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Phil Knight, founder, and CEO of Nike, has been quoted as saying: “Business is war without bullets”. That may be the case, but business success also means making sure you have the right tools in your arsenal. In the graphics provision marketplace that means investing in the highest calibre printers for the job.

Innovative design/graphics/signage installation specialist, DIS Group, agrees. It has just sourced its second VUTEk large format printer in less than six months. By purchasing its new EFI Quantum LXr 3, DIS is continuing its policy of building an army of the best print technology – a policy that has underpinned the company’s success since Managing Director Mark Bradley launched it in 1997

DIS Group Account Director, Dave Purcell, explains: “Competing in the graphics arena requires imagination, flair, the ability to think creatively, and the best equipment for the job. Without intelligent investment, we would be like a gladiator marching into the ring armed with a feather duster and coming face-to-face with a guy carrying a six-foot spear. He wouldn’t last five minutes.

“We ensure we face our competition on an equal basis or better, and that’s where the Quantum LXr 3 comes in. It offers unrivalled speed and print quality, plus the bonus of its X/Y Cut System made adding it to our equipment arsenal a no-brainer. It’s perfect for bespoke, highly detailed, close viewing projects, from retail roll outs and window displays to museum exhibits and point of sale/purchase displays.

“Its seven picolitre drop size provides fantastically fine detail and text resolution. It enables us to offer an even faster turnaround on premium quality projects, more competitively. The EFI Quantum LXr joins an army of existing printers at DIS, which includes other VUTEk printers plus several aqueous, eco-solvent and latex roll-to-roll machines.”

DIS Group employs 18 employees in its busy 14,000 sq. ft. premises. Its annual R26 million turnover has been achieved by constantly pushing the boundaries of graphics provision, and strict quality control during every stage of the project.

Dave Purcell continues: “We recently worked in partnership with a Birmingham-based agency to create an ‘Interactive Wonderwall’ using touch sensitive materials. We believe this installation to be the first of its kind in Europe, if not the world.

We employ our own project installers. We strongly believe in using our own people to do most of our installs, because we are aware our customers feel more secure knowing the guys who install their jobs are the same ones who have seen the project right the way through from inception. It also helps build trust and ownership of the jobs. We employ several installation teams who work throughout the UK and Europe-wide. This enables us to seamlessly manage our clients’ projects from start to completion, no matter how complicated they are. We also offer 3M MCS component warranties for the commercial and automotive industry – which has become a frequent requirement when servicing markets.

“Business growth has been achieved through more client wins coupled with increased market awareness about the high levels of quality output and the service we offer. We invested in the new EFI Quantum LXr, to further reinforce fast turnaround times and firmly cement our place in the top echelon of our market. Our consistently high levels of bespoke quality, and the fact that we listen carefully during project planning to ensure we match or exceed customer needs, has earned us an outstanding reputation in our field. After almost 21 years of success we refuse to rest on our laurels, and the outstanding production speeds and brilliant print quality from the EFI Quantum LXr will help us maintain and improve our standards.”

The EFI Quantum LXr has been designed to provide superb print resolution for closely viewed graphics, even for the most complex designs. Thanks to its seven picolitre greyscale imaging and up to 1200 dpi resolution, it produces amazing high-definition image quality and outstanding transitions, vignettes, skin tones, and shadows. Its piezo drop-on-demand inkjet technology coupled with its powerful LED curing system means smaller dot gain for economical, high speed precision and no waiting time for degassing or drying. Material can be taken straight from the printer for finishing, or an optional facility for inline cutting and slitting can be installed to complete all the finishing work on the fly. Its specially formulated UV inks are environmentally and user-friendly, while also providing exceptional durability and a wide colour gamut, including the traditional CMYK plus optional LC, LM, LK and white.

The printer handles a wide variety of flexible and rigid substrates at up to 350 cm width. Materials can be simply handled in an easy loading roll-to-roll mode, plus free-fall, and multi-roll facilities. It can simultaneously print two rolls of media at up to 1.6 m width each. Its production speeds reach up to 210 sqm per hour, and its other smart features help reduce waste in media handling, with only 40 cm of wasted material per roll. Other unique features include double-sided printing, a vacuum bed for handling thinner material, and media wrinkle analysis to avoid distortion during the print process.