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Manufactured in Sweden, Re-board is a rigid paperboard with a unique engineered fluted core that comes in two versions, Premium and Basic. Re-board is incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally strong.

Re-board has good planar flatness and provides thermal insulation and protection from different environmental conditions. Premium Re-board has an embedded moisture barrier that protects the core. Its physical properties remain unchanged in humid conditions. Re-board is durable, contains no harmful components and is form stable. Crucially, water-based adhesives are utilised, so Re-board can be recycled as paper, in normal waste paper streams found throughout the world.

The unique engineered fluted core enables a Re-board sheet to be rapidly cut into any conceivable shape. Re-board can be digitally printed or finished with decorative laminates to achieve stunning results. A flame retardant version is available upon request. Re-board is the most versatile board material available today and uniquely responds to the market need for function and form, coupled with sustainability.

Re-board Premium

Stora Enso have invested extensively in the Re-board production process resulting in a vastly improved Re-board paperboard that is now stronger, lighter and more form stable than before. We call this product Re-board Premium. Re-board Premium still utilises the exclusive, high quality PE embedded liner as before. The improvements and automation of the process has enhanced the product and driven efficiencies leading to cost savings.

Re-board Basic

The improvements in the Re-board production process facilitate rapid component change-over. By utilising a common liner of 325g and alternative water-based glue, Stora Enso have extended their product portfolio and now offer an alternative Rigid Paperboard called Re-board Basic. Re-board Basic is produced on the same machine as Re-board Premium and therefore benefits from the identical engineered core, process and quality assurance. Re-board Basic is priced to combat the inferior rigid paperboards entering the market without compromising on quality, service or any other of their unique offerings.

Graphix Supply World offers Re-board together with the printing and cutting solutions to converters.