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Over 25 Years of Excellent Supply & Service from GSW

artlab and gsw

ArtLabs CEO says, “We have experienced the highest levels of service over our many decades of supply by GSW. Technical assistance has always been prompt and efficient but it must further be said that the excellent quality of the Mimaki range of printers means there is a nominal amount of service required in the first instance. They have proven highly reliable under the most strenuous and testing conditions.”

One of GSW’s long-standing customers, Craig Whyte, expressed his delight and appreciation for his relationship with GSW. His company – ArtLab  is a multifaceted, large-format printing business based in Cape Town, South Africa. ArtLab has a lengthy and illustrious history in the printing industry. The business was started 11 years ago by Craig Whyte who has an extremely long career in digital graphics; having pioneered digital colour copying in SA as The Image Centre way back in 1983. In 1992 Craig was the first to introduce high resolution large format printing to the SA market as the Big Picture which grew quickly to become OmniGraphics Express  – one of the most successful and recognized names in digital printing.


Craig explained that he has been using the services of GSW and Rob Franco since the earliest days of the industry and are probably one of if not the oldest surviving clients of the company. He went on further, “We purchased one of GSW’s first digital printers in 1995 – which was co-incidentally called the F.I.R.S.T. printer. It was a revolutionary machine that was probably the (first) system to digitally print onto vinyl that could be used outdoors.”


“We have purchased a wide array of machines from GSW over the years. From simple vinyl cutters to sophisticated textile printers we rely on GSWs excellent range of Mimaki printers in all our day to day processes. They are and have been a cornerstone of all our operations and success. We use GSW’s Mimaki printers for a wide offering of services. Our primary and latest application is the use of the excellent TXP300 textile printers which allow us to print on a wide array of natural fabrics using the latest pigment inks for same.” Craig explained.


During the lockdown Craig said that they have put the textile printers and certainly the dye sublimation printers to extensive use, currently printing an exciting series of custom-printed face masks for the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. He said that their hysterically funny “Mad Masks” have proved wildly popular as an alternative to the dreary and miserable masks that we will be forced to wear for the foreseeable future. “We are using Mimaki printers to print onto a synthetic supports fabric for the masks outers. This is a high performance moisture wicking fabric that also prints exceptionally well. It is lined with an antibacterial coated polycotton inner and offer great comfort, safety and breathability while raising a bucket full of laughs and good humour!”