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Make informed choices in relation to consumed food products thanks to Primera’s labelling solutions

With the rise in consumer consciousness of healthy eating and exactly what is in the food that they eat, there’s no denying the importance of comprehensive ingredient labeling on food products. Consumers following a particular diet programme are urged to read labels carefully and vegan or vegetarian consumers want to know that they are avoiding animal products.


Specialised groceries are often produced in smaller quantities and considering that the minimum order requirement for offset-printed labels is significantly higher than those production quantities, specialised products are often labelled incompletely or unprofessionally. Professionally labelled products have a distinct advantage and stand a far higher chance of being purchased.


Primera’s label printers with their high-resolution print engine offer the perfect solution. Thedesktop printer LX900e with a print resolution of up to 4800 dpi allows professional printing of individual full-colour labels and therefore enables you to respond quickly to customer needs. In addition, the LX900e protects the environment by utilising separate ink cartridges. Hence, only the cartridge that is empty needs to be replaced instead of the entire cartridge set, saving money on every printed label and preventing the waste of ink if label designs use more of one colour than another.


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