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“Mimaki is the Best Since I’ve Been in the Industry”

PowerHouse Media and Projects, a locally based company in Sebokeng, Gauteng recently acquired their second Mimaki CJV150-160 from Graphix Supply World’s Johannesburg branch.

PowerHouse Media pride themselves in offering great services to their clients around South Africa. They assist with more than just corporate branding and web graphics but also provide their clients with unique, full service graphic design and printing with state-of-the-art printing processes guaranteeing spectacular outcomes every time. Their portfolio consists of Signage and Branding, Road Signs and Safety Audit, Steel Container Fabrication and Web Development.

Images of some of the prints he’s done on the Mimaki CJV150-160

PowerHouse Media and Projects Mimaki CJV150-160 application

We had the pleasure of speaking with owner and founder, Zakes Moeletisi who shared with us the reason he got into the print industry, “when I was at school, I loved art…one of my first jobs I was in security, while working there I had an idea to start a printing company but I had no experience or funds. Later I got the opportunity to work for Visual Direct as a production manager who gave me the skill set I needed to start and run a business”. By 2013 he started PowerHouse media and admits it was a long and difficult journey “I only had a laptop to start off with, working from my kitchen”. Six years later he now has eight staff members.


We asked Mr. Moeletisi why he specifically bought the Mimaki and not any other brand, he claims “Mimaki is the best, since I’ve been in the industry. Ten years ago I went to an expo and met with the sales team from GSW and the sales rep was wonderful, patient and understanding. I didn’t have any money at that stage but when we were ready, we went back to Graphix Supply World and bought our first Mimaki CJV150-160 in 2016. But prior to buying, we would outsource a lot of our work to print shops that only used Mimaki so we were aware of the brand Mimaki.”  Overall Zakes says “the GSW team are really great and helpful, especially the tech guys.”

Mr Moeletisi states they are in the process of starting a magazine to promote township businesses and other suppliers like GSW so if you are looking at promoting your business contact Zakes!

For more information on PowerHouse Media and Projects, check out their website: www.powerhousemedia.co.za