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Mimaki CF22-1225


Mimaki CF22-1225

Print and cut with precision. The optimal cooperation performance

More simple, more accurate. The Mimaki CF22-1225 is a flatbed cutting plotter based on cooperation with inkjet printers focusing to enhancement of usability. Supports multiple functions for on-demand production of packaging, POP and furniture including reciprocating, swivel and tangential cutting, as well as creasing and line drawing.


• Robust design and solid frame

• Multifunctional cutting head

• Cutting area of 1,220mm x 2,500mm

• Multifunctional LCD panel

• Strong vacuum system

• Supports 17 different types of cutting tools 


Specifications of theCF22-1225

Item CF22-1225
Effective plotting area 2,500 × 1,220mm
Maximum media size 2,600 × 1,360mm
Motorization X/Y/Z/Θ axis: DC Servo Motor
Maximum plotting speed 55cm / sec
Cutter head type RC Head
Cutting pressure Eccentric Cutter 20 – 400g
Low Pressure Tangential 300 – 1,500g
High Pressure Tangential 1,000 – 5,000g
Creasing Roller 1,000 – 5,000g
Static Accuracy Repetition accuracy ±0.1mm
Distance accuracy ±0.1mm or ±0.1% of movement distance,
whichever is greater
Origin reproducibility ±0.1mm or less
Perpendicularity ±0.7 / 2,500mm
Work fixation Vacuum suction by blower
Receiving buffer capacity 27MB (17MB while sorting)
Command MGL-IIc3
Interface USB 2.0 (Full Speed), RS-232C, Ethernet
Safety standard VCCI-class A, FCC-class A, UL60950-1,
CB Report (EN60950), CE Marking
(Machinery), RoHS, REACH


Temperature 5 to 40°C
Humidity 35 to 75%RH  (Non condensing)
Accuracy guaranteed temperature 20 to 25°C
Temperature gradient ±10°C/h or less
Power Single phase AC100V to 240V
Power consumption 300W
Outer dimension (W×D×H) 3,160 x 1,930 x 1,200mm
Weight 230kg


Features of CF22-1225

Multifunctional large format flatbed cutting plotter

More simple, more accurate. The CF22-1225 is a flatbed cutting plotter based on cooperation with inkjet printers focusing to enhancement of usability.

Perfect for cutting 8’ x 4’ (1,220 x 2,440mm) printed board. Includes a zoned vacuum system to hold the media operated via a control panel. Select the best cutter head type to fulfil your needs according to your cutting material and application.

Powerful print and cut combo with JFX200-2513

Together with the Mimaki JFX200-2513 UV LED flatbed printer, the CF22-1225 offers a powerful, cost-effective print and cut solution.

With a maximum print area of 2.5m x 1.3m, the JFX200-2513 is the perfect fit for the CF22-1225. Offering the ability to print to a wide range of substrates, the class-leading LED UV flatbed printer delivers unparalleled performance and productivity for professional sign and graphic companies.

Making print and cut easier than ever before (ID Cut)

Utilising powerful software options, ArtiosCAD for Mimaki is intuitive and simple to use. Supplied with around 400 templates, it is easy to customise the packaging design by entering dimensions in order to produce output at the desired size.

Mimaki’s new ID Cut function has been designed to enable printer operators to contour cut multiple jobs with minimal intervention. Offering trouble-free, automatic cutting of consecutive jobs, it saves time and reduces potential material waste.

An ID barcode is printed through the RasterLink6 Plus RIP along with the image, with the code including cutting and rotation information. The crop mark sensor reads the ID code and automatically executes cutting, ensuring all alignment and rotational requirements are observed.

Complete custom production solution

Combined with the optional ArtiosCAD Designer Solution, Mimaki-dedicated CAD design software, the combination of CF22-1225 and JFX200-2513 delivers the perfect solution for the production of custom printed and cut graphics and products. This includes printing onto the goods, designing and printing the packaging and cutting the cushioning material.
1: Packaging (JFX200 + CF22 + CAD)
2: Cushioning Material (JFX200 + CF22)
3: Product Dispenser (JFX200 + CF22 + CAD)
4: Poster (JFX200 + CF22)
5: Cut-out Panel (JFX200 + CF22)
6: Point of Sale Material (JFX200 + CF22)
7: Life-sized ‘Standee’ (JFX200 + CF22)
8: Suspended Signage (JFX200 + CF22)

Multiple tools and functions for on-demand production

The Mimaki CF22-1225 supports multiple functions for on-demand production of packaging, POP, furniture, cut-out panels, hanging signboards and more.

It includes a detachable tool holder supporting a wide range of cutting tools including reciprocating, swivel and tangential cutting, as well as creasing and line drawing. Thus, ideal for the cutting of corrugated cardboard, PP/PET or clear film (up to 0.3mm thickness), vinyl chloride for clear packaging and corrugated fiberboard (AB flute).



Packaging, Cushioning material, furniture, posters, cut-out panels, POP, life sized panels, hanging signboards and much more…



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