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ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator Launching in Africa


Graphix Supply World today announced their partnership with ROLLSROLLER®, a patented and proven technology for flatbed mounting and lamination. More than 8 000 sign-makers worldwide are using ROLLSROLLER® daily for efficient sign making and print finishing.

Rollsroller AB is the leading manufacturer and supplier of products and services for flatbed laminators. The company has the proprietary and patented ROLLSROLLER® Flatbed Applicator recognised internationally. ROLLSROLLER® Flatbed applicator poses a technological shift in the sign and printing industry. The company has grown rapidly and established sales in more than 40 countries through an efficient distribution system and business concepts.


ROLLSROLLER FLATBED APPLICATORS COMES IN A wide range of models specially designed to give you multiple options. We want everybody to find their ideal Flatbed Applicator. We offer a wide selection of sizes and prices and many add-on options. It all depends on your needs. What size signs or prints do you work with? What media widths do you use? What do you need to make your work even easier? What are your future needs? In addition, we can customise the Flatbed Applicator to suit your needs. We have created many unique Flatbed Applicators in consultation with our customers.

There’s a ROLLSROLLER for everyone – and if your model doesn’t exist, we can create it.

You can now place your orders with GSW in Africa!