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Please don’t fall victim to purchasing the wrong machine just because you think it is cheap. A word of caution from the experts in the printing industry.

Rob Franco MD of Graphix Supply World who has over two decades of expertise in the printing industry, and sadly, has seen sheer heart ache with a number of his clients who have made the terrible mistake of purchasing a Chinese printer. Herewith a couple of reasons why not to buy a Chinese printer.

Poor engineering. Understanding that they are not engineers but rather the middle man.

Parts for your equipment are cheap and unreliable, once your warranty has expired you won’t get parts at all.

The inks provided, if they have ink, are not their own and come from outside their factories.

Machine components are substandard and not built on an allying enemy.

Their inks don’t work on some of the substrates such as Korex.

The white inks are not fully opaque making it virtually impossible to print double images with white in the middle.

Their machines cannot be upgraded for cutting when you aren’t utilizing the machine. We find there are always dissatisfied customers with this.

Inks are never consistent; on occasion they work but most time the colours are not the same which forces production to use far more inks.

Because they don’t manufacture their own inks, prices are never stable.

All machines use four times more ink than they are supposed to because of a). pore capping and cleaning design; b). endless purging and wastage of inks to keep the heads flushed and nozzle free.

The price of GSW inks is consistent as we will forever supply Mimaki inks linked to an exchange rate

If you are one of the unfortunate ones to have purchased a Chinese printer, then join our “Unhappy customer blog” and call GSW now if you would like to upgrade to Mimaki engineering.

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