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Mimaki Makes An Impression on Bildkraft with UV-Multi-Layer Printing

Bildkraft a sign and display provider, creates clever effects for day and night displays, previously impossible to achieve, thanks to the UV inkjet printer UCJV300-160 from Mimaki. Multi-layer printing has clearly increased the intensity of backlit illuminated signs for the company.

One illuminated display, two different images: a panoramic alpine view with mountain tops and a deep green lake by day, a tropical beach with palm trees and foaming surf at night. These are the two magnificent images on an illuminated display that can be changed with a simple flick of a switch. There is no need for any kind of roller mechanism or other elaborate image-changing device. The Mimaki UV inkjet printer UCJV300-160 makes this possible with its multi-layer printing. “We are really impressed with the image display effects that we are able to print using our new Mimaki machine. We have never seen anything like it before”, explains Björn Blum, owner of German sign and display provider, Bildkraft. As an expert in advertising technology, he speaks from experience.

He has been printing and cutting wide-format images exclusively on the new Mimaki UV inkjet printer since the beginning of May 2018, having chosen the seven-colour version with CMYK, light cyan, light magenta and white in order to be able to offer backlit effects for illuminated signs on a whole new quality level. The company took action when its previous inkjet printer from another manufacturer was starting to wear down. What remained on the shortlist was a latex printing solution and the UV-curing inkjet printer from Mimaki. Even though the latex option would have been cheaper, Björn Blum decided to go with the UCJV300-160 print-and-cut solution Mimaki announced the previous year. “We spent an entire day with DP Solutions, our incredibly patient reseller, printing our own images on our own substrates, all across the board for hours on end. And then the dye was cast”, Blum recalls.

UV print that looks like it has been varnished
In his view, the print quality and extended colour gamut of six colours plus white make a crucial difference to the brilliant colour and image display. Whilst solvents and latex inks penetrate the substrate and can therefore flatten or “drown” the image, UV ink is cured on the surface without loss of colour brilliance. One of his team’s test images at DP Solutions was a 2.5m print in spot colour blue, which can be a tricky colour as it tends to give a blotchy appearance when applied to a large surface area. “The result was absolutely flawless. It looked like it had been varnished”, outlines Blum. Even during testing, the Mimaki printer demonstrated its strong reliability with its robust industrial printheads.

One of the most exciting applications Bildkraft produced on its Mimaki printer, following the quick installation (in a single day), was a 2.5m tall and 1m wide illuminated sign in the shape of a nose for a local beauty salon. The inverted print on transparent film was then coated with 12mm of acrylic glass. White overprint eliminated the need for coloured interleaf film, saving an entire process step. Other applications Bildkraft will now only undertake with their Mimaki UV printer include vehicle wraps with colour gradients. “The colours appear much more intense and vibrant on the adhesive film, which our customers confirm unanimously”, says Blum.

An all-round printer with classy extras
Mimaki first presented its combined UV printing and cutting solution at the key signage shows in 2017. The UCJV300-160 is now considered an all-round machine for print-and-cut applications in sign and display advertising. UV curing enables printing on film, banners, paper and thin substrates that are too heat-sensitive for latex and solvent-based systems. One of the printer’s USPs is the combination of white and coloured ink on transparent and translucent film. This multi-layered printing creates the day and night effects on illuminated banners that Bildkraft offers to its customers. The UCJV300-160 has a print width of 1.61m and a maximum resolution of 1200dpi. It operates at a speed of around 25m2/h in draft mode and 8m2/h in standard mode. The UV ink dries immediately and is extremely scratch-resistant.

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Mimaki Tiger-1800B MkII Scoops Two EDP Awards

Mimaki’s Tiger-1800B MkII topped two award categories at the 13th EDP Awards at FESPA 2019.

Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, celebrated winning two awards at the European Digital Press Association (EDP) Annual Awards ceremony, held at FESPA 2019 last week. Mimaki’s Tiger-1800B MkII was the champion of the day, earning its first award in the category of ‘textile printer roll-to-roll more than 100 sqm/h’, and the second for its Rimslow TR Series complete solution, in the category of ‘pre- and postpress-treatment solutions’.

