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Digital Express Upgrade to Mimaki TX300-1800


Dale, from Digital Express, was more than happy to tell us about the excellent experience that he recently had with GSW. “You know, I’ve been dealing with GSW for nearly a decade now and we have fostered a very strong relationship. We’ve been working together from the day I opened my business and their service has always been top quality. I know I can rely on them.”


Digital Express was founded ten years ago and has gone on to become one of the biggest and most reputable printing companies in Cape Town. The company specialises in digital and textile printing and counts some of the biggest names in South Africa, including Puma, Pick and Pay Clothing and Primi Piatti Restaurant Group, as clients. An owner driven business, Digital Express is committed to delivering personalised service, open communication, team work and impeccable service delivery.


With textile printing being one of the company’s main focuses, Dale Clay and his team were looking to upgrade their equipment last month and turned to GSW for help. “We wanted a machine that could print directly onto the garments, a machine that would work well and deliver the best quality. GSW suggested that we try the Mimaki TX300P wide format direct-to-textile printer, and, from what I can tell, it was a great recommendation that is going to serve us well!”


The Mimaki TX300P-1800 direct-to-garment textile printer includes many features found in high-end direct-print models, but with a lower cost-of-ownership model that is suitable for users creating samples or short-run pieces. This model is engineered exclusively for direct-to-fabric printing. It includes new print heads with a high gap setting that enables printing on thick or thin textiles, plus woven patterns or raised fibre surfaces, while maintaining accurate ink droplet placement. Mimaki original inks are specifically designed for exceptional colour reproduction onto natural or synthetic fibres for producing flags, banners, fashion textiles, performance sportswear, interior décor and more.

When asked about his latest experience dealing with GSW, Dale said, “They continue to keep me happy as a customer. They have been great with setting the machine up- their staff really know what they are doing and are a pleasure to deal with. I know if I need assistance, I can call at any time and someone will be available to help. They offered the best prices for the equipment too and even had brilliant rental terms in place, should we have wanted to take that route. If I had to rate GSW, I would definitely give them a ten out often.”

GSW is proud to hear such fantastic feedback and thanks Digital Express for their business.

You can find out more about Digital Express by visiting their website at or contacting Dale directly on +27 (82) 7823525.

To find out more about the TX300P-1800 machine from Mimaki that Dale and his team recently purchased, go to GSW’s website,, or email Alternatively, you can call one of the various branches across South Africa and speak to an agent.

Cape Town: 021 511 5340

Johannesburg: 011 444 9288

Durban: 031 502 6128

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Add Extra Shine to Your Labels

Primera-Extra-Shine-LabelsPrimera Europe recently launched the new FX500e Foil Imprinter.

New Feature: Print Head Cools Down Automatically
Printing will stop until the print head cools to normal printing temperature. Once it completes, the printer will automatically resume the printing tasks sent previously. Compared to the FX400e, the FX500e can work almost unattended. As soon as the printer overheats, it stops the print job. This means that all labels are printed in the same quality and no waste is produced.

Darkness and Speed Settings
For the best printing results with Clear Foil we have determined the following settings. We always recommend to test these settings by yourself as well.

Full Bleed Print
Full bleed printing is not a problem, but please note the following:
Size. It might help to increase the height and/or width of the page/label size in the Options tab a little bit. Then adapt the size of the image to fit the new larger page/label size.
Top Adjustment. Decrease the top adjustment by approximately 2mm (0.08″). This will cause the printer to start printing before the label and ensures a fully printed label.
Attention: Too much over bleeding will cause the printer to skip labels, due to the fact that it stops printing too late to sense the next label.

Advantages of FX500e and Clear Foil:

  • Economical laminating solution for short-run on-demand label printing.
  • Resistance to water and water-based cleaning products.
  • Resistance to common solvents like alcohol and oils.
  • Increased scratch and fade resistance for longer image life and bar code scannability.

Watch the video here

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Aristo Traffic Sign Cutter


Traffic Sign Cutter Aristomat® impresses with its functional design and concentration on the basic essentials: a from all sides freely accessible work surface and extremely robust traverse bridge with minimal protruding at the sides. Powerful AC-servomotors and the modern CAN-Bus-steering technique enable the high throughput.

Powerful vacuum technique

Up to 54 controllable vacuum zones hold even the smallest of remnants safely on the work surface.

Simple operating

With the easy-to-use operable ARISTO software CutterControlPanel available in many languages, the Traffic Sign Cutter is controlled via PC. The windows user interface offers the user all graphical informations of the cutting data. With a mobile control pad essential functions such as navigation or setting the origin allow an effective operation.

Tool head

Combinable single and multi-functional tool heads offer the possibility of a varied choice of materials to process.

This variety of possibilities for material processing can be supplemented with the automatic measuring system AutomaticEye and the providing of data via mobile barcode reader.

Material transport

To automate the processing, the machines can be supplemented with a revolving conveyor, a powered unwinding device for continual material transportation of roll materials and a winding device. The machines also be converted to ProductionLineCutters (PLC) with integrated loading and/or unloading table.

intertraffic_aristo_2Ultrasonic Cutting Device UCD35K

A specially designed tool for the high standards of cutting reflective vinyl, when it is important to seal edges. The UCD35K cuts and seals the edges in one work process.

AutomaticEye System

The intelligent camera system with integrated color camera and reflection suppression enables quick and exact cutting of printed patterns, even of large areas with complex cutting contours. Cutting data from a plot file is allocated to the printed pattern by using freely placeable reference marks printed on the pattern.

