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Nazdar Ink to Showcase Ink Solutions at InPrint Milan 2018

Nazdar Ink Technologies will once again be among the exhibitors at InPrint – the industrial print show – in Milan, Italy this November, showcasing its wide range of UV-LED, traditional UV, solvent and aqueous ink formulations to attendees.

The Milano Congressi (MiCo) will host the InPrint event between 20th and 22nd November, bringing together professionals from the fast-growing industrial print market*, including functional, decorative and packaging printing. Designed to meet the needs of specialists looking for customised industrial print solutions to generate new market opportunities and revenue, InPrint Milan will encompass speciality, screen, digital, inkjet and 3D technologies.

Representatives from leading ink brand Nazdar will be available to discuss the wide variety of applications possible with its inks for inkjet, screen printing and narrow web, plus varnishes, primers and liquid coatings. Nazdar’s newest inks include Nazdar NWIJ single-pass inkjet inks, Nazdar D2S inkjet inks for containers, and UV-LED inkjet, screen and narrow web inks. Visitors will be able to learn about these new developments and more by visiting Nazdar on stand 925.

The Nazdar team will also be taking questions for its InkAnswers program ( ) from visitors at InPrint. InkAnswers messages go to more than 20 experts at Nazdar, with a prompt response providing information and advice.

For more information on InPrint 2018 in Milan, please visit

*Industrial print is the industry’s third largest market for venture capital investment. The ‘What is the future of digital industrial print’ white paper by I.T. Strategies, produced for InPrint, forecasts industrial digital and inkjet printing growth of 36% between 2014 and 2020.

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Our Apparel Customer Dominates at Cycling World Championships

Bioracer, a technical apparel specialist, supplies national cycling teams for a number of countries with their cycling suits for international competitions.

Athletes wearing Bioracer’s Speedwear Concept – the brand new speed suit for the 2018 Innsbruck/Tirol World Championships, launched as the next development from the speed suit worn at the Rio Olympics – totalled eight out of fifteen medals and three out of five gold medals.

To reach these quality standards Bioracer keeps a sharp focus on research and on the development of materials, garments and processes. That includes procuring papers from Neenah Coldenhove for sublimating the artworks onto each garment.

Neenah Coldenhove shares the same perspective of continuous investment in innovation and improvements. That is why we will keep supplying high quality products that help our customers reach success and, in some cases, gold medals.

To highlight our constant ambition to stay on top and in support of our sports apparel customers, our booth’s theme at this year’s SIGA Expo in Las Vegas will be “reach your peak with our digital sublimation transfer paper” and we’ll be wearing custom cycling t-shirts produced by Bioracer. Come visit us during SIGA 2018 at booth 3581 from 18-20 October and discover what we can do for your business.

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Primera Launch New LX910e Colour Label and Tag Printer

LX910e Colour Label and Tag Printer

The Most Advanced, Most Professional Colour Label Printer Ever From Primera

LX910e is the fastest and highest print quality colour label printer ever developed by Primera. It utilizes an all-new, very high capacity thermal inkjet print head that was designed from the start to be unmatched in its performance. With LX910e you’ll quickly and easily get all the labels you need with professional print quality on each and every label, free of horizontal banding or streaks down the length of the output.


With LX910e, your possibilities are endless.

Print just one or thousands of labels at a time with identical or unique data on every label.
Print with dye or pigment ink, all in the same printer, by simply changing out an ink cartridge. Dye ink has brilliant, vivid colours for making eye-catching prime labels for your products. Pigment ink is highly durable for more industrial applications. Choose the one that best fits the task without buying two separate printers !

Primera is one of the world’s best-known and best-selling manufacturers of desktop colour label printers. With LX910e, a new benchmark in price and performance has been set.



  Fast Print Speeds – With up to 114 mm (4.5”) per second print speeds, your labels will be produced quickly and efficiently.

  Best Print Quality – Print quality on LX910e is the best we’ve ever offered, and likely the best you’ll ever find. Dare to compare! Get identical samples from each printer you are considering. Selling your products is much easier when you have the most professional-looking labels!