During the 13th EDP Awards contest, over 100 entries across five main categories were made, with 28 products announced as winners. Chosen based on numerous criteria including quality, value to user and environmental impact, the winners were selected by 20 leading trade publications within the digital printing industry, reaching over half a million readers across 25 European countries.

As part of the Tiger Pro Series, the Tiger-1800B MkII is a high-volume textile printer for direct printing or paper transfer with a print speed of up to 385m2/h. This versatility and speed paired with the printer’s ability to print at up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, enables users to produce extremely high-quality products without the need to compromise on production and throughput. Capable of handling all kinds of fabrics and papers, the printer can be used for a wide range of applications including tapestries, interior decoration and fashion & apparel.

Other important features of the Mimaki Tiger-1800B MkII include MAPS (Mimaki Advanced Pass System) and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System). MAPS prevents banding and colour-shifting during the printing process by spreading the edge of each pass to create a gradient. This feature, alongside NRS, which enables the printer to replace damaged nozzles with operating nozzles without stopping production, enhances the printer’s performance and boosts productivity and quality for the user.

“We’re delighted that our Tiger-1800B MkII came first in two categories during such a prestigious awards ceremony,” says Bert Benckhuysen, Product Manager for Mimaki Europe. “To be recognised for the fact that we listen closely to the needs of the market and constantly work to improve our products for customers, affirms our position as a strong force within digital textile printing.”

Allowing textile printers to take full control of their workflow, the Tiger-1800B MkII and the TR Series is a complete solution for coating, printing, steaming and washing machines. Rather than purchasing technology from different manufacturers to handle the four production processes, Mimaki ensures complete technology compatibility, for improved efficiencies and quality.

“The Mimaki TR Series is all about increasing productivity and cutting costs throughout the whole digital textile printing process. Providing an entire workflow solution instead of a stand-alone product, enables us to offer a much more stable and reliable production line. This enables increased uptime and allows our customers to focus on designing products that make them stand out in the crowd,” Benckhuysen concludes.

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Mimaki Announce the Launch of the new JFX200-2513 EX

World’s first flatbed inkjet printer to offer ‘one-touch’ 2.5D texture capabilities with significant productivity gains thanks to a 280% increase on speed.

Mimaki Europe, a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, today announces the European launch of the new JFX200-2513 EX large flatbed UV inkjet printer at the FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 (Munich, Germany – 14-17 May 2019). Introducing a new print mode and an extra printhead, the JFX200-2513 EX boasts substantial productivity increases on previous JFX models – 280% faster in new draft mode when printing in four colours plus white, and 100% faster for all other print modes. This entry-level printer also uses Mimaki’s 2.5D Texture Maker to enable smooth embossed print at the touch of a button. For the first time, this allows print service providers to offer large format digital print with enticing-to-touch dimensional textured effects without lengthy file preparation.

Opening new and valuable application opportunities for customers, the new Mimaki layering technology has been designed for supreme simplicity and ease of use. Eradicating the previous time-consuming and skilled process of creating multiple Photoshop files featuring stacked stepped layers for smooth expression, Mimaki’s genuine RIP software ‘RasterLink6Plus’ completes the process in seconds. It achieves this by adding a greyscale image of the original coloured file in the RIP.

This feature was originally developed for Mimaki’s 3D printing technology and is unique to Mimaki in sign and graphics printing. Taking large format print applications to a different dimension, Mimaki print houses can now offer exceptional printed textures such as simulated woodgrain, oil painting on canvas, as well as raised, high-visibility lettering for more traditional signage applications.

Danna Drion, Senior Marketing Manager EMEA, Mimaki Europe, comments: “In a market where competition is fierce and margins have been squeezed, we’re excited to launch the new Mimaki JFX200-2513 EX. In terms of offering new profitable services, our new product represents an important business differentiator for customers. If that wasn’t enough, the productivity gains that the JFX200-2513 EX represents, makes it a very compelling proposition. Irrespectively, no matter the size of your business, it’s important that when you enter a new market, you do so with a technology and partner you can trust. Offering Japanese product quality and a culture built around customer service excellence, this is certainly assured with Mimaki.”

