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“Marc Burnett of Large Format Review takes a look at the latest Mimaki innovation, the UJV55-320 UV 3.2m superwide.”

“Enter stage left the new Mimaki UJV55-320. It’s a 3.2 metre superwide printer; performance is suitably high for the target audience and at a UK list of £59,995 – the price is ridiculously low for what you’re getting. In a nutshell: good pedigree, good performance and good price.”
“How has this new entry to the superwide sector changed the market though?”
“The Mimaki UJV55-320 is a 3.2 metre wide printer and it’s capable of printing concurrently on twin 1.5m wide rolls installed side by side. It’s a UV printer, cured by the preferable LED, so no drying time. Anyone using an old hard-solvent superwide will be delighted that they no longer have to wait hours for their finished prints to de-gas.”
MIMAKI-UJV55-320 copy
“Ink setup is ether 2 x CMYK for maximum speed, or CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta and white for optimal quality and white-ink versatility. If banner printing is your forte, you’d probably configure in 2 x CMYK for a speed of production that will allow you to produce 110 metres of printed banner an hour. Configured for 2 x CMYK, the quality is still beyond anything your customer could ever reasonably complain about.”

“In short, it’s a Mimaki, so you’ll get reliable performance that delivers exactly what you expect, day in and day out. The simple truth? This is the best value 3.2m superwide on the market right now. Game changer? Yes, absolutely it is.”

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Date: 19 May 2016