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In Love with My Mimaki!

G2 Industries mimaki“I am loving my new printer – we have already started using it and we are so excited about the products that it is producing.”

Annamarie from G2 Industries was more than happy to tell us about her recent purchase from GSW.

“We bought the Mimaki JV300- 160 Dye Sublimation Printer two weeks ago and wow, we are already thrilled to see how it can help us to grow our business.”

Based in Johannesburg, G2 Industries has been supplying safe, durable and functional goods to the whole of South Africa for over twenty years now. While the company prides itself on offering a range of products and services to the public, including furniture, bedding, kitchens, bars and aquarium cabinetry, it is the fishing industry that is closest to G2 Industries’ heart.

“I would say that our main client base is the fishing industry. We work with them often and we make all sorts for them. We can make tackleboxes, fishing shirts, anything they need. Now that we have our new printer, we have tried making towels and that has been very successful. We plan on experimenting with more and more goods that clients in this industry will like,” Annamarie says.

The Mimaki JV300- 160 Dye Sublimation Printer is the perfect printer for businesses like G2 Industries to experiment with. It is a large format, high-speed inkjet printer that goes beyond the extraordinary to deliver awe-inspiring applications and versatility. As part of a range that offers an array of innovative features, the JV300 -160 model includes an economical bulk ink system, precision ink drop placement, anti-banding technology and uniform media drying.

“We can now really go above and beyond with our new printer!”

When asked about her experience working with GSW, Annamarie was very complimentary.

“GSW offers an excellent service. They were very helpful, and I felt like I could reach out to them at any point during the setting up of our machine. I would recommend them for sure. Thank you!”

GSW thanks G2 Industries for their business and we look forward to seeing all the new and exciting products they go on to produce.