Seen for the first time in Europe on the Mimaki booth at FESPA 2019 (stand B6-A30), the new Mimaki JFX200-2513 EX is the successor to the JFX200-2513 large flatbed UV inkjet printer. Since its launch six years ago, the JFX200-2513 has enjoyed excellent commercial success and a global install base. The new Mimaki JFX200-2513 EX builds on this legacy, pushing innovation further with its increased productivity and value-added print proposition.

Ideal for demanding production workflows, the JFX200-2513 EX prints on substrates up to 2,500mm x 1,300mm (98.4″ x 51.2″), in a wide variety of materials including white board, transparent/coloured board, wood, cardboard and metal – commonly used for applications including sign panels, furniture displays, building materials and much more. Usability has been improved with a vacuum-controlling foot switch, for when the user has no hands free and needs the media to be held stable on the print bed. An ethernet connection is now also provided, improving the functionality for IoT. connections. Another interface has been added to connect external safety devices such as a safety curtain. Additionally, the system includes Mimaki Core Technologies, Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS), for uninterrupted printing with no loss to quality if print nozzles become clogged or unproductive.

At FESPA, Mimaki is expounding the benefits of its MUH-100-Si UV-curable metallic ink, the world’s first metallic ink available for flatbed direct-to-object printing. By mixing a special bright aluminium pigment into the ink, printers can place UV metallic ink directly onto products without the need for a separate glitter or foil transfer process. “It’s just another way Mimaki provides solutions for its customers to stand out from the competition and provide value-added print for brands using their services,” adds Drion.

Mimaki’s latest 3D printing solution, the 3DFF-222, also features with Mimaki explaining how sign and display printers can cut operational costs and open new profitable markets by introducing the 3D printer to their businesses. Using in-house 3D printing to produce jigs used in direct-to-object printing, allows print houses to broaden the products they offer. It also enables them to introduce new products very quickly, without having the expense and time it takes to receive outsourced jigs produced using traditional methods. 3D signage can also be produced and, with a 3D printer in-house, new markets can be explored to employ the printer to its full capacity.

Mimaki is also using FESPA 2019 to demonstrate its collaboration with some of the market’s most inspirational and world-leading designers, creatives and photographers. Commissioned work from designers including Claire Vos (Studio Roderick Vos) is showcased throughout the booth. From creative backlit graphics and novelties, to fashion dresses and upholstery fabrics, a myriad of Mimaki produced digitally printed applications are on display, enabling visitors to understand the power of digital print to increase the creative process and drive new profitable application opportunities.

“Epitomising our show theme ‘Imagine the future of print’, the new Mimaki JFX200-2513 EX launched today, featuring cutting edge technology and capabilities designed to drive business growth. Indeed, each new technology that Mimaki introduces has been developed to support our customers’ success today, but also supports their future growth for tomorrow – we are delighted to share some of these latest innovations at the show.”

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Incredible photo quality on hard substrates from Neenah Coldenhove

New! Jetcol® DHS

Driven by the creativity of designers around the world, the market  for digital dye sublimation on hard substrates is expanding at a rapid pace for the desktop and wide format markets.

To keep up with the new possibilities that this segment can offer, Neenah Coldenhove developed Jetcol® DHS. Jetcol® for Desktop Hard Substrates. Colours printed with Neenah Coldenhove’s Jetcol® DHS come out crisp and clear thanks to high transfer ink yield made possible by our innovative new coating.

The hard substrate market can be divided into both the desktop market for personalised consumables like mugs, tiles and phone covers and a separate market for industrial applications like aluminum ChromaLuxe® panels, wood, and glass.

Are there more benefits with our paper? Yes!

In close cooperation with Sawgrass we have created a Virtuoso Print Manager (VPM) profile for our Jetcol® DHS paper. Thanks to this profile users will be able to optimise Sawgrass inks for our paper and achieve stunning colour reproduction.

The new Jetcol® DHS profile will be available for download since the week of March 18. The VPM software is a free download through the Sawgrass website, don’t miss the chance to combine the latest Sawgrass VPM software update with the latest hard substrate paper design to take your work to a new level of professional results.

Jetcol® DHS will be available in the most popular sheet and roll sizes from select  distributors that specialise in hard substrate dye sublimation products.

