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Nazdar will be presenting two new series of digital solvent inks to avoid raw materials facing a clampdown by recent regulations.

This year, Nazdar will introduce the new Nazdar 130 Series and Nazdar 183 Series Digital Solvent Inks, the latest additions to its range of market-leading ‘plug and play’ high-performance alternatives to OEM inks. Both series offer exceptional color and chemistry compatibility, quality and cost effectiveness combined with a seamless conversion process, enabling users to switch one colour at a time to save time and money.
The Nazdar 130 Series ink is specifically designed for use in Mimaki JV33, CJV, JV300 and JV150 printers using Mimaki SS21 ink, handling the speed demands of each system superbly thanks to enhanced dot control and drying features. The Nazdar 183 Series, meanwhile, is ideal for users of Mimaki BS3 ink looking to benefit from a high-performance, great value alternative with improved odor and a convenient range of packaging sizes and options.
Also on show will be the recently launched Nazdar 730 Series, a flexible UV inkjet ink with market-leading adhesion on a wide range of flexible and rigid substrates such as banners, window graphics, pressure-sensitive vinyl, POP displays and backlit acrylic signage. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and especially substrates that require router, knife- or die-cutting, thanks to its superior edge-chipping resistance properties.

As an expert in screen printing inks, Nazdar will also be debuting the new Nazdar 2800 Series 5-year Durable Graphic Screen ink. One of the first durable UV LED inks specifically formulated to be cured with a 395nm, 4watt or higher LED lamp, the 2800 Series is designed to be thermal die-cut without edge chipping and to accept pre-mask adhesives.
Elsewhere on show, the Nazdar 2300 Series UV and UV LED Screen Inks have been developed for the container market, for printing on various glass and plastic bottles used in the packaging of cosmetics, household chemicals and other similar applications, while offering energy savings and a smaller environmental footprint. Nazdar 3500 Series Screen Inks, also on display, are designed for long-term outdoor durability on premium pressure-sensitive vinyl films.
In addition, the brand will present Nazdar 2400 UV-LED and 3400 Series UV Screen Inks for membrane switch applications with a focus on the new durable texture clears, and will have the latest Nazdar Texture Clears Ink sample prints available for review. Nazdar will also promote its new Special Effects Inks binder, to show customers creative uses for its specialty inks.