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In a recent article, Steve Bennett, Esko Vice President of US Central Region Sales, describes how a great many print service providers are considering the wide format business. “At the moment, viable options (in wide format) include, in addition to signs and displays: Packaging, direct mail, labels and printed collateral. It’s important to understand how these forms of output contribute to the product buying decision. Typically, signs, direct mail and printed collateral contribute to exposure, motivation and recognition of needs toward a product. These lower-value tools contribute to 30 percent of the buying decision. But research has demonstrated that 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase. “


He continues, “the two primary applications for digital POP and point-of-sale are for POP/instore displays and promotional packaging. According to IT Strategies, POP/in-store displays represent 70 to 80 percent of demand. These 2D and 3D displays, typically in corrugated and foam board, are printed, on average, in medium runs of about 300 pieces per job. As we know, the demand for these is growing. Combining the interest in POP and packaging is promotional packaging, which represents 15 to 25 percent of in-store demand. These 3D, corrugated displays of one to 500 pieces per job are common and growing in demand. All major large format print vendors are targeting packaging and POP with their production presses.”


Bennet notes that “POP displays are purchased by mass retailers, brand owners, other retailers — restaurants, hotels, movie theatres and museums, and agencies such as advertising, promotion, PR and marketing. According to surveys conducted by Esko, there is certainly additional value to POP materials that exceed two-dimensional rectangular shapes.” Prices charged and margins achieved increase dramatically according to the complexity of the task, whether a contour piece is one, two or three-dimensional and the level of creative design involved. He explains that we should “Understand that creative design is far more than graphics — it includes structural design, testing for integrity, and other responsibilities.”


Bennet suggests that in order to best increase revenue, businesses should focus on


• Temporary in-store displays and promotional packaging

• Retail and manufacturers/brand owners

• Green ink and media

• Corrugated and foam board

• Two-dimensional contour and three-dimensional designs

• 550 units or less; and

• Two-day turnaround


He concludes that “companies that will maintain successful, profitable, growing businesses will focus on high-value projects, which means experimenting with new substrates and building 3D design-print-cut workflows. The necessary tools are design and prepress software able to coordinate digital UV inkjet printer technology and versatile digital finishing. Those companies that are innovative enough to build these workflows and hunt for early adopters — brand owners who are ready to take advantage of three dimensional displays — will find the rewards are significant.”


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