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Klieverik’s Roll-to-Roll Sublimation and Fixation

Transfer and Fixation Belt Calenders

Klieverik GTC belt calenders can be used for roll-to-roll dye sublimation transfer printing (paper to textile) as well as for dye fixation of direct printed dispersed dyes or pigments. Our GTC calenders are well suited for the professional and high-end production. With sharp edge definition, high processing speeds, less waste and fewer re-prints, these calenders are suitable for all kind of materials like wovens-stretch-knits or non-wovens.

The machine is equipped with pneumatically adjustable brakes and Touch screen with recipe operation, cooling down and start up timer. There are a number of options available:


These features are included in all our models of the GTC-series.

  • Low tension textile winding for stretch sensitive materials
  • Textile tensioning device
  • Universal unwind shaft for textile rolls for any core diameter
  • Wind and unwinding shafts for transfer and protection paper, each with tensioning device
  • Contact winder for textile
  • Scraper blades to prevent paper or textile from wrapping around the drum and cleaning of the drum
  • Air pressure operated paper tension setting
  • Touchscreen


The features below are optional for most of our GTC models.

  • Driven substrate expander*
  • Edge cutting unit
  • Compressor
  • Exhaust hood
  • Pressure laminating roller
  • Pneumatic winding shafts

The options marked by * are included in the models GTC 131 and GTC 141 only.

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Nazdar Releases 184 Series Solvent Inkjet Ink

Nazdar Ink Technologies announces the 184 Series, a newly developed digital imaging ink formulated specifically as a high performance alternative for Mimaki™ JV150/300 and CJV150/300 digital printers using Mimaki BS4 ink. Nazdar 184 Series users will benefit from low odour and enjoy the convenience of a range of packaging options – 600ml bags and 2000ml bags compatible with MBIS.

“The new Nazdar 184 Series exhibits outstanding performance, with excellent outdoor resistance to colour fade and chemical attack caused by UV degradation or environmental pollution,” says Stephen Woodall, Nazdar Ink Technologies’ Global Segment Manager, Aqueous & Solvent Digital. “We’ve developed an ink with excellent performance and adhesion on flexible and pressure sensitive vinyl, banner material, blue back paper and backed mesh.”

To find out more about the range of Nazdar inks, email

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Drive hard profits with soft signs

The 1.8-meter EFI™ Reggiani ONE 180 soft signage fabric printer offers the greatest value on the market if you are looking to aggressively develop and drive more profitability into your soft signage business.

Versatile and productive printing with impressive image quality

  • Print direct to textile or indirect via transfer process, enabling you to offer more materials and save money by using lower cost materials
  • Print dazzling displays, high-density backlit signs and more with ultra-high resolution four-color printing
  • Create soft signs and fabric displays that retain the drape and soft hand customers prefer
  • Produce graphics that can be washed and dried without wrinkling, folded without leaving marks, and reused

For more specs please click here

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Imagine the future of print with Mimaki at FESPA 2019

Mimaki Europe has announced that it will inspire customers to explore creative, innovative, profit generating possibilities in a futuristic atmosphere at the FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 (Munich, Germany – 14-17 May 2019).

Under the theme “Imagine the Future of Print”, the company will take visitors to its stand (B6-A30) on a journey through its world-first and market-first innovations in printers, software and cutting-edge solutions, to demonstrate how they can take their businesses to the next level.

A must-see stop along that journey will be a brand-new Mimaki large format printer, displayed at FESPA 2019 for the first time in the EMEA region. Featuring a best-in-class combination of productivity and print stability, new application opportunities, boosted usability and unprecedented substrate range flexibility, the new Mimaki print platform will provide a glimpse into future developments of UV LED inkjet technology.

Thanks to Mimaki’s development of its 3D printer and slicing software, preparation and printing of 2.5D up to multiple layers will be easy and fast. A further highlight on the stand this year will be the new FDM 3D printer for the small direct to object printing market, focusing on self-production of jigs.

The journey continues with workflow efficiency, which will be the keyword for digital printing for years to come. As Mimaki already introduced its IoT solution for the UJF-7151plus and the JFX-series, this year’s FESPA visitors can learn about the next phase of IoT showing a glimpse of the upcoming Job Controller IP software. Connectivity with Gravograph and Trotec laser systems will also be fully supported in the latest Rasterlink RIP.