  Dual Ink System – Print with dye-based ink for the most colourful and vibrant looking labels. Swap out the all-in-one ink cartridge in 2-3 seconds and print with pigment ink for the most durable inkjet labels.

  Single Ink Cartridge – The all-new, highly advanced ink technology used by LX910e is unique in the business. It requires only a single ink cartridge to produce incredible, best-in-class results. The secret is in the nozzles. Ink droplets are fired so precisely that there’s absolutely no need for a separate black ink cartridge. The resulting “process” black is exceptional. It also costs no more to use than dealing with an extra black ink cartridge. With LX910e, you’ve got just one ink SKU to keep track of – without compromising results.

  Sturdy Metal Enclosure – The LX910e comes with a powder coated metal enclosure which had been certified for many years in areas with higher safety regulations. Especially suitable for use in mechanical and plant engineering, or when electromagnetic screening (EMC) is required.

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New EFI Reggiani TERRA Promises Textile Print Efficiency

New EFI Reggiani TERRA solution from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. is a high-performance digital production offering featuring a new pigment ink set and binder for fast, sustainable, and cost-competitive industrial textile printing.

The newly available offering uses a greener, more-efficient, in-line polymerization process that allows users to print the finest designs using less water, less energy and in less processing time, with no steaming or washing needed on direct-to-textile applications.

Designed to leverage EFI Reggiani digital printers’ market-proven industrial performance capabilities, the TERRA pigment solution provides an extraordinary level of print durability and yield longer printhead life with reduced maintenance costs. The solution also delivers excellent light fastness and high printability sharpness on nearly any fiber type, including cotton, polyester, cotton-poly blends and more. As a result, Reggiani TERRA is a great solution for a wide range of applications, such as fashion, home-textile and accessories.

“Pigment inks for digital printing represent a big step forward for the industry, with the potential to accelerate the analog-to-digital transformation underway in textiles and apparel, especially in markets where eco-friendly processes are a must,” said EFI Reggiani Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “The new TERRA pigment textile technology is another advancement in the outstanding range of innovations EFI Reggiani has presented over the past year, continuing our heritage of bringing innovation to the textile and apparel industry to make our customers successful in their projects.”

The new pigment inks in the Reggiani TERRA solution are commercially available as a six-color set of cyan, magenta, yellow, black, blue and red, with additional colors coming soon.

At this week’s SGIA Expo, the TERRA solution includes an EFI Reggiani FLEXY printer and is part of a complete EFI Textile Eco-System for end-to-end digital textile production on display in booth 301 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The textile technologies on exhibit also include EFI Optitex 2D and 3D CAD software, EFI Fiery DesignPro software and EFI Fiery proServer digital front ends.

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ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator Launching in Africa

Graphix Supply World today announced their partnership with ROLLSROLLER®, a patented and proven technology for flatbed mounting and lamination. More than 8 000 sign-makers worldwide are using ROLLSROLLER® daily for efficient sign making and print finishing.

Rollsroller AB is the leading manufacturer and supplier of products and services for flatbed laminators. The company has the proprietary and patented ROLLSROLLER® Flatbed Applicator recognised internationally. ROLLSROLLER® Flatbed applicator poses a technological shift in the sign and printing industry. The company has grown rapidly and established sales in more than 40 countries through an efficient distribution system and business concepts.


ROLLSROLLER FLATBED APPLICATORS COMES IN A wide range of models specially designed to give you multiple options. We want everybody to find their ideal Flatbed Applicator. We offer a wide selection of sizes and prices and many add-on options. It all depends on your needs. What size signs or prints do you work with? What media widths do you use? What do you need to make your work even easier? What are your future needs? In addition, we can customise the Flatbed Applicator to suit your needs. We have created many unique Flatbed Applicators in consultation with our customers.

There’s a ROLLSROLLER for everyone – and if your model doesn’t exist, we can create it.

You can now place your orders with GSW in Africa!

