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Mimaki has announced the launch of a brand-new textile printer; the Tx300P-1800B (Belt).

The 1.8 metre wide printer is specifically designed to address the need in the textile and apparel industries for cost-effective, short run printing of textiles for products or samples. Its unique design makes it ideally suited to printing on a wide variety of fabrics, including bulky textured materials, as well as sheer fabric and stretchy materials such as knits. It also eliminates the need for steaming or washing when printing with Mimaki TP400 textile pigment inks, thereby reducing the space required for on-demand textile printing.

Mimaki believes that the significant upturn in online shopping brings with it a growing demand for the creation of custom products, with customers moving their attention away from standard designs widely available in retail outlets. Accordingly, enterprising garment makers are looking for cost-effective solutions that will help them meet the demand for sample production, short runs and bespoke prints. The new Mimaki Tx300P-1800B belt-type printer has been specifically developed to meet these needs, as well as having the flexibility to print to an even wider range of different fabrics than ever before with a comprehensive range of ink set options.

  • Five ink types increase flexibility
  • Game changing innovation
  • Next-generation digital textile printing

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