Tips To Accelerate Your Printing Process

Tips to optimise and accelerate your printing process.

Printing is a fast-paced industry, and with tight deadlines and high demands, it is essential to optimise your printing process to ensure that you are working as quickly and efficiently as possible. GSW has compiled some simple tips to help you streamline your large format printing.


Clear Communication:

Solid communication lays the foundation for success, and transparent communication between printers and clients is vital. Discussing design aspects, project checkpoints, and turnaround times ensures a synchronised workflow, minimising the chances of misunderstandings and reverts.


Strategic Planning:

Before hitting the print button, meticulous planning is important. We recommend having the digital design complete, specifying colours, media size, and additional steps such as scoring, folding, and die cutting. This proactive approach not only minimises delays but also allows for the establishment of a well-organised timeline . 


Material Readiness:

Efficiency begins with preparation, so make sure to gather all your necessary materials before starting your printing job. With a wide range of media options compatible with Mimaki and EFI printers, you will be sure to find what you are looking for. Using standard sizes, simple designs, and pre-ordered templates often result in faster and more affordable printing


Understanding Timelines:

Large-scale projects inherently demand more time, so be sure to acknowledge the importance of understanding the margin of error. Building flexibility into your timelines accommodates unexpected hurdles, ensuring that even unique media types can be accommodated without compromising project deadlines.


Implementing Automated Flows:

With Mimaki printers offering automated operations, you can streamline repetitive tasks such as switching cartridges when the ink runs out. Reducing manual intervention and minimising the risk of errors not only speeds up the process but also enhances overall accuracy.


Cost-Effective Choices:

Consider budget constraints when selecting materials and designs. This will minimise changes and edits, which speeds up the process and also positions your business for increased profitability. 


UV-LED Technology:

Mimaki’s UV-LED technology is a game-changer in large format printing. The instant curing capabilities of UV-LED inks not only contribute to faster printing speeds but also result in prints that are immediately ready for finishing, reducing overall project timelines. 


Regular Maintenance:

It is important to establish a regular maintenance routine for your Mimaki printers. Periodic cleaning, inspection, and calibration not only extends the lifespan of the printer but ensures consistent and high-quality print output throughout its usage. With GSW’s dedicated after-sales support team, you can rely on expert guidance and assistance for seamless maintenance procedures.


With our range of Mimaki printers, you can be assured of high-speed capabilities without compromising print quality. Discover the transformative power of advanced printing techniques that set your projects apart.

Connect with GSW’s expert support team for guidance in selecting a printer that will meet your printing requirements and support a seamless printing process. With our range of cutting-edge technology, you will be sure to find a printer that meets your specifications.