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Master the art of sign and graphics printing with GSW.

When it comes to high-quality sign and graphics printing, GSW has consistently proven itself as the leading supplier of wide-format printers. Whether you’re in search of an all-in-one solution, a print and cut option, or prefer two separate machines to maximise productivity, Mimaki offers a diverse array of sign and graphics solutions. What sets Mimaki apart is the ability to print on nearly any substrate, thanks to their UV LED and Eco-solvent ink options.


All-in-One Printer & Cutters

Eco Solvent Integrated Machines:

CJV150 Series

The CJV150 Series represents a pinnacle in eco-solvent integrated machines. Offering a seamless fusion of printing and cutting, these versatile printers are designed to optimise operational efficiency. These printers are designed to optimise operational efficiency, with a choice of multiple solvent ink sets. These sets include silver, orange, light black, and white, allowing for enhanced creative possibilities in your designs.


CJV300-160 Plus

For those who demand top-tier performance, the CJV300-160 Plus takes eco-solvent printing and cutting machines to the next level. With its impressive capabilities, this machine can handle the most challenging tasks with ease, delivering professional results.


UV Integrated Machines:

UCJV300 Series

When it comes to UV printing and cutting, the UCJV300 Series offers an outstanding solution. Its combination of UV technology and precision cutting makes it ideal for applications requiring speed and accuracy. The UCJV300 Series is your key to achieving stunning, high-quality results.


UV Printers


This printer opens up new possibilities for printing on various substrates, from glass and metal to plastics. Thanks to its advanced LED-UV technology, same-day order printing and shipping become a reality, with ink that dries rapidly.



Need to take your sign and graphics printing to the next level? The UJV55-320 is designed for wide-format applications, making it ideal for billboards, banners, and oversized signage. With impressive print speeds and the ability to handle various materials, this printer is a true workhorse.


Eco Solvent Printers


With its ease of use and low maintenance, this versatile machine is a great investment for businesses of all sizes. The JV100-160 delivers exceptional quality and durability for outdoor signage, vehicle graphics, and more. With Mimaki’s innovative technology, it’s capable of producing vivid, long-lasting prints.


Cutting Machine

CG-AR Series

For precision cutting, the CG-AR Series is your best bet. This cutter is designed to handle various materials, including vinyl, decals, and stickers, ensuring clean and accurate cuts. When integrated with Mimaki’s printing solutions, it streamlines your workflow, saving both time and resources.


When it comes to creating a lasting impression with your sign and graphics printing, Mimaki is the key to your success. These innovative products offer unique features and applications to elevate your branding and marketing efforts.


With GSW, you can elevate your sign and graphics printing game. Our team is available to guide you to the best solutions for your business. Get in touch with us to experience the difference that quality and precision can make.