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Nothing But Excellence at ATS! From their Services – to their Suppliers!

African Tarpaulins & Supplies (ATS) takes pride in its elite reputation for being one of the most qualified and diverse companies in the African logistics industry since 2007. Today, they help hundreds of clients with manufacturing and supplying of truck tarpaulins and other equipment. More specifically, they do everything from digital printed or specialized truck curtain tarpaulins, general tarpaulins, machinery and furniture covers to cricket pitch covers, dam liners, blinds, pool and cargo nets. “Excellence In All We Do” is the core focus of everything ATS does – allowing it perform at superior standards time and time again.

Paul Ras, CEO of ATS, expressed that the company’s success would not have been attainable without utilizing top-of-the-range printers and machinery. For over 6 years, the company has developed a strong relationship with Graphix Supply World. With GSW’s state-of-the-art printers, as well as regular technical support, ATS has been able to provide the highest quality offerings at the lowest prices. They understand the importance of investing in the best printers to get the jobs done reliably, quickly and at the highest quality. 

To date, ATS has purchased over four machines from GSW, one being the profitable and competitively advantageous EFI Pro 32R that they use daily. Additionally, they have a one of a kind Mimaki UJV55-320 Super wide format Inkjet printer, a revolutionary Mimaki SWJ-320 Grand Format Inkjet printer for both outdoor and indoor signage and a Mimaki CG 130SR cutting plotter which are all used in their weekly operations.  

ATS consists of a tremendously hardworking and thriving team, always open to new ideas and opportunities to grow not only their dynamic, their capabilities but also their larger community. ATS gives thanks to Graphix Supply World, expressing that, owing to them they have managed to achieve much of their success in manufacturing the highest quality products for their customers. ATS further explained that GSW has been a trusted and dependable supplier to them and are proud to have dealt with their experienced operators throughout the years and look forward to a prosperous future.

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Mimaki New ‘100 Series’ Achieves High Quality with High Productivity, all at Minimal Cost!

Mimaki announced the release of the new “100 Series”, two entry level roll-to-roll inkjet printers – the UJV100-160 (UV model) and the JV100-160 (solvent model). The two inkjet printers strive to achieve high quality printing with high productivity, all at minimal cost to the user. The UJV100-160 is set to be commercially available in December 2020, while the JV100-160 is expected to follow in January 2021.

The JV100-160 adopts the recently developed, fast drying eco solvent ink “AS5”, which reduces graininess and allows for fine details even when printing images with high volumes of ink. Additionally, this new eco solvent ink has superior scratch resistance and outdoor durability which allows for printers to create a multitude of applications, whether they are for indoor or outdoor use. The new AS5 ink will be available in both a Dual CMYK 4 colour mode and 8 colour mode, which includes Light Cyan (Lc), Light Magenta (Lm), Orange (Or) and Light Black (Lk).

Mimaki’s UJV100-160 uses a low-cost UV ink “LUS-190” which cures immediately after being exposed to UV light, allowing a faster turnaround without the need for a degassing period after printing. The LUS-190 ink can be printed onto not only PVC, but also uncoated substrates such as PET film, paper, etc. This system is the ideal solution for print businesses introducing UV printing technology to their production line.

In line with its tagline “Expert Printing Made Easy”, the series is also fully equipped with features that will improve its usability for operators. Both printers in the “100 series” utilise Mimaki’s new DAS (Dot Adjustment System) feature, developed to support a streamlined, efficient printing process. Dot adjustments are normally done manually every time the user changes the media type, however, this new function performs drop position adjustment for bi-directional printing and media feed compensation automatically to ensure perfect alignments and print quality.

Bert Benckhuysen, Senior Product Manager, from Mimaki Europe commented, “Mimaki always prides itself in introducing printing technology that excels when it comes to efficiency and high-quality and these two models fulfill both. The ‘100 Series’ are also versatile printers and users benefit from the flexibility to produce an array of applications, from vibrant wallpapers to high-quality signboards.”

In addition, Mimaki’s core technologies such as NCU (Nozzle Check Unit), NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) and MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System4), will all be available as standard features to help achieve continuous and reliable production. Moreover, Mimaki has included its new RIP software “RasterLink7” to the series, which incorporates Harlequin RIP® developed by Global Graphics Software Ltd. as a core engine. With this new engine, the RIP time can be reduced by up to 25%. For even more ease of use, variable data printing and favorite settings have been added to this new free of charge RIP.

