Why Upgrade To Mimaki

upgrade to mimaki

Selecting a print solution may be different than your other purchases, like a car or a smartphone.

You wouldn’t risk purchasing an expensive smartphone or a car from a manufacturer that you know nothing about, but we see this all the time with printers.

Business owners make quick decisions which cause unnecessary mistakes that end up costing thousands of rands, just because they didn’t do their homework.

Determining what makes a great printer should be step one in the buyer’s journey. So what makes one brand better than the other? Is it the size? Print speed?

Initial investment cost? For many buyers, these characteristics are often the only ones considered during the evaluation and purchase but there’s so much

more to think about, like:

Mimaki benefits

With a Mimaki printer, the return you’ll receive from the reliability and functionality will end up saving you money – and a ton of headaches – in the long run.

You’re about to make a huge purchase for your business.

And it’s probably one that you’re not likely to want to do again in the near future. So instead of just buying the printer with the lowest price tag, invest in a trustworthy partner that will outlast the competition and you’ll really see the value in your purchase.

If you’re curious about how else Mimaki compares to the competition, let us know! We want to hear about your experience with other brands and help you explore the different types of Mimaki models available.

Make the right decision and go for Mimaki!