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Print trends to look for in 2020

The printing industry is growing and evolving at a fast pace because of technological advances and print businesses looking ahead to trends and customer needs.

According to the Printing Industries of America, by the end of 2019, the print industry should see up to a 2-percent increase in revenues. Even with the growing trend to go paperless and the increase in e-books and other digital publications, the printing industry has been seeing yearly growth since 2011.

The continued growth for digital printing
Printing digitally does not require printing plates and the setup time that traditional offset printing requires. Because of this, digital printing continues to grow in popularity for printers and customers. The faster turnaround times, more flexibility, and the increase in personalisation capabilities push digital printing forward as technology advances.

Expansion of on-demand printing
Traditionally, print shops would not print just one copy or a small run of any print piece. The labour and time involved in the offset printing process made single-copy and short-run pieces expensive and out of reach.

Digital printing capabilities made on-demand printing services a possibility by being more cost-effective and efficient. On-demand printing is now easier than ever with digital printing capabilities and technological advances.

Increased personalisation
Emerging trends – like short-run custom print pieces or self-publishing– require an increased level of personalisation, and on-demand printing capabilities provide just that. The demand for increased personalisation continues to grow as technological printing advances create more project opportunities for individuals and businesses.

On-demand printing pieces include posters, flyers, invitations, and other materials that require a short-run or specific customisations between each run or each copy.

Improved flexibility for customers
Every year, new printing capabilities bring more flexibility to customers, and 2020 print industry trends don’t look any different. As technology advances, you can expect faster turnaround times, more print material options, and the ability to create better custom marketing materials.

The ability to print with more flexibility for customers will open the door to more print opportunities that were not available before because they were too costly or time-consuming.

Move towards more simplified designs
The minimalism trend continues to hold steady in our society as we see it more often in art, architecture, and even our lifestyles. It is no surprise that we see minimalism and simplified designs in print materials, and expect to continue seeing it increase in popularity in print industry trends for 2020.

A simplified design may create fewer barriers when printing. It may incorporate less clashing colours and graphic elements that could cause printing headaches. Especially with digital, on-demand printing, where colour is sometimes an issue, a simplified design eliminates some barriers from design to print.

Adding AI to printing
Artificial intelligence (AI) is exploding into every aspect of our lives—think Apple’s Siri, increases in factory automation, or Amazon’s Alexa—and the print industry is not exempt from the growing use of AI.

The use of AI in printing makes a printer’s job easier by offering real-time data and production alerts, press automation, suggestions for equipment maintenance, and can even help protect our networks against security breaches.

Since many new printers work through Wi-Fi or at least have Wi-Fi capabilities, AI also allows mobile printing and automatic software updates or patches.

Increased support for sustainability
On-demand printing for customised materials like packaging includes a level of added sustainability because you only print what you need when you need it. You no longer have to print large quantities to keep the price down. And if you need to make changes down the road, you will have less wasted materials.


Source: Print Action

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Add Extra Shine to Your Labels

Primera-Extra-Shine-LabelsPrimera Europe recently launched the new FX500e Foil Imprinter.

New Feature: Print Head Cools Down Automatically
Printing will stop until the print head cools to normal printing temperature. Once it completes, the printer will automatically resume the printing tasks sent previously. Compared to the FX400e, the FX500e can work almost unattended. As soon as the printer overheats, it stops the print job. This means that all labels are printed in the same quality and no waste is produced.

Darkness and Speed Settings
For the best printing results with Clear Foil we have determined the following settings. We always recommend to test these settings by yourself as well.

Full Bleed Print
Full bleed printing is not a problem, but please note the following:
Size. It might help to increase the height and/or width of the page/label size in the Options tab a little bit. Then adapt the size of the image to fit the new larger page/label size.
Top Adjustment. Decrease the top adjustment by approximately 2mm (0.08″). This will cause the printer to start printing before the label and ensures a fully printed label.
Attention: Too much over bleeding will cause the printer to skip labels, due to the fact that it stops printing too late to sense the next label.

Advantages of FX500e and Clear Foil:

  • Economical laminating solution for short-run on-demand label printing.
  • Resistance to water and water-based cleaning products.
  • Resistance to common solvents like alcohol and oils.
  • Increased scratch and fade resistance for longer image life and bar code scannability.

Watch the video here

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Primera introducing LX500 Colour Label Printer

“Primera Technology, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty printers, today announced its new LX500 Colour Label Printer.”

“LX500 is Primera’s newest and most affordable desktop colour label and tag printer. Its high-yield, tri-colour ink cartridge keeps cost per label low. Fast print speeds and an optional built-in guillotine-style cutter allow users to quickly and easily print and cut their short-run labels. In addition, LX500 has a lower MSRP price than the printer it replaced which was called LX400, and is up to 270% faster on labels printed with comparable print quality.”

