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Mimaki SWJ-320EA – A revolutionary latest-generation printer

Mimaki SWJ

Mimaki and GSW will be launching the new Mimaki SWJ-320EA at Fespa Africa on Wednesday 11 September 2019 at the Gallagher CC  on stand D21-43, hall 3,  – a revolutionary latest-generation plotter with a width of 3.2 m with a unique ratio of affordable price, highest quality and reliability, which replaced the legendary model  SWJ-320 S4 . The plotter is equipped with new high-speed printheads that provide resolutions up to 1200 dpi and photorealistic image quality thanks to variable droplet volume technology. The new plotter has amazing performance and allows you to print at speeds up to 137 square meters. m / hour. Mimaki’s most innovative features – compensation for inter-pass errors, replacing bad nozzles, unique media feeding / reeling and heating systems – are now available in this ultra-wide format plotter.

The functionality of the  Mimaki SWJ-320EA  makes it possible to use this plotter for printing large-format graphics for almost any purpose for the street and interior, including POS materials, wide-format banners and posters, billboards, firewalls, banners, window-dressing, transport and floor graphics. For printing, a wide variety of coated and non-coated materials can be used – self-adhesive PVC films, photo paper, Blue-back billboard paper, films for interior lighting, banner materials, PVC stretch ceilings.

The technical and operational qualities of the  Mimaki SWJ-320EA plotter  make it possible to produce any interior decoration elements – designer photo murals, “stucco” murals, stretch ceilings, art reproductions on canvas. By purchasing this multifunctional plotter, companies specialising in the field of decoration and interior design get at their disposal a universal tool for providing additional exclusive services.

Features of the solvent plotter Mimaki SWJ-320EA

  • Stunning performance – up to 137 sq. m / hour.
  • Ultra wide format printing with interior quality. The maximum resolution is 1200 dpi.
  • Low ink consumption, low cost of prints.
  • A wide selection of print modes to meet existing print quality and cost requirements.
  • A high-speed printing unit with four staggered printheads.
  • The technology of variable droplet volume guarantees the reproduction of smooth gradient transitions and the absence of a visible raster.
  • Failure Nozzle Replacement (NRS) is an innovative solution for trouble-free, high-quality printing.
  • MAPS4 function to compensate for inter-pass errors and guarantee high quality prints without stripes and colour unevenness even at high speed.
  • Adjustable print head heights.
  • Mimaki CS100 solvent-based inks in four-colour CMYK configuration at an affordable price.
  • Ink supply system from 3 litre containers.
  • The versatility of ink in relation to carrier materials.
  • Powerful feeding / reeling systems as standard, designed to work with heavy rolls, provide constant web tension across the entire area regardless of the changing weight of the rolls.
  • The presence of a highly efficient three-stage carrier heating system with independent temperature control in each zone.
  • The function of simultaneous printing on two rolls.
  • Ready-made technological solution for printing on PVC ceilings (optional).
  • Multifunctional control panel with multilingual support for easy parameter setting and control. High performance USB 2.0 and Ethernet 1000BASE-T interfaces.
  • High reliability of the plotter, ease of operation and maintenance.
  • The most competitive price among models of this class. Low initial investments and daily expenses; quick return on investment.