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Seatbelt Medic specialises in automotive safety accessories, its top-line product sharing the name of the company. The Seatbelt Medic is a Medi-Wallet designed to carry two information cards, one containing an individual’s medical particulars such as his/her medical aid scheme, blood group and prescribed medication, and the other containing the individual’s photograph and next of kin details. It is attached to a motor vehicle’s seatbelt, and in the event of an accident, it makes the job of a paramedic easier, saving precious time. It was designed, patented and developed about two years ago. The company also manufactures safety flags for trailers (designed to keep the driver aware that the trailer is attached to the vehicle).

Previously, Seatbelt Medic had been outsourcing to a number of service providers but time and cost created the necessity to do everything in-house, from moulding to branding and packaging. To do this, the company purchased a Mimaki UJF 3042HG, which brands the company’s Seatbelt Medic and flag products. It was bought based on its ability to print on a versatility of materials, including polyester, plastic, Perspex, glass, timber, steel and tiles. Business founder Shawn Garrett said that the company also outsources the machine for all other types of corporate branding.

According to Garrett, the machine can brand up to 15 Seatbelt Medic units in the space of four minutes – this equates to 225 units per hour, and 1800 units over an eight hour shift. ’Since purchasing the machine, we have sped up our production process and improved our turn-around times. Not only are we saving a lot of time, but money too. We were previously contracting the branding out, and the costs were astronomical. The quality and full colour branding of the Mimaki UJF 3042 is absolutely amazing, and in my opinion is second to none.’

‘The service from GSW was absolutely phenomenal, they have been there for us from day one,’ added Garrett. ‘We were given a demonstration and were shown exactly what the machine was capable of. I am very happy with the purchase, and look forward to working closely with GSW for many years to come.’

GSW Sales Director Darryl Braithwaite commented, ‘When I showed Shawn what the costs of outsourcing their printing were, they realised that it was vital that they bring printing in-house. Not only were the savings on ink and print costs important, but so was the control over their workflow and delivery times. Not being at the mercy of an independent printer factored into them purchasing the Mimaki UJF 3042.’

‘Seatbelt Medic have purchased state of the art equipment that is ideally suited to what they need to do, and what they intend to accomplish. It also opens up plenty more additional avenues, and the scope for growth is immense. Seatbelt Medic have now placed themselves in the elite field of promotional and direct to object printing, and with any new products they launch, they are well-placed to capitalise on them immediately,’ added Braithwaite.