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The Afinia R635 is a high-speed, laser label printer that offers a durable print with consistent colour. Designed for mid-range and industrial printing, the R-Series offers cost-savings by bringing label printing in-house. With the R-Series, brand owners do not have to purchase large amounts of pre-printed label inventory and can print the quantities they need, on-demand. The R635 prints at 9.14 meters/min and uses a single pass 4-colour LED process to produce a 1200x600dpi image.

The R635 prints widths of up to 209.3 mm and lengths of up to 213.4 metres. Substrates printed on include self-adhesive label stock, die-cut label stock, tag stock, approved films and approved synthetics.

Printing on demand creates new opportunities for profit allowing you to ship orders the same day, because you will never having to wait for label deliveries. It also saves money by eliminating the need to purchase more labels than you require, just to satisfy minimum order quantities. Printing labels as you need them reduces waste and is environmentally responsible.