Pneumatic Cutting Device 2T

This tool head is particularly suited for tough and stiff material, such as laminates or reflective vinyl, which shall be cut and die cut in one operation. Two separately controllable cutting depths can be adjusted directly at the blade holder.

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Dome Goes ‘All In’ with Purchase of EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340 and VUTEk 5r Presses


Dome, a commercial print solutions provider recently purchased EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340 soft signage and VUTEk 5r roll-to-roll printers. The new high-volume inkjet printers are to be installed in Dome’s newly renovated facility by the end of this year.

The purchase is part of a strategic re-invention of the company that also includes merging several locations into the new facility, as well as opening new company sales offices. The two new presses will replace three models from various manufacturers; once installed, Dome’s superwide-format inkjet graphics operation will exclusively use EFI printers.

A complete solution for high-volume out-of-home graphics 

“We are going into uncharted waters for our company, and we don’t need a vendor, we need a partner to help us succeed.” said Dome President Misha Pavlov. “It’s a strategic move, for sure — EFI has invested in us, and us in them.”

Those uncharted waters include expanding Dome’s offerings into out-of-home (OOH) graphics work. “I think the 5r was compelling to get into OOH,” noted Dome Chief Marketing Officer Bob Poole. “It is a space we have demand in, but that we currently don’t occupy. This is our response to customer demand, and it brings new capability to the company.”

The 5-meter wide VUTEk 5r model is designed to be the industry’s most technically advanced LED roll-to-roll production offering, and has the highest speed and resolution in its class, offering superior quality using EFI UltraDrop Technology 7-picoliter print heads. Dome’s printer includes a complete, integrated production workflow with value-added options, including an inline finishing system for all-in-one printing, x-cutting, slitting and collecting; ID backprinting; double-sided printing; additional white and light colors; and a vacuum table for rigid substrates.

Sustainability, quality and value with reusable soft signage

Dome’s new, 3.4-meter wide VUTEk FabriVU 340 printer meets growing customer demand for textile soft signage. Dome is pursuing the print industry’s Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership, and soft signage also fits well with the company’s effort to expand environmentally friendly solutions.

“The VUTEk FabriVU printer gives our customers a greener option with graphics that can be re-used rather than displayed once and thrown away,” Poole said. “Fabric can be rolled into anything and shipped inexpensively where it needs to go, and then the customer can pop it in a frame on site.”

The new soft signage printer was developed with the advanced textile imaging technology knowledge base that EFI Reggiani – a global leader in industrial textile imaging – has established over the past 70 years. Printing in ultra-high resolutions up to 2,400 dpi using EFI aqueous dye sublimation inks, it also has the unique ability to print on transfer paper or direct-to-fabric with the same inkset, saving considerable labor and machine downtime compared to other printers requiring ink changeovers for different substrates.

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Africa’s Beith Digital Tackles Textiles with EFI FabriVU


Beith Digital has established a full soft signage offering for its customers and raised the bar for image quality and productivity with its EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340 printer.

Despite already holding a market-leading position in display graphics, for some time now Beith Digital has seen its existing customer base increasingly in need of soft signage products. It was one type of printing the company couldn’t fully handle, until now. Previously, when a client needed soft signage, the company used an EFI VUTEk LED inkjet printer to print directly onto coated fabric, but that process had some limitations in terms of the types of fabrics Beith Digital could use.

With the 3.4m-wide VUTEk FabriVU printer, Beith Digital now can print on four-way stretch polyester knit fabric, carpet, and other more “traditional” soft signage materials to produce products such as Texflex and sharkfin banners, telescopics, gazebos, event bins, banner walls, A-frames, cubes and stage backdrops.

Speed thrills: VUTEk FabriVU 340 is ‘as reliable as it is fast’

“We knew the deadlines for soft signage were just as challenging as with traditional large-format jobs, so we wanted a machine that could perform as fast as our roll-to-roll VUTEk LED machines,” said Beith Digital Managing Director Devyn Wagner.

It was because of the positive experience Beith Digital had with its existing EFI printers that Wagner didn’t hesitate a moment and went for the VUTEk FabriVU. “EFI’s machines are robust and deliver consistently high quality throughout a run, and we knew the FabriVU was going to be as reliable as it is fast,” he explained.

The printer’s positive impact on the Beith Digital’s business has been immediate. “We have already penetrated the soft signage market as well as the promotional items, flags and gazebos market, and we are seeing some good growth. We were getting 70% of our soft signage business from existing clients, but now we are getting up to 90%,” said Wagner. “We expect to grow even further, for sure.”

With more than 50 years of experience, Beith Digital is recognised as an industry leader in large format digital printing. The company has the digital capabilities to print direct to virtually any type of rigid or roll-fed substrate, from paper to glass and fabric. In November 2004, Techni Ad Digital purchased Beith Digital (Pty) Ltd. in its entirety through K.D. Holdings. The two digital print departments were subsequently joined to become one of the largest digital print facilities in Africa.

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Artswana & Mimaki at Global Expo in Botswana

Mimaki-at-Artswana“Unlocking opportunities for Economic Growth”


The Global Expo is a business-to-business exhibition which is multisectoral in focus. The Exhibition is endorsed by the Government of the Republic of Botswana through the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry. The objective is to offer visitors and exhibitors an opportunity to actively promote their businesses and to stimulate intra-regional business. exchange.

Artswana exhibited the Mimaki CJV150 print / cutter and the Mimaki CG60 cutter from 31 October – 3 November 2017.

If you would like to find out more or are from Botswana and would like to know more about the Mimaki printers and cutters, please email