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Post BREXIT- the business outlook is still good at Blackman & White. Now that we’ve all now had a few days to adjust to the groundbreaking news that Britain has voted to leave the EU, what does this mean for our customers?

We asked our MD Alex White to comment on what Britain post-Brexit means for his company and customers.

“First things first, let’s all keep calm, be confident – and carry on. The future is bright and our economy is strong. As a British manufacturer we design and engineer all of our machine components in the UK. This means that post Brexit, though the Euro has dropped against the pound significantly, our prices remain at the same competitive level for our UK customers.

What this means for our European and overseas customers is that their prices have actually dropped, meaning there’s never been a better time for buying British, with an 8% reduction in price for our overseas customers simply because of the strengthening of the Euro and the Dollar.”

“Essentially, buying your quality engineered cutter from Blackman & White today is the same as yesterday, it’s business as usual.”

Local politicians joined in the debate for an independent Britain and their argument is that British companies will now be encouraged to tender for British contracts as opposed to having to follow EU guidelines for an all-inclusive European tender process.

Alex continued, “We see this as a big advantage to UK manufacturers and there will be opportunities for British companies to thrive. We are confident in our company and product offerings and optimistic for the future in a stronger, fairer market. We want to tell our customers across industries including Sign, Display, Graphics, Marine and Composites, that Blackman and White is positive about the future and it’s business as usual.”

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