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A Beautiful Machine

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Arjun from Narsai’s about his company’s recent purchase from GSW.

“It’s a beautiful machine,” he said. “We have worked with the Mimaki range before and we were excited to invest in another one of their machines.”

Narsai’s is a family owned business that was founded seventeen years ago. “We were started by my mother who was passionate about embroidery. She had only a single Brother embroidery machine at home but when she realised that there was a market for her talent, she expanded her hobby until she had her first automated four head machine. We have only continued to grow since then,” Arjun tells us.

Based in Johannesburg, Narsai’s now supplies clients throughout South Africa with high quality products that are designed and created in-house. The business offers a range of specialist services and products, including embroidery, dye-sublimated clothing, screen printing, digital printing and pad printing.

“Our customers love the work that we do, and we really wanted to keep pushing the boundaries.”

An excellent choice, the Mimaki JV300- 160 Dye Sublimation printer is a large format, high-speed inkjet printer that goes above and beyond extraordinary to deliver awe-inspiring applications and utility. As part of a range that offers an array of exciting features, the model that Narsai’s purchased includes an economical bulk ink system, precision ink drop placement, anti-banding technology and uniform media drying. A printer that offers superb quality, color fidelity, throughput and flexibility, companies like Narsai’s will be able to produce goods that exceed customers’ expectations with this purchase.

When asked about his experience working with GSW to secure Narsai’s new printer, Arjun said, “GSW is a pleasure to work with. Their service was great. We really enjoyed our experience with them. Good work!”

For more information about Narsai’s and the work that they do, have a look at their website, http://narsais.co.za/Home/ or contact Arjun directly on +27 73 326 5560.