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The World Imagines – Mimaki Delivers!

Company Attains Customers Across the Continent with the UJV100-160

Wall Design is a Johannesburg based wallpaper distributor covering the entire Sub-Saharan Africa. Since its inception in 2004, they have quickly become the largest distributor in the area with the widest selection of wallpapers and exclusive brands. They have a wide range of customers from different industries; mainly distributing to traders and retailers as well as offer installation across the continent.

With Wall Design’s expansion, they have had to produce at high speeds in order to keep-up with growing demands. For this reason, founder Jacques Lombard expressed his appreciation for Mimaki Technology and reliance on their printers efficient qualities. Since buying their very first Mimaki printer from Graphix Supply World (GSW), a South African authorized Mimaki supplier, they have been satisfied ever since. He further said that they heard about GSW through Mimaki Europe and have been using their equipment and efficient services for some time now. 

To date, Wall Designs owns a UJV100-160 and has the printer running 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. It runs smoothly and effectively; making all their day-to-day operations possible. The main usage for the UJV100-160 is to do in-house printing on their own wallpaper base. The UV-LED technology and addition of white inks allows them to use any of their standard wallpapers as digital base, opening up endless creative possibilities. This not only allows Wall Designs to do anything their customers need and want but also ensures only the highest quality and most beautiful prints are created. With this being said, Wall Designs has also been able to add vinyl window graphics to their vast rage of offerings at a later stage. 

The opportunities are truly unlimited with Mimaki Solutions and Graphix Supply World ensures they have constant support to achieve whatever is desired. Jacques reiterated this by saying that GSW service has been fantastic, specifically from one of the leading GSW technicians Andrew Harding, his incredible wealth of experience and customer-first attitude is a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, stating that because GSW is a customer-focused company and not a corporate behemoth – you always get personalized service, you’re not just another number but a priority. 

Overall, the UJV has been the most suitable and relevant to Wall Designs industry. They feel it has all the features they need and more. Having a massive bump in speed which has been highly beneficial – all at a great, solvent-based-machine-beating-price! The company could not be more proud of their printer and haven’t regretted their purchase for a second. 

Wall Designs believes that “at the end of the day, when ordering food at a restaurant, you would never order something you know you wouldn’t eat. Then why should buying a digital printer be any different? That’s why we chose the UJV100-160 – it has exactly the features we need – UV-LED technology, blazing fast print speeds and low investment cost, all without increasing the purchase price by adding features we know we’ll never use. Our printer has been running nearly 24/7 from day one and we’ve not regretted our purchase for a second!

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Business buys EFI Pro 16h LED Hybrid Printer to Expand Opportunities!

A new EFI™ Pro 16h  flatbed/roll-to-roll hybrid wide-format printer is giving MSP Design Group the ability to expand offerings and its customer base with high-quality LED inkjet print. The printer has been the next positive step in the businesses’ continued expansion to meet customers’ needs. The printer’s versatility, with its ability to deliver high-quality images on traditional and specialty media up to two inches thick, was a prominent factor for MSP, which is using the printer to produce signage and a wide range of ad specialty products.

A long-time provider of screen printing and embroidering, apparel and promotional products, MSP adopted a new mission in 2015. “We want to do it all for all of our customers and meet all of their needs|, explained CEO Dan Clarkson. Their new focus moved MSP to grow from being primarily a seasonal business to one that has work year-round. Much of that growth has happened by selling more display graphics signage.

A high-quality, productive alternative to outsourcing

The higher volumes MSP saw in display graphics lead to outsourcing for production, which reduced margins and spurred a serious search for a new wide-format production solution, resulting in EFI’s Hybrid Printer. The EFI Pro 16h is designed to give users the lowest total cost of ownership, superior image quality and access to the widest range of substrates and applications. It prints on both flexible and rigid substrates up to 65 inches wide in four colors plus white ink, delivering near-photographic quality at resolutions up to 1200 dots per inch. MSP can print saturated colors and smooth gradations with true four-level, variable-drop grayscale print capability at speeds up to 976 square feet per hour. Plus, the EFI Pro 16h’s “cool cure” LED technology requires less energy than latex or traditional UV printers and enables the use of thinner and specialty substrates that cannot withstand the heat required with latex and UV.

