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Mimaki has announced the arrival of their JV150-130/160 inkjet printer, a device that offers a wide range of applications, including indoor decorations, posters, shop or event decorations, and vehicle-wrapping. It features two ink types – solvent and water-based sublimation inks – for increased flexibility in addressing a wide array of print applications.


  • SS21 eco-solvent inks for the JV150 Series are available in eight colours including Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black and Orange. SS21 eco-solvent inks are fast-drying and can print on hundreds of media choices.


  • Sb53 dye-sublimation inks are available in Magenta, Blue, Yellow, Black, Light Magenta and Light Blue.


Known for their superior print-image quality, Mimaki’s highly reliable inkjet technology optimises waveform to achieve the precise placement of the ink droplets onto media. MAPS3 reduces banding and uneven colour printing and a three-way intelligent heater system optimises the ink droplets size.

Drawing on Mimaki’s unique expertise and reliable and patented inkjet technologies, the JV150 reproduces beautiful images and does so with high-speed printing up to 56.2 m2/h. Since high-print speed alone cannot improve productivity, the JV150 solves ink and media shortages, clogged nozzles, and other minor problems in order to maintain high-speed printing productivity without interruption.