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Unfold Focuses on Smart Production with Mimaki’s Wide-Format Printer

Unfold works from a large industrial building, located in a large commercial zoning area. A common assumption for most production companies. What’s not so common, is that Unfold houses a huge range of heavy production printers, yet very few people to operate them. Owner of the company, René Spanger, does most of it all by himself. Just recently, he upped his own game and invested in a 3,20-meter-wide Mimaki printer with UV-curing. The UJV55-320 is a big whopper – crucial to be able to deal with the print demand at Unfold.


From the home

Spanger started out as an events’ organiser 15 years ago. As he developed flyers and posters for events, people automatically asked for the next step. Spanger is a design autodidact. All thanks to Google, according to him: “Before you know it, you’re a trader in print material. I got so many print requests that I actually bought my first home plotter. I put it in a 15sqm room in my home. After that, things got out of hand,” he adds jokingly, “and my machine portfolio grew exponentially.”

To more space

By adding printers, Spanger needed more room and went from 150 to 800 to 1250 sqm. More room, not more people though. René Spanger and his emergency crew, that’s it. Order intake, order preparations, prepress, printing, finishing, packing and shipping – most companies have one person per division. Unfold doesn’t, it relies on its automation installation to do the work for them. Spanger no longer designs – he focuses entirely on production.


André Geuke who works for supplier calls Unfold an a-typical company. “René took huge strides forward when it comes to automation. He put in a lot of time in setting up a functional system that enables five printers to be operated by just the one person.” Nonetheless, Spanger is checking with different people for additional support, when required.

Print service

Geuke: “It’s astonishing, how the company only offers print service (printing, plotting and milling). Unfold works for third parties like graphic and sign companies that outsource the print jobs to this specialised print machine.” Companies with an online sales focus also often turn to Unfold for production. The company does not advertise, and its website is a contact page. Work comes in via resellers providing print-ready PDFs.

Long-term relationship

The relationship with Mimaki goes way back. It started with the first plotter Unfold purchased. Fifteen years ago, it was one of the first machines that could print and plot at the same time. “I asked my foil supplier a reference for a printer. It became the Mimaki on the second go. After that, it just kept on feeling right.” Spanger adds. “I am pleased with the Mimaki printers and it remained our go-to brand as our capacity grew. We still have our first machine up and running even.”


The new Mimaki UJV55-320 extends the print width capacity. The machine replaces a smaller 2,6m printer. Mimaki has been supplying a 3,2m printer just recently, but at Unfold it’s been running for a few months. Much to everyone’s delight from the very start. “The printer arrived just in time to comply with the increasing print demand. But I spot potential to push our growth even further“, René Spanger concludes.

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Felxibility, Timeliness & Cost Savings

CEO Mattia Brunazzi decided to invest in a digital solution of colour label printers that could allow him to print professional labels on demand. He knew the brand Primera from a fair four years ago, but only in recently he is convinced of the need to introduce this solution into the company.

We are a family company of cosmetic products for face and body, producing a few hundred pieces at time. Until today we have been turning to a printing press, with very long delivery times, minimum order quantities and consequent high warehouse costs and waste of unused labels,“ says Mr. Brunazzi. „Today, however, thanks to Primera’s LX1000e Colour Label Printer we can print only the labels we need in that time. Just this morning we prepared a customised supply for a pharmacy, printing 12 labels for a single product, quickly and economically,” he continues.

Finally, these days we have received a request for products from a customer from China and we are preparing custom labels in Chinese. Before we could never have satisfied this request!

The printer has been placed in the office and is used daily for the production of labels. It has been defined as an intuitive machine, easy to use, but like all technological tools, it needs practice to be able to make the most of its potential.

Asked what the advantages in these first months of use are Mr. Brunazzi directly answered: “Flexibility, timeliness and above all a huge costs saving, in terms of inventory and waste. We bought the printer with the intention of using it only for customisation, but we immediately understood that it was cheaper to produce internally the labels of all our products, because the print quality is excellent and the costs contained. The only drawback: it is a bit ‚boring’ to change the roll every time, unfortunately we have many different formats, but it would be with any printer!

