The Jetcol® Original dye sublimation paper assortment of Neenah Coldenhove can be characterised by its diversity. In paper thickness, roll widths, its ability to handle ink quantities without cockling. Still, one characteristic remains a constant: high quality. Jetcol® HTR3100 and Jetcol® HTR3000 are no exception. They are both designed to be an all-round sublimation transfer paper, easy to handle and with an excellent performance.

Because of the popularity of Jetcol®, Neenah Coldenhove anticipates a continued sales increase in the future. For this reason the Jetcol® production is expanded to a second paper machine with additional capacity, made suitable for sublimation transfer paper. Jetcol® HTR3100 is produced on this modernised machine and will more and more replace Jetcol® HTR3000 with a maximum width of 240cm.

All widths under 240cm of Jetcol® HTR3000 will be phased out gradually and is planned to stop the 1st of September. Jetcol® HTR3000 will still be available in width 240cm up to 320cm.

The production of Jetcol® HTR3100 has started in 2017. Testresults have shown a better runnability and a higher drying speed. Customers have confirmed the conclusions of Neenah Coldenhove that Jetcol® HTR3100 at least equals the characteristics and quality of the Jetcol® HTR3000 product at matching costs.