“Start-ups and other small businesses quickly realise that their labels must look professional. With LX500 they can produce labels that look as good as, or even better, than large, national branded products,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “With more than two and a half times the print speed, even better print quality than the previous model and at $200 less MSRP, LX500 is a compelling choice for any business that needs to produce stunning, full-colour labels on-demand.”

“Typical applications include product labels for coffee, wine, bakery, confectionary, meat, cheese and hundreds of other specialty and gourmet foods. LX500 also accepts tag stock that can be cut with the optional built-in cutter, making it ideal for producing visitor, convention and meeting badges. LX500 can also be used for private labelling, test marketing, pre-press proofing and retail shelf labelling.”

Speak to Graphix Supply World to find out more about Primera label printers.

Primera –

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DATE: 4 May 2016

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Mimaki UJV55 – 320 – Mimaki delivers the full package

“Its European launch at FESPA Digital earlier this year is being closely followed by a UK debut at Sign and Digital UK, and due to ‘unprecedented demand’, forward orders are being taken on the printer already after Europe ran out of its allocation just days after its release. The printer in question is Mimaki’s new UJV55-320, a grand format LED UV inkjet printer that has an almost-endless list of attractive qualities that should see sign-makers and printers boost efficiency.”

“Speaking to SignLink at FESPA Digital, Mike Horsten, general manager marketing EMEA at Mimaki says: “We are really excited about this new product. It’s the first 3.2m UV LED printer in this market segment under £70k. We have flexible inks on the machine, we have dual roll capabilities on the machine, and it’s running at production speeds of about 40 to 70sq m/h with a maximum of 110sq m/h when you want to do outdoor banners.”

“After just two days into the exhibition, the company’s allocated 30 units were sold, resulting in them having to ask their factories to build more to meet demand.”

“The speed of the UJV55-320 is one of its stand out features and its ability to print super wide output will allow sign-makers to produce banners and graphics up to 3.2m wide. The added benefit of twin-roll simultaneous printing means the sign-maker can print two different jobs or two of the same job on two separate rolls, and select the preferred width separately for each roll. This gives more versatility to the user as well as making the production process quicker.”

“In terms of media, the UJV55-320 can handle a maximum media width of 3250mm and a media thickness of 1mm. This gives users great scope in applications such as indoor and outdoor signage, exhibition, display and window graphics, front and backlit signage, and retail POS.”

“For backlit signage, the thickness of the UV-curable ink on the media enables the ability to block out backlighting in certain areas, improving the colour performance of the illuminated sections. Horsten adds: “It really is a complex total package that we are delivering and we include it with our RasterLink6 RIP. It’s out of the box, start printing, make some money.”

“Common printing problems with clogged nozzles are prevented on this machine as it comes with Mimaki’s original automatic NCU. If clogging is not resolved by simply cleaning the machine, the UJV55-320 automatically sets the nozzle recovery function NRS and carries on printing. Also, defective nozzles are replaced with non-defective nozzles until a technician is to hand, meaning production can continue.”

“The printer comes with an improved print head configuration consisting of four print heads in a staggered array. Horsten praises the high quality output that is able to be produced, which is improved by waveform control technology and high level inkjet technology.”

“Horsten highlights the importance of stepping away from print, although still important, and looking at printing applications, solutions, and bringing something different to the market. That is certainly what this manufacturer has achieved with the UJV55-320 and after a successful outing at FESPA Digital, I expect nothing less than the same attention at the upcoming Sign and Digital UK.”

Speak to Graphix Supply World to find out more about Mimaki printers.

Mimaki –

Graphix Supply World –

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24 Hours: Tel +27 (0) 82 455 6333

DATE: 18 April 2016

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MTEX to celebrate a year of growth and innovation at SDUK

“MTEX will be celebrating a year of outstanding growth and innovation at Sign & Digital UK by showcasing the high speed version of its world leading MTEX 5032 printer.”

“It will be the first UK show appearance for the MTEX 5032HS, which is suitable for pigment and disperse inks, and ideal for soft signage and interiors. Stewart Bell, managing director of MTEX Technologies said: “2015 was a year of incredible growth for us and our customers in the digital textile market, and we’re starting 2016 in much the same vein.”

“Worldwide, we now have more than 220 units installed, and we aim to double that in 2016, driven by the new 5032HS, Blue and Blue K models as well as the turnkey pigment print and finishing solutions that are now on line. Stewart added: “We’re extremely proud of the new models and the drive of our teams to develop ever more innovative digital textile solutions.”