When talking about prices and investments there is always a little fear of the answer, but it was very positive instead: “Honestly I didn’t give much importance to the price of the printer, but I paid attention to the quality of printing and the countless advantages practical and economic that would have led to the company,” Mr. Brunazzi answers with serenity.

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GSW are Winners at FESPA Africa 2018

Visitors from a number of African countries attended the event. The top 10 countries with visitors from outside of South Africa included: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Angola, Malawi, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Representation from other countries also included: Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Mauritius and Uganda.

Visitors could take part in a range of educational features, including the Textile experience, a hands-on workshop where printers could learn different techniques all taught by Charlie Taublieb, who has been in the screen printing industry since 1976; T-shirt and bag printing workshops, CorelDRAW workshops, the Speed Wrap Challenge and business opportunities in print and signage, which were held on various exhibitors’ stands.

Judges visited each stand at the expo and judged the stands according to criteria based on design, staff friendliness and professionalism.  GSW took home first place in Mega 300 Floor Space!

Well done to the GSW “Winning Team” we couldn’t have done it without you!


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Be a Winner with Mimaki at Fespa Africa 2018

Share your Mimaki experience at @FESPAAfrica with the hashtag #onboardwithMimaki to win a Seatzac chill bag. We’ll pick a winner daily so make sure you visit Mimaki and GSW in Hall 3, Stand D20/D21 at the Gallagher Convention Centre and start posting!
#Mimaki #FESPAAfrica2018 #FESPA

The SeatZac is a bag for chilling that you can fill with 400 litres of air within a few seconds, with one zigzagging move. The SeatZac is made of very strong polyester (also called parachute silk) and weighs no more than 750 grams. That is why it is easy to take with you in the accompanying carrier bag. Ideal for in the park, at a festival, on your roof terrace, in the swimming pool or during winter sports. And if it gets dark you won’t have to go home yet! With a Light Kit you will literally let your SeatZac shine. The SeatZac is available in various funky colours. Chill wherever you like!

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Mimaki CJV150-130 is an Excellent Machine! 

When we reached out to Mosala at All 4 One Sports, he was more than excited to tell us about his recent purchase from GSW.


“It is an excellent machine. We have had it for three weeks and we are all so happy. I think it is going to do big things for our business.”


All 4 One Sports is based in Lesotho, and has been in operation for ten years. Starting small, the business focused on providing the local community with quality printed T-shirts before gradually branching out to supply the wider market with branded sportswear and printed medals and trophies.


“We began printing sportswear as our business got bigger and more people came to hear about us. However, we were outsourcing most of the printing work – for example the numbers on the back of football jerseys were done externally, but now that we have our new printer we can bring that in-house and expand our services. We supply many big clients, including Nedbank, FNB, Metropolitan and various government sectors, to name a few, with their printing needs and so it makes sense that we continue to look for ways to grow and learn here at All 4 One Sports.”

All 4 One Sport’s new printer is the Mimaki CJV150- 130 model. The machine provides high performance, creativity and versatility with vibrant ink types, including new silver, orange and light black, in a cost-effective package. Offering a range of incredible features, including fast printing speeds, high quality print resolution of up to 1, 440dpi and four different printing widths, the Mimaki CJV150 – 130 is perfect for businesses like All 4 One Sports who are looking to get more comfortable with print technology and use it to expand their product range.

When asked about his experience purchasing the printer and having it set up, Mosala couldn’t sing GSW’s praises loud enough. “Their service is great – I would give it ten out of ten. We have never had a printer like this before so we were nervous to get going but the technician that came in was very helpful and now, in less than a month, we are confident using our printer and enjoying it a lot.”

For more information about All 4 One Sports and what they can do to bring your vision to life, contact them on +266 5890 6922.


To find out more about the CJV150 -130 printer from Mimaki that Mosala and his team at All 4 One Sports are so excited about, go to GSW’s website,, or email Alternatively, you can call one of the various branches across South Africa and speak to an agent.

Cape Town: +27(0)21 511 5340

Johannesburg: (011) 444 9288

Durban: 031 502 6128

GSW thanks All 4 One Sports for their business and we look forward to seeing how their new Mimaki machine helps take them to new heights.