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Are you thinking about starting a new venture in the Signage/ Printing Industry or just exploring new avenues in the printing market? Here we will give you some information on some entry-level machines.
However, Mimaki have entered the market with an entry-level print and cut machine. Mimaki has introduced the CJV 150 Series machines with its entry-level CJV150-75 print and cut printer at a cost of about R 109 900.00.

For the new, fresh business opening their doors for the first time we have the perfect entry-level print and cut machine. This is a roll to roll inkjet print & cut machine that is quite versatile and has a cost of about R 170 000.00. The most impressive function is its running costs, particularly with ink compatibility and the print media ranges available. This is the perfect little work-horse to start your business or to go into a new direction in the print market.
There is little competition with the other companies that could compete with you even if they lower their margins to get business. With the low running costs, it will leave you with high margins (profit) and still come in at market prices since it has the lowest priced original inks and does not have high consumable or annual maintenance costs. in short, the Mimaki dealer will take on any competition claiming that their printers are more cost effective or that they might have a better R.O.I because they do not. GSW do not want any new player to make the tragic error to buy an inferior product especially a problematic Chinese poor engineered printer or cutter.

Besides print and cut machines, Mimaki has a variety of entry- level large format inkjet print machines, such as the roll to roll solvent or UV cured ink printers at a cost of about R 800 000 and also the smaller UV flatbed that can print small sheet of rigid media at a cost starting from R 229 350.00. With these machines, some companies use stand-alone flatbed cutting machines to add value to the printed work (e.g. Stand Displays etc.)

There are other small eco-solvent printers like the Valuejet Muto printer at a similar cost, this is a CMYK print only machine. There are other low cost entry-level print machines that print at a larger capacity, such as the SCS30600 Epson 64inch four colour printer at a cost of about R166 583 and the Muto 1604 X Valuejet series at a cost of ± R166 668. The downfall with these machines are they do not have a built-in cutter, so you will need a cutter at an extra cost from around R51 000 to R255 000 or more.

If you are looking for more on affordable entry-level printing, cutting or laminators, you will find the information on Graphix Supply Worlds website:

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