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Core Technologies that deliver the ultimate image quality

The development of Core Technologies, including Mimaki’s Advanced Pass System and Waveform Control Technology, make the difference by delivering the ultimate in image quality and spectacular print as standard.

Mimaki’s Core Technologies are specifically engineered to assist print operators in two broad areas; ensuring stable production and delivering high image quality. A series of innovative and proprietary features result in empowering users to deliver unsurpassable image quality – a reputation Mimaki is understandably proud of.

It’s no secret that high image quality is a given at Mimaki – we take it as standard that our machines deliver the very pinnacle of output quality day in, day out. So it’s always at the front of our minds. It’s this desire that’s driven our technical team to develop a whole list of exclusive technologies that together ensure your work speaks for itself when it comes to quality.

“We build in a raft of Core Technologies that focus on helping our customers to deliver premium image quality with the minimum of fuss,” says Bert Benckhuysen, Senior Product Manager at Mimaki Europe. “Years of experience developing cutting edge print solutions has enabled the technology to trickle down so that even our ‘entry level’ products benefit from features such as Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS) and Waveform Control Technology (WCT) that help deliver these spectacular results.”

MAPS and WCT are just two of the Core Technologies, that together with the likes of Variable Dot Printing, determine how ink is placed on the substrate and maximise the control over dot placement, shape and size to create smooth, vibrant and high-density print. Mimaki’s use of high precision piezo-electric print heads assures users of consistent and reliable output and the addition of the Core Technologies exploits it to its maximum. With a seamless workflow from design creation through to RIP, printing and cutting, these Core Technologies work away in the background to assist the user in producing the highest quality output.

textile application

“We’re proud of our reputation at Mimaki for empowering our customers to deliver beautiful printed output,” continues Benckhuysen. “The development of imaging Core Technologies is key to this and with many of the technologies featuring across our range of print devices, price is now no barrier to output quality.”

With all printers offering a range of operator-led settings for print quality, output speed and imaging, Mimaki’s Core Technologies provide the opportunity for print operators to assess a job and choose specific options to suit its precise requirements. “With Mimaki printers able to output to a vast array of substrates, ranging from paper or self-adhesive vinyl to non-flat or textured objects such as metal and glass, it’s never been more important to be able to assist operators in their quest for the ultimate in imaging quality,” concludes Benckhuysen. “Mimaki’s unique appreciation of print companies’ day-to-day requirements has resulted in innovative and practical inbuilt technology that make the difference.”