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Mimaki’s new LH-100 clear ink for the JFX200-2513 flatbed LED UV printer complements the existing LUS -150 and LH-100 LED UV curable inksets and takes creative possibilities to new levels.

The new clear ink provides the capability to produce glossy and matte finish effects, adding creativity and value to the finished product. The addition of the new ink to the gamut delivers an effect close to that achieved traditionally in the lithographic print industry for many years with a spot varnish. Additionally, Mimaki clear ink can be output in multiple layers to enhance the vibrancy of colours or to create a more tactile finishing effect.

Applications such as high end PoS, labels, textured finishes and even Braille are all now possible, presenting fantastic opportunities for companies involved in packaging proofing to deliver accurate simulations of finished products in a very efficient and timely manner, with the combination of LED UV ink curing creating a touch dry finish immediately after printing.

Mimaki’s clear UV ink can be retro fitted to existing JFX200 machines with only minor hardware upgrades. Users should ensure that they have the latest firmware (Version 1.30 or later) and version of Mimaki’s RIP (RasterLink 6 Version 2.10 or later).

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