Last but not least on this journey, Mimaki will demonstrate its new Simple POP software, specially developed for the retail market. Shop-owners require no graphic knowledge to create and design their own signage such as labels, stickers and roll-ups. The new software connects directly to Rasterlink for an automated workflow from design to print and cut on Mimaki’s successful and popular UCJV series.

“Mimaki boasts a history of pioneering inkjet technologies and breakthrough innovations. Building on those solid foundations, the company aims to maintain its position at the forefront of advancements in digital printing,” comments Danna Drion, Marketing Manager, Mimaki EMEA. “This vision of reflecting on past innovations and leveraging state-of-the-art solutions to deliver a whole spectrum of unexplored future customer opportunities, underpins that ambition, and embodies our FESPA show theme.”

Designed with a futuristic theme, Mimaki’s largest ever FESPA stand will lend a glittering silver guise to proceedings. As an example, LED-lit paths on the floor will lead to a central hanging kaleidoscopic installation, incorporating UV digital print on mirrors. Encompassing four key business areas strategically integrated across the stand – Sign Graphics, Industrial Products, Textiles and 3D – flagship Mimaki technology and a wealth of exciting, creative applications will be showcased.

Visitors will also be able to take part in product demonstrations and engage directly with the Mimaki team. To learn more about how they could implement and use Mimaki technology to offer and sell new inkjet applications, Mimaki visitors will also have access to some leading designers and creative professionals who regularly use digital print within their work. Connecting customers, partners, designers and innovators to generate new and rewarding collaborations will be key to Mimaki’s FESPA 2019 show and vision for the future.

“With the help of our industry-acclaimed inkjet print and cutting technology, we will use the show to demonstrate how businesses can become forward-thinkers and boost productivity in a more advanced workflow. At the same time, we will also encourage and welcome visitor ideas, feedback and requests too – as always, this is essential R&D learning for us,” adds Drion. “What’s more, why not talk to us live at the show using #FutureofPrint and tell us what you think? In addition, go to Mimaki’s registration page for a chance to win one of 50 fantastic Flic Wireless Smart Buttons that we will give away during the show.”

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The Most Advanced, Most Professional Colour Label Printer Ever From Primera

LX910e Colour Label and Tag Printer

LX910e is the fastest and highest print quality colour label printer ever developed by Primera. It utilises an all-new, very high capacity thermal inkjet print head that was designed from the start to be unmatched in its performance. With LX910e you’ll quickly and easily get all the labels you need with professional print quality on each and every label, free of horizontal banding or streaks down the length of the output.

With LX910e, your possibilities are endless.

Print just one or thousands of labels at a time with identical or unique data on every label.
Print with dye or pigment ink, all in the same printer, by simply changing out an ink cartridge. Dye ink has brilliant, vivid colours for making eye-catching prime labels for your products. Pigment ink is highly durable for more industrial applications. Choose the one that best fits the task without buying two separate printers !

Primera is one of the world’s best-known and best-selling manufacturers of desktop colour label printers. With LX910e, a new benchmark in price and performance has been set.


  Fast Print Speeds – With up to 114 mm (4.5”) per second print speeds, your labels will be produced quickly and efficiently.

  Best Print Quality – Print quality on LX910e is the best we’ve ever offered, and likely the best you’ll ever find. Dare to compare! Get identical samples from each printer you are considering. Selling your products is much easier when you have the most professional-looking labels!

  Dual Ink System – Print with dye-based ink for the most colourful and vibrant looking labels. Swap out the all-in-one ink cartridge in 2-3 seconds and print with pigment ink for the most durable inkjet labels.

  Single Ink Cartridge – The all-new, highly advanced ink technology used by LX910e is unique in the business. It requires only a single ink cartridge to produce incredible, best-in-class results. The secret is in the nozzles. Ink droplets are fired so precisely that there’s absolutely no need for a separate black ink cartridge. The resulting “process” black is exceptional. It also costs no more to use than dealing with an extra black ink cartridge. With LX910e, you’ve got just one ink SKU to keep track of – without compromising results.

  Sturdy Metal Enclosure – The LX910e comes with a powder coated metal enclosure which had been certified for many years in areas with higher safety regulations. Especially suitable for use in mechanical and plant engineering, or when electromagnetic screening (EMC) is required.