costly photo shoots across the design and production workflow. A new EFI Optitex Print & Cut feature enables complete garment printing on a single roll, creating significant savings in fabric roll inventory, with typically 15%-40% greater efficiency compared to traditional methods. Fashion and apparel manufacturers also benefit from an improved nesting algorithm in the software that increases fabric utilisation.

The Fiery DesignPro textile design software tools EFI is showing at ITMA work seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in Mac  or Microsoft Windows environments. This set of powerful textile and fashion design plug-ins are efficient to use, fast to learn, and make it easy to switch between DesignPro and native Photoshop or Illustrator software during the design process. The plug-ins significantly reduce the time and effort needed to create repeat patterns, colorways, separations, weaves, knits, or garment sketches. Plus, Fiery DesignPro gives designers the ability to effectively and efficiently communicate colors and seasonal palettes through the entire design team, all the way to production.

EFI is also announcing a new EFI Reggiani BOLT Capsule proofing printer model, designed to perfectly match Reggiani BOLT print results to let users preview them before moving to production. This high-end scanning/multi-pass printer delivers high coverage and uniform printing with highly accurate fabric feeding. It features the same special, high-quality, highly reliable inkjet heads as the Reggiani BOLT model, with an efficient, innovative recirculation feature to ensure that it stays ready to print without extensive preventive maintenance.

Greater sustainability in denim production

The EFI Mezzera DENIM system at ITMA – the latest innovation in the renowned Mezzera line of low-impact indigo dyeing and finishing solutions – uses patented Nitrogen Indigo technology. Key advantages include:

  • an up to 35-40% reduction in chemical usage compared to other dyeing technologies;
  • up to 6.5% higher indigo intensity compared to other dyeing technologies;
  • improved colorfastness;
  • deeper sulphur dyeing shades with no steaming;
  • a smaller machinery footprint.

“We are very excited about our ITMA exhibit, especially to be showing the Reggiani BOLT to the general public for the first time along with our unmatched portfolio for advanced, efficient, high-quality digital textile production,” said EFI Reggiani Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “This innovative single-pass printer will be printing live at the show, and visitors will be more than pleased with how it creates a new path for the future with digital production. EFI is a true partner to our customers in this transformation as the only provider with a complete offering of advanced printers, inks, pre- and post-treatment technologies and integrated design and workflow solutions.”

Source: Electronics for Imaging

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Drive hard profits with soft signs

The 1.8-meter EFI™ Reggiani ONE 180 soft signage fabric printer offers the greatest value on the market if you are looking to aggressively develop and drive more profitability into your soft signage business.

Versatile and productive printing with impressive image quality

  • Print direct to textile or indirect via transfer process, enabling you to offer more materials and save money by using lower cost materials
  • Print dazzling displays, high-density backlit signs and more with ultra-high resolution four-color printing
  • Create soft signs and fabric displays that retain the drape and soft hand customers prefer
  • Produce graphics that can be washed and dried without wrinkling, folded without leaving marks, and reused

For more specs please click here

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PDI Acquire Three New EFI Super-Wide Printers

PDI Large Format Solutions Primed for Strong Growth with Three New EFI VUTEk Superwide-format Printers

Feb. 12, 2019 – Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFII) has announced that PDI Large Format Solutions (, a subsidiary of Montreal-based PDI Group Inc., is the first business in Canada to install both the next-generation, high-end flatbed/roll-fed EFI™ VUTEk® h3 superwide-format LED printer, and the new EFI VUTEk 3r+ roll-to-roll LED printer. The company has also purchased and installed an EFI VUTEk FabriVU® 340i soft signage printer. This significant technology upgrade gives PDI Large Format Solutions the platform to drive growth over the next few years.

The company purchased all three printers at the 2018 SGIA Expo tradeshow. According to Jamie Barbieri, president of PDI Group Inc., the purchase ensures that the company can consistently deliver high-quality work even as volume needs expand. Plus, with its new LED and soft signage printing capabilities, PDI Large Format can recapture jobs it had outsourced in the past.

Higher capacity, quality and efficiency

The new EFI devices take us to a new level of capacity, quality and efficiency,” said Francis Tellier, president of PDI Large Format Solutions. “We’ve increased our production capacity by 40%, and we have aggressive plans to double our annual growth for the next few years. In addition, the new devices feature significantly lower costs for ink, electricity and maintenance, which helps us maintain our competitiveness in a large market.

