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Mimaki has announced that it is adding value to the print production process with the introduction of innovative software solutions that drive accurate, brilliant colour, attracting attention in an ever-more-colourful world. Three new software solutions highlight this innovative approach: The Artista Textile Color Collection; Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3) for advanced printer profiling; and RasterLink6 Version 5.0. All are designed to help printers deliver accurate, repeatable colour across multiple devices and locations.

Digital Textile Printing: Coming of age

In the textile industry, the shift from analogue to digital production is underway as textile and apparel manufacturers aim at achieving faster time-to-market, reducing inventories and increasing flexibility to address rapidly evolving trends. Yet colour matching remains a significant issue due to the lack of a standardised colour chart that enables colour consistency from design through production. Mimaki is filling that gap with the Artista Textile Color Collection, making it faster and easier for textile and apparel manufacturers to achieve the desired colour without wasteful trial and error.
Mimaki intends to expand the collection over time, but it initially includes 520 colours for sublimation printing – including fluorescent inks – making it ideal for sports apparel and interior fabrics. By integrating the process into the workflow, the production of colour across multiple locations is made efficient and consistent.

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