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Company Attains Customers Across the Continent with the UJV100-160

GSW and Mimaki

Wall Design is a Johannesburg based wallpaper distributor covering the entire Sub-Saharan Africa. Since its inception in 2004, they have quickly become the largest distributor in the area with the widest selection of wallpapers and exclusive brands. They have a wide range of customers from different industries; mainly distributing to traders and retailers as well as offer installation across the continent.

With Wall Design’s expansion, they have had to produce at high speeds in order to keep-up with growing demands. For this reason, founder Jacques Lombard expressed his appreciation for Mimaki Technology and reliance on their printers efficient qualities. Since buying their very first Mimaki printer from Graphix Supply World (GSW), a South African authorized Mimaki supplier, they have been satisfied ever since. He further said that they heard about GSW through Mimaki Europe and have been using their equipment and efficient services for some time now. 

To date, Wall Designs owns a UJV100-160 and has the printer running 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. It runs smoothly and effectively; making all their day-to-day operations possible. The main usage for the UJV100-160 is to do in-house printing on their own wallpaper base. The UV-LED technology and addition of white inks allows them to use any of their standard wallpapers as digital base, opening up endless creative possibilities. This not only allows Wall Designs to do anything their customers need and want but also ensures only the highest quality and most beautiful prints are created. With this being said, Wall Designs has also been able to add vinyl window graphics to their vast rage of offerings at a later stage. 

The opportunities are truly unlimited with Mimaki Solutions and Graphix Supply World ensures they have constant support to achieve whatever is desired. Jacques reiterated this by saying that GSW service has been fantastic, specifically from one of the leading GSW technicians Andrew Harding, his incredible wealth of experience and customer-first attitude is a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, stating that because GSW is a customer-focused company and not a corporate behemoth – you always get personalized service, you’re not just another number but a priority. 

Overall, the UJV has been the most suitable and relevant to Wall Designs industry. They feel it has all the features they need and more. Having a massive bump in speed which has been highly beneficial – all at a great, solvent-based-machine-beating-price! The company could not be more proud of their printer and haven’t regretted their purchase for a second. 

Wall Designs believes that “at the end of the day, when ordering food at a restaurant, you would never order something you know you wouldn’t eat. Then why should buying a digital printer be any different? That’s why we chose the UJV100-160 – it has exactly the features we need – UV-LED technology, blazing fast print speeds and low investment cost, all without increasing the purchase price by adding features we know we’ll never use. Our printer has been running nearly 24/7 from day one and we’ve not regretted our purchase for a second!

GSW UJV100-160