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This week we had a brief chat with Faizel Van Oudtshoorn, the owner of XXL Brand Solutions, situated in Woodstock, Cape Town.  While XXL has been around for over 30 years and Faizel, himself, has been in the driver’s seat for that long, they have traded under a few different names over the years.


No matter the name changes, XXL has built up a great business supplying digital printing, display units, billboards and vehicle branding to the greater retail area of Cape Town and surrounds.  Faizel says that besides being heavily involved in retail they often work on projects for exhibitions, where they manufacture and supply branded screens, display boards and any other type of material required.


With the Mimaki JFX200-2513 flatbed printer, they purchased around a year ago from Graphix Supply World, they have been spreading their wings a bit in terms of the type of platforms they have been printing on.  The JFX200-2513 can pretty much print on any hard surface and this has opened up more doors for XXL.  The fact that it can print onto any substrate 50 mm hard surface means they can cover a bigger percentage of the market now.


While they have had similar machinery in the past, they are finding that the GSW quality of equipment is the most durable and reliable.   They plan to stay in this niche area of printing for a long time and hope that GSW will be their partner going forward.


The purchase of the JFX200-2513 has made a substantial increase in their profit margins and they hope to keep it going on this level.


Faizel has known Rob, the owner at GSW, for over 20 years and likes his business model.  When it came to the ordering and delivery process, GSW surpassed his expectations.


When asked why he chose GSW over the other suppliers for this particular machine, Faizel said he did his homework, had experienced other similar makes, but having had a GSW machine in the past, knew that it was a quality addition to his business.  In addition, the salesman was knowledgeable and helped him make the right choice in the end.


The Mimaki JFX200-2513 flatbed printer falls under GSW’s entry-level large format printing and graphics offering.  Affordable, easy to use and with a large range of different inks the JFX200-2513 will see you creating all sorts of substrates.  Within an hour you can have printed up to 25 metres on materials ranging up to 2,500 x 1,300 mmm and right up to 50 mm thick.


For more info on XXL Print and all that they have to offer, please link up to their website or contact Faizel Van Oudtshoorn direct on T: 021 4470215 / EMAIL:


And to find out more about the Mimaki JFX200-2513 flatbed printer purchased by XXL Brand Solutions, take a look at GSW’s website – their EMAIL – or make direct contact via one of their various branches.
Cape Town: +27(0)21 511 5340
Johannesburg: (011) 444 9288
Durban: 031 502 6128
We thank Faizel and his team at XXL Brand Solutions for considering Graphix Supply World for their branding needs and are looking forward to seeing their growth going forward.

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