Versatility creates new opportunities

Size was key for MSP because space was an issue; Dan Clarkson did not want a large table machine. He also liked the printer’s productivity, flexibility and its ability to print on a variety of materials. When seeing examples of what the printer can produce in a demo that featured unusual and unique applications, Clarkson could immediately envision how it would help MSP bring in new business. Resulting in Clarkson saying, “There’s a lot of stuff that we can do now that we couldn’t before”.

Sales started to grow shortly after the printer went into production at MSP in late 2019. MSP’s customers now look to the company to produce signage and a broader range of ad specialty items. And, in terms of the quality those customers receive with MSP’s new LED-inkjet digital print offering, “they love it,” Clarkson said.

About EFI

EFI™ is a global technology company, based in Silicon Valley, and is leading the worldwide transformation from analog to digital imaging. We are passionate about fueling customer success with products that increase competitiveness and boost productivity. To do that, we develop breakthrough technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents, with a wide range of printers, inks, digital front ends, and a comprehensive business and production workflow suite that transforms and streamlines the entire production process. (






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Addressing the Mask Crisis with the Mimaki TR300-1850C coater!

Mimaki technology is being used to process mask material that is both functional and fashionable to wear. In doing so, they are creating high quality masks to meet safety standards and regulations worldwide!

Many manufacturing companies have decided to convert production to contribute to addressing the COVID-19 crisis. In the textile sector in particular, print service providers have started producing masks and other kinds of facial protection, due to the sudden surge in demand and limited supply. So that masks, both medical and non-medical, can guarantee protection while being suitable for contact with the face, the fabrics used must meet specific technical requirements. Often many layers of different fabrics are used, including polyester, warp knits, standard knits and non-wovens. Two fundamental properties are needed to achieve maximum functional and protective efficiency: impermeability and sterility.

Mimaki technology meets these specific requirements with a highly effective solution for fabric preparation. The TR300-1850C pre-treatment unit, originally designed for inkjet printing applications, can now process mask materials, simply by using it with different chemicals. “Appropriate fabric preparation is essential for producing masks. At the moment this remains one of the trickiest aspects for operators in the textile sector”, explains Marco Vanzini, Sales Director at Mimaki Bompan Textile. “Although it was developed for inkjet printing, the Mimaki TR300-1850C coater has demonstrated its suitability for the specific treatments making mask materials sterile and impermeable.”

Part of the TR Series, an innovative range of pre- and post-treatment systems developed by Mimaki, the TR300-1850C digital coater offers a compact design for installation in any production environment. Easy to use, this roll-to-roll unit makes it simple to apply the coating: once inserted, the fabric passes through a padder, where it is implanted with the selected chemicals, then proceeding to successive phases through squeeze rollers and a dryer, before being rewound into a roll.

Using the coater to meet the mask challenge, fabrics can be treated with water-soluble antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral disinfectants, such as salicylic acid and bleach. As for impermeability, this can be obtained by dissolving silicone-based products in water.

“We are convinced of the potential of this solution, not only in helping to optimise mask production today, but also in opening up a brighter, more optimistic perspective for the steps ahead. It is clear by now that masks and facial PPE will be part of our everyday lives even after the worst of the COVID-19 crisis, in what is called phase 2. It will be important to be prepared, adapting production methods to offer accessories that are both functional and pleasant to wear”, adds Vanzini. “Fabrics pre-treated with the TR300-1850C coater can be decorated and personalised using Mimaki sublimation transfer printing plotters, meeting the demand for trendy accessories that is sure to come from the market.”

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ArtLab uses Mimaki Printers to fight Covid19!

Covid-19 is no laughing matter!

But hey – why make it more miserable than it is?

C’mon – let’s lighten up a little and have some fun!


While they may be funny as hell these are PROPER personal protection masks! Made from Dual Layer  Polyester & Polycotton, they also have a professionally applied Silver Nano-Particle Coating which gives lab tested added protection against bacteria. Yeah we know… Corona is a virus but if we can stop other opportunistic uglies getting in (or out)… Why not!


