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Label Printing as Easy as “One, Two, Three”


It needn’t take an IT specialist or professional designer to print full-colour product labels. Primera’s Touch ‘n Print Solution is designed with small businesses in mind, those who value the flexibility and cost-saving of creating labels in house. With Primera’s new Touch’n’Print solution the process of creating and printing a label is straight forward and fast, as easy as “One, Two, Three”.


  1. Select a pre-designed label layout
  2. Choose or type in additional content, graphics or a database record
  3. Press the “Print” button


All three steps are simply executed on the included all-in-one touch screen shuttle PC, no keyboard or mouse necessary. Touch screen applications are easy to use and increase productivity as simplified visual data selection helps the user to print labels faster with less effort.


Integrate third-party production devices and software tools with Touch’n’Print and include data from external sources on your labels. For example, integrate your bar code scanners, weight scales and other hardware and automatically add the bar code or weight to your labels.

Variable label data can come from as many sources as you need. Full serialisation, including alphanumeric serial numbers, custom bar code check digits, global variables, output masks, date/time arithmetic and scripting help you to create complex variables.