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A Multi Function Calender From Metalnox

A new equipment version, much more agile and totally adequate for better ergonomics of the operator, the eCMD450 Calender is a product with 100% Brazilian technology which is totally developed and manufactured by Metalnox.

With the ability to sublimate continuous transfer and fabrics, cut fabrics and continuous transfer or cut transfer and fabrics, the new eCMD450 Calender also allows to monitor the temperature, thus avoiding damages to the felt.

The eCMD450 Calender has a High economy system, the exclusive Metalnox system, which is the most economical in the world, with a 14.2 kW/h consumption

With thermal cylinder of 450mm diameter and 1.90m total length, it is possible to obtain 75%  usage of its area.

Another important differential of this new version is the possibility of automatic initialisation: it can be defined by days of the week or by a specific date and time.

With economy and agility as the cornerstones of the design, the eCMD450 Calender comes with a direct pressure cylinder on the felt, allowing greater colour impregnation in the fabric, giving a perfect result.

A robust industrial machine designed to be continuously working and with the higher economy.

The setup of the equipment is done in a simple and practical way, since it does not have locking latches or manual adjustments.

Every Metalnox equipment also has 1 year warranty on the equipment – when purchased new*.



  • Larger contact area (better use of the thermal cylinder, with a higher “embrace” of the cylinder by the felt).
  • Smart felt alignment system, pneumatically operated.
  • Pneumatic felt tensioning system.
  • Self-aligning tensioning of the drive chains, for better accuracy, smooth operation and system durability.
  • Modular glass working table with possibility of customisation
  • Illumination under glass table
  • For faster process, it is possible to program recipes according to the operator’s needs.
  • Cylinder with hard chrome coating for high durability with 450mm diameter and total length 1.9m, with 75% of perimeter utilisation area.
  • Mechanical speed from 1 to 6 meters/minute
  • Double resistance system for higher energy savings.
  • Scheduling System for automatic initialisation, it can be set by days of the week or by a specific date and time.
  • Automatic shut-off system that monitors the temperature and effectively shuts off when the temperature is low enough to prevent damage to the felt.
  • Conveyor belt with exit at the back of the machine, avoiding operator fatigue and tiredness and bringing better ergonomics to the operation.
  • Direct pressure cylinder on the felt for deeper colour impregnation.
  • The Better set up performance in the market, reducing labor costs and direct costs.

*Ts and Cs do apply.