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The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway needs no introduction, however, we, at GSW, are very proud to have added them to our extensive and most affluent array of clients, so we thought we would let the cat out the bag.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway joined the GSW family recently, when they purchased the Primera LX400E Label Press.

About the company …

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has been in existence since 1929, and while it was no piece of cake, as it is today, to ascend this iconic mountain, it was still a very well-known and world-class experience.

Nowadays, a trip up our majestic mountain can happen in the blink of an eye, and many a local and tourist has made this journey, time and time again.  In fact, an interesting fact is, that over 909 000 people visit and use the cableway over a 12-month period.

The cable cars are not their only attraction.  They offer a few other services, namely, the souvenir shop, classically named Shop at the Top; Little Shop at the Top, which offers more convenience items; and the Visitor Centre, which is situated at the Lower Cable Station.  In addition, their post-box facility is a great fun activity, whereby you can post someone, anywhere in the world, a postcard or letter, and they will see that it came from the top of Table Mountain.

Further, The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has an awesome little Wi-Fi Lounge, so you can stay connected; vast amounts of space where you can have a personal or business function; and they cater to your stomach too, with a fantastic restaurant, The Table Mountain Café, offering all sorts of