They have been professionally digitally printed by ARTLAB – leaders in digital textile printing technology. ArtLab, one of Graphix Supply World’s longest customers, makes use of their excellent TXP300 Mimaki textile printers, allowing them to print on a wide array of natural fabrics using the latest pigment inks. These dye sublimation printers have certainly been put to work, printing an exciting series of custom-printed face masks for the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The masks are fully washable and the antibacterial coating itself is good for 50 washes!


These hysterically funny “Mad Masks” have proved wildly popular as an alternative to the dreary and dull masks on the market. These masks use the quality technology of Mimaki printers to print onto a synthetic support fabric for the masks outers. This is a high performance moisture wicking fabric that also prints exceptionally well. It is lined with an antibacterial coated polycotton inner and offer great comfort, safety and breathability while raising a bucket full of laughs and good humour!

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Top Seller Alert: Mimaki CJV Special!

You don’t want to miss out on this one… Here’s your chance to acquire the CJV150 at the best prices with each offering having add-ons worth R50 000! Options include a Trade-in Trade-up, FREE Bulk Ink System + Set of Inks or even a Rental Plans with Cash Assistance Deposit! 

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Over 25 Years of Excellent Supply & Service from GSW

ArtLabs CEO says, “We have experienced the highest levels of service over our many decades of supply by GSW. Technical assistance has always been prompt and efficient but it must further be said that the excellent quality of the Mimaki range of printers means there is a nominal amount of service required in the first instance. They have proven highly reliable under the most strenuous and testing conditions.”

One of GSW’s long-standing customers, Craig Whyte, expressed his delight and appreciation for his relationship with GSW. His company – ArtLab  is a multifaceted, large-format printing business based in Cape Town, South Africa. ArtLab has a lengthy and illustrious history in the printing industry. The business was started 11 years ago by Craig Whyte who has an extremely long career in digital graphics; having pioneered digital colour copying in SA as The Image Centre way back in 1983. In 1992 Craig was the first to introduce high resolution large format printing to the SA market as the Big Picture which grew quickly to become OmniGraphics Express  – one of the most successful and recognized names in digital printing.


Craig explained that he has been using the services of GSW and Rob Franco since the earliest days of the industry and are probably one of if not the oldest surviving clients of the company. He went on further, “We purchased one of GSW’s first digital printers in 1995 – which was co-incidentally called the F.I.R.S.T. printer. It was a revolutionary machine that was probably the (first) system to digitally print onto vinyl that could be used outdoors.”


“We have purchased a wide array of machines from GSW over the years. From simple vinyl cutters to sophisticated textile printers we rely on GSWs excellent range of Mimaki printers in all our day to day processes. They are and have been a cornerstone of all our operations and success. We use GSW’s Mimaki printers for a wide offering of services. Our primary and latest application is the use of the excellent TXP300 textile printers which allow us to print on a wide array of natural fabrics using the latest pigment inks for same.” Craig explained.


During the lockdown Craig said that they have put the textile printers and certainly the dye sublimation printers to extensive use, currently printing an exciting series of custom-printed face masks for the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. He said that their hysterically funny “Mad Masks” have proved wildly popular as an alternative to the dreary and miserable masks that we will be forced to wear for the foreseeable future. “We are using Mimaki printers to print onto a synthetic supports fabric for the masks outers. This is a high performance moisture wicking fabric that also prints exceptionally well. It is lined with an antibacterial coated polycotton inner and offer great comfort, safety and breathability while raising a bucket full of laughs and good humour!”






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Used & Demo Unit Clearance Sale!

Times are tough for all, that’s why GSW is offering some of the industry’s top products at the most affordable prices, giving you the greatest offerings possible! Take a look at the rental opportunities, combo deals, and current media sales that are taking place right now…

With this clearance sale, GSW is creating the opportunity for its customers to purchase the highest quality printers and cutters at the lowest prices possible. Below there are many demo and used units which have been marked at one of a kind prices that you don’t want to miss out on. Get in touch today regarding our winter inks and media sale as well, which promises even more top quality products at great value. From various Mimaki, EFI, Bordeaux and Sensient Inks to Vinyl, One Way Vision, PVC Banner, Sublimation Media Banner, Dye Sublimation Paper, Wallpaper and PVC Foam Boards – GSW stocks it all for you!

Perhaps your dream printer or some of your favourite inks and media may be up for grabs and on sale! Hurry, stock is limited so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details…