“We took the MTEX 5032HS to FEPSA Digital this year and it had an incredible reception from customers thanks to its price point and production level capabilities. As the soft signage market grows and develops, print companies need to stay ahead of the curve by developing new and exciting products that really stand out, coupled with the capacity to deliver in volume and at speed at an affordable price.”

“The 5032HS offers the same stunning print quality as our world leading 5032Pro, but with sellable production speeds of 120sqm/hour it takes the printer to the next level. Other new models from MTEX include the MTEX Blue K, which made its debut at FESPA Digital in March. It is available with Pigment inks and is specially designed for digitally printing onto knitted, fully stretchable fabrics.”

“Its unique and innovative roll-to-roll system allows it to print onto four-way stretch material including fabrics containing cotton or synthetic fibres such as jersey, which can then be turned into a huge range of products for home textiles, interior design, printwear and promotional items including cushions, throws and sports wear.”

Speak to Graphix Supply World to find out more about the MTEX printers.


Graphix Supply World –

Cape Town: Tel +27 (0) 21 511 5340

Johannesburg: Tel +27 (0) 11 444 9288

Durban: Tel +27 (0) 31 502 6128

24 Hours: Tel +27 (0) 82 455 6333

Date: 18 April 2016


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Mimaki Launching MM700-1800B Printer

“Mimaki will launch the MM700-1800B, a high-speed 1.8m-wide roll-to-roll direct-to-textile inkjet printer this month, in May 2016.”

“Tastes and preferences in the textile and apparel markets are becoming more diverse. In recent years, there is a continuing shift away from traditional analogue printing methods of mass production to digital printing that allows on-demand production with a wide range of personalisation and adaptability to individual needs. Accelerating the trend further is the arrival of ‘extreme on-demand production’, in which orders are accepted via the internet for mass production of freely customisable ‘one-of-a-kind in the world’ items.”

“Mimaki predicts consumers will begin to regularly create custom designs once they have grown weary of ordinary design options in the marketplace. To accommodate such ultimate order-made printing, the company will offer solutions to realise diverse printing with digital on-demand printing.”

“The MM700-1800B uses various sensors and cameras during printing to automatically detect the textile feed advancement distance, seams, media jams due to head striking, meandering and more, as it controls the transport of the textile. The printer itself makes adjustments to prevent trouble before it occurs, according to Mimaki, allowing stable printing to continue without constant operator supervision.”

“Its carriage is driven by a linear motor that gives it positional accuracy on the micron level, which combines with a ‘variable dot’ system, delivering ink in multiple drop sizes to produce beautiful prints with even higher accuracy. In addition, its 16 printheads arranged in four staggered lines achieve a best-in-class print speed of 800sqm/h.”
Speak to Graphix Supply World to find out more about Mimaki printers.

Mimaki –
Graphix Supply World –
Cape Town: Tel +27 (0) 21 511 5340
Johannesburg: Tel +27 (0) 11 444 9288
Durban: Tel +27 (0) 31 502 6128
24 Hours: Tel +27 (0) 82 455 6333
DATE: 25 April 2016

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Eurotech H-Series 3D Printer

The Afinia H480 printer provides the perfect combination of precision and affordable pricing for your 3D printing needs. The H480 has the added features of Auto-Leveling Platform Calibration and Nozzle Height Detection for fast/easy setup and reliable printing results.

All Afinia H-Series Printers include a 1-year Manufacturers Warranty with an optional 2nd year extended warranty. The 2nd-Year Extended Warranty, extends the life of your machine, trouble free, by covering it for unexpected parts and labor for an additional year. The Extended Warranty may be purchased up to 30 days after the purchase date of your Afinia H480 3D printer.


Auto-Leveling Platform Calibration and Nozzle Height Detection
Build Platform: W:140 x D:140 x H:135mm
Supports: Auto-generated by software
Layer Thickness: 0.15 – 0.40mm
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, Mac OS 10.6 and above
Printer Size: W:245 x D:260 x H:350mm
Printer Weight: 11 lbs
Warranty: 1 year (parts and labor)

Included Accessories
Power Supply and Cable
Auto-Leveling Platform Calibration Tool and Cable
USB Cable
1 Roll Filament (700g), White/Natural-Color
Utility Knife with 6 Blades
Allen Wrench and spare screws
Extruder Wrench
3 Platform Perforated Board
Filament Feeder Tube

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Calandra Textile CMD-1800

The Calandra Multifunction Double Metalnox is specially developed for applying prints on cut / parts located for continuous production.

With his pioneering dual system of protection of felt, it is possible to eliminate the use of kraft paper, they may be reused coils transfers already used for protection of the same.

