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Felxibility, Timeliness & Cost Savings

CEO Mattia Brunazzi decided to invest in a digital solution of colour label printers that could allow him to print professional labels on demand. He knew the brand Primera from a fair four years ago, but only in recently he is convinced of the need to introduce this solution into the company.

We are a family company of cosmetic products for face and body, producing a few hundred pieces at time. Until today we have been turning to a printing press, with very long delivery times, minimum order quantities and consequent high warehouse costs and waste of unused labels,“ says Mr. Brunazzi. „Today, however, thanks to Primera’s LX1000e Colour Label Printer we can print only the labels we need in that time. Just this morning we prepared a customised supply for a pharmacy, printing 12 labels for a single product, quickly and economically,” he continues.

Finally, these days we have received a request for products from a customer from China and we are preparing custom labels in Chinese. Before we could never have satisfied this request!

The printer has been placed in the office and is used daily for the production of labels. It has been defined as an intuitive machine, easy to use, but like all technological tools, it needs practice to be able to make the most of its potential.

Asked what the advantages in these first months of use are Mr. Brunazzi directly answered: “Flexibility, timeliness and above all a huge costs saving, in terms of inventory and waste. We bought the printer with the intention of using it only for customisation, but we immediately understood that it was cheaper to produce internally the labels of all our products, because the print quality is excellent and the costs contained. The only drawback: it is a bit ‚boring’ to change the roll every time, unfortunately we have many different formats, but it would be with any printer!

When talking about prices and investments there is always a little fear of the answer, but it was very positive instead: “Honestly I didn’t give much importance to the price of the printer, but I paid attention to the quality of printing and the countless advantages practical and economic that would have led to the company,” Mr. Brunazzi answers with serenity.