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A Visionary Approach to Luxurious Yacht Design

3DUJ Mimaki

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With a little help from 3D printing

A master craftsman and celebrated visionary in interior architecture, Claudio Celiberti is known for his use of fine materials and timeless finishes. Shortly after Studio Celiberti unveiled its latest project, ‘Origin’, at the Monaco Yacht Show, we spoke to Claudio about the potential of 3D printing in yacht design.

Mimaki: Tell us about your work
Claudio: My work is about evoking emotion. I handpick a small clientele each year and produce bespoke design for each. The intention is that the client will find meaning, personal to them, in the final creation. It’s a collaborative process, I work with ideas from the client and I use my professional knowledge and expertise to produce furniture and interiors of timeless elegance.

Mimaki: And what are some of the challenges that come with design for yachts?
Claudio: Luxurious yachts are works of art. They require extensive vision into the future. Because the construction process takes time and a yacht must mature beautifully and become finer with age, they must be composed of fresh, innovative ideas. Designs must deviate from current trends and this can be difficult to visualise.

Mimaki: So how does 3D printing come into the process?
Claudio: The strength of 3D printing is that it can be part of an immersive experience that helps communicate the vision. Accurate colour and fine detail, such as that provided by Mimaki 3D printed models, are a necessity. With the ability to prototype multiple iterations of a design quickly, it’s easy to show clients how materials and designs will change over time, and how the design will compare against newer yachts.

Crucial to my work is to always curate the finest materials and select premium quality. I spend most of my waking hours developing an extensive knowledge of the materials I use in my craft, so it’s extremely important that I can communicate those finer details of the design. I want to show clients why it is worth it, so I show them samples and where possible I take clients to the material’s source – such as a marble quarry. With 3D printing, that can be taken further, showing the finer detail of marbling for instance in an accurate physical representation of the design. Nothing replaces the ability for a client to feel and experience a product in the flesh, but 3D printed models offer an exciting addition.

Mimaki: How does technology help you express yourself as a master craftsman?
Claudio: My goal is to make designs perfect – and that passion for perfection has taught me to focus not just on the aesthetics of a design but also its functionality. The truly sublime needs both.

I begin by thinking outside the box – I challenge current ideas and find the balance between trends and classic designs. Designs can quickly become dated if you rely on trends. The ergonomics and functionality of a design is just as vital to perfection as the aesthetic. It must be tailored to the user’s daily needs flawlessly.

Often the solution is a combination of the finest materials with cutting-edge technology. So furnishings, tables, seats, or service components such as refrigerators, kitchens, grills, or barbecues remain hidden under unthinkable architectural creations and appear magically amalgamating into their surroundings. I find whatever route is needed to make the vision a reality.

Mimaki: So what can we expect to see in the future?
Claudio: Sustainability and durability are trends unlikely to disappear anytime soon and will only become increasingly important. I predict that customisation and seamless multifunctionality will become more prominent in the near future and we are going to see a lot more designs encompassing lightweight materials. Studio Celiberti is currently working on something very special and will be revealing this project soon – so watch this space!

Claudio Celiberti