“When it came time to invest in new technology, we decided to build on our partnership because EFI was able to satisfy all our needs with its technology through one vendor,” he added. “They were able to give us roll-to-roll, rigid, and dye-sublimation technology with one service agreement. No one else could do that.”

With production facilities in Laval, a suburb of Montreal, PDI Large Format’s clients include many of the largest names in the Canadian retail space. The company is a recognised leader in point-of-purchase (POP) signage and specialty products, including three-dimensional custom displays.

Top-tier imaging with EFI’s next-gen LED platform

The need for faster, high-end rigid-substrate work made the VUTEk h3 installation particularly important. EFI designed the new 3.2-meter (126-inch) wide h3 printer from the ground up to offer customers higher productivity, print quality, reliability, capability and increased profitability. EFI’s VUTEk h series, which includes the h3
model and h5 model available as a field upgrade or as a direct purchase, offers high-end imaging at resolutions up to 1,200 dots per inch (dpi), and is the culmination of EFI’s decades of experience as a leading manufacturer and developer of UV and LED inkjet superwide-format printers and inks.

A new, high-velocity 7-picoliter UltraDrop™ Technology grayscale printhead technology on PDI Large Format’s VUTEk h3 printer delivers precision dot placement and consistency with eight- and optional four-colour printing modes plus white, as well as nine-layer print capability. The printer, winner of SGIA’s 2018 Product of The Year award in the UV Hybrid/Flatbed High Volume Production Class category – offers maximum throughput of up to 74 boards per hour.

PDI Large Format plans to complete the upgrade to the h5 model by the end of the first quarter this year, which will increase production up to 109 boards per hour. The upgrade will establish an even higher level of throughput that will help cement PDI Large Format’s position as a leading one-stop shop for clients.     The company’s new, 3.5-meter (138-inch) wide VUTEk 3r+ roll-to-roll LED device delivers fast print speeds of up to 390 square meters (4,198 square feet) per hour, with superior ink coverage, increased colour density and a wide colour gamut for high-volume, premium-quality close viewing applications. The 3r+ model also has new printing modes that give PDI Large Format the ability to achieve superior-quality white printing at high speeds.

The printer features high-end, 7-picoliter UltraDrop Technology imaging, a 1,200dpi maximum resolution, and up to eight-colour (including optional white) output. It is available with a full range of productivity options such as inline-finishing and automatic backlit and blockout printing. It also offers several new options, including a motorised air shaft for precise media advancement.
With the two new LED printers, “we can deliver consistent quality to our clients, we can offer more options in finishing and colours, and we can be quicker to market, which is crucial in retail environment,” said Barbieri.

Winning more work back with high-end soft signage

In addition to pushing organic growth, PDI Large Format is reclaiming dyesublimation fabric soft signage work it had been outsourcing using the VUTEk FabriVU 340i – the only printer in its class that offers in-line sublimation without the need for a separate calender/heat press. The four-colour printer is a 3.4 meter- (133 inch-) wide, aqueous dye sublimation platform offering outstanding 2,400-dpi imaging.

“Dye sublimation work is one of our fastest-growing products,” said Tellier. “With the FabriVU 340i, we can bring that business back and continue to grow the portfolio. In addition to the quality and speed, one big benefit of the printer is the
integrated calendering system, which reduces two steps to one, and generates time savings for us.”

All three of the printers at PDI Large Format use EFI Fiery® proServer digital front ends (DFEs), which provide advanced colour management, workflow and production tools. The DFEs installed at the company also eliminate idle printer time using EFI’s Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP) technology, which speeds up file processing by an average of five times compared to previous proServer versions.

PDI Large Format is a long-time EFI customer, having previously relied on hybrid and roll-to-roll EFI VUTEk UV inkjet printers for its graphics production needs. Parent company PDI Group Inc. is also a user of EFI’s MIS/ERP workflow software.

This newest round of purchases builds on the already successful relationship between EFI and PDI Large Format Solutions. “EFI has been a strategic partner for us for some time,” said Barbieri. “They know our business and have always provided outstanding service close to our facilities.”

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Grow Profit. Change the Game with EFi’s New Pro 32r

Business is good. But it could be even better. You could up your game. Add capacity. Profit from more throughput and faster turns. And ratchet up your capabilities. You have room for another printer, but can one printer be a game changer?

Yes, if it’s the 3.2-meter EFI™ Pro 32r roll-to-roll LED printer.

We designed it to be everything you need to be more competitive and profitable in an economical, all-in-one, production-level printer. Win more jobs, eliminate outsourcing, achieve faster turns and confidently commit to larger capacity runs. Up your game!

Get in the game with:

  • Production level printing up to 2,227 ft2 (207 m2) per hour so you can take on more jobs and turn them around faster
  • Four-colour (CMYK) printing plus optional white ink for greater profit opportunity
  • 7 pL UltraDrop™ Technology for high-definition print quality
  • Up to 635 dpi true resolution
  • LED for lower power consumption and the use of thinner substrates
  • Built-in Fiery® digital front end, featuring FAST RIP acceleration technology, plus RIP and print on demand functionality, or the ability to print pre-ripped files at the printer interface
  • Value-added options:
    • White printing
    • Slitters
    • Automatic blockout
    • Manual backlit
    • Software productivity pack with Media Saving Wizard
    • iPhone application

The power of green LED technology
Brilliantly designed “cool cure” LED technology empowers you with the ability to do more for less. Increase your profit opportunity by offering more premium margin jobs while reducing operating costs and your environmental footprint:

  • Extends your range of supported substrates, including lower cost and added-value specialty media
  • Increases uptime and productivity with instant on/off and less maintenance
  • Drives down operating costs with significantly less energy consumption (1.8 kw instead of 10 kw) and fewer consumable parts
  • Improved control over gloss/matte levels
  • Reduces waste with consistent color output and simple operation
  • Satisfies customer requests for a greener print solution with low VOCs, lower power consumption, and less waste and consumables
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Home Décor Exhibit Showcases Range EFI Reggiani Print Possibilities at Heimtextil


The EFI Reggiani exhibit at Heimtextil features a home environment with numerous direct and transfer-printed applications that highlight EFI Reggiani technology’s high quality and sustainable print processes.

“Our Heimtextil display shows attendees how EFI Reggiani printing technologies successfully address a broad section of the consumer home textile market,” said EFI Reggiani Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “With our leading-edge portfolio, textile companies will see how they can efficiently meet nearly any type of product design need. We are a market leader in home textile, particularly in Europe and other geographies where the home textile market is more developed and growing.”

Outstanding productivity, accuracy, and performance

EFI’s exhibit includes pillows digitally printed using a transfer process, sofas with direct-printed upholstery, direct-printed curtains produced using different types of inks. The range of décor applications comes from the versatility EFI Reggiani provides with technologies that simplify textile production, and are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. EFI Reggiani is one of the top textile imaging product lines worldwide, with digital printers in 180-, 240- and 340-cm widths. Designed for a broad range of industrial production needs, the flexibility in these printers print at speeds up to 1,600 square metres per hour at resolutions up to 2,400 dots per inch enables superior throughput and efficiency for demanding décor applications.

The décor pieces on display were produced with the range of Reggiani and partner hardware available from EFI, from advanced inkjet printers to Mezzera and Jaeggli pre- and post-treatment machines. The exhibit emphasises the wide variety of décor applications benefitting from EFI Reggiani’s 70+ years of product innovation and implementation. The EFI Reggiani product line is especially strong as an eco-friendly alternative to other processes, with new chemistry using water-based inks that significantly reduce pollution without compromising quality and speed.

EFI Reggiani is a leading technology provider of a full range of industrial solutions for textile manufacturing, including high-quality printers especially developed for fashion and home furnishing textiles. Its comprehensive portfolio extends from the original line of Reggiani rotary screen technologies to the most advanced inkjet textile printers, pre-and post-treatment machines, and inks in the industry. EFI Reggiani is part of EFI.

EFI’s product portfolio also includes new software and workflow technologies for industrial textile imaging, including an EFI Fiery Textile Bundle and digital front end print server offering efficient, integrated colour management, colour matching and job processing workflows, and EFI Optitex software for 2D and 3D design.