The CMD Calenders 1800 offer great benefits. Meet some of them:

  • Economy of labor, because does not require removal of the paper, which can reduce the number of players (01 per machine);
  • Maximum use of the paper and sublimation ink within the total area of ​​application;
  • Economics of electricity (maximum output for the same consumption compared to a heat press);
  • Uniformity of temperature, pressure and traction throughout the area of ​​application, thus avoiding 2nd quality pieces;
  • System that prevents contamination of the environment;
  • Reduction in space for stamping (more efficient equipment);
  • Requires no air compressor or compressed air;
  • Gain in quality and color fidelity and detail in high definition, without shadows or spots *;
  • Waiver skilled labor, where the quality of the transfer term will depend on the machine and not the operator;
  • Lets work on cut / parts located and also work on the same machine in continuous tissue;
  • Allows application in all kinds of parts, including large formats, such as towels, flags, etc.

* Considering coils printed transfers through Plotters, such as ePrint MTX Strong .

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Surf the Profit Wave with Graphix Supply World and Mimaki

The brand new JV300 available now from Graphix Supply World

Visitors to Fespa Africa earlier this month were among the first in Africa to witness Mimaki’s latest wide format eco-solvent and sublimation inkjet printer that has just landed on our shores. The JV300 offers speed, quality and flexibility and its compact design and affordable price make it an extremely attractive option. It produces a wide range of applications including outdoor signage, posters, interior decorating and vehicle wrapping. The JV300 delivers outstanding quality output at 1.3 and 1.6 meters wide using new printheads that can easily manage both solvent and water-based inks. The latest Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS3) technology all but eliminates banding in high production mode to create a beautiful print image.

Graphix Supply World invites you to “Surf the Profit Wave” with Mimaki and the JV300. For more information about how the speed and quality of the JV300 can enhance your business, contact Graphix Supply World on the numbers below.

Graphix Supply World

Cape Town: Tel +27 (0) 21 511 5340
Johannesburg: Tel +27 (0) 11 444 9288
Durban: Tel +27 (0) 31 502 6128
24 Hours: Tel +27 (0) 82 455 6333

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The Mimaki JV300-130/160 sets a new international standard in quality, speed and flexibility in wide format ecosolvent and sublimation inkjet printing.

 Graphix Supply World is pleased to announce the exclusive launch of the brand new Mimaki JV300-130/160 at Fespa Africa. Visitors can find the JV300-130/160 at the Mimaki stand H3D26, Hall 3 and will have the unique opportunity to experience live demonstrations of this exciting new product. Fespa Africa, the largest expo of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa, takes place from 2-4 July at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg showcasing the latest print developments in technology, software, consumables and solutions.

The JV300-130/160 is the newest addition to the award-winning JV300 family of eco-solvent inkjet wide format printers and represents yet another step forward in the innovative design for which Mimaki is known and respected.The JV300-130/160 offers customers’ greater speed; quality and flexibility and its compact design and affordable price make it an extremely attractive option. The JV300-130/160 provides a wide range of applications including outdoor signage, posters, interior decorating and vehicle wrapping. These printers produce stunning quality output at 1.3 and 1.6 meters wide, respectively, at up to 105.9 square meters per hour, using brand-new inks and printheads.

These are some of the key enhancements customers can look forward to in the JV300-130/160:

  • Brand-new print heads that can easily manage both solvent and water-based inks for a broad range of wide format printing applications.
  • Two different ink types that support a wide range of materials and applications. This includes:
    • SS21 eco-solvent inks in CMYK, light cyan, light magenta and white. Newly developed inks are also available in orange and light black to extend the color gamut and improve gradation performance. High-density printing and fast drying time enable more throughput and shorter production cycles without blocking or bleeding.
    • Sb53 water-based sublimation inks for printing on textiles, producing bright colors and enabling high-density printing. The ideal print material is polyester, which is used for apparel fabric, sports uniforms, swimsuits and soft signage. The sedimentary degree of the Sb53 ink is lower than a conventional sublimation ink, resulting in a much more stable print without uneven colours.
    • The latest Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS3) technology which is an innovative approach to discharging ink droplets to minimize, or even eliminate, banding in high production mode to create a beautiful print image
    • The ability to lay down a denser layer of solvent white ink, producing excellent opacity and brilliant colors on either transparent or dark/opaque materials.

Newly developed SS21 orange ink, which can be used as a process color to closely match 92% of the PANTONE™ color chart. Thanks to a wider color gamut with orange ink, food freshness can be better simulated and corporate colors can be faithfully represented.

  • New light black inks and superior gray-balance control produce accurate grayscale printing without unexpected color shifts. Smooth, non-grainy skin tones and grayscale gradation are highlights of this new printing capability.

Contact Graphix Supply World

Head Quarters: +27(0) 21 511 5340 or

Johannesburg: +27(0) 11 444 9288

Durban: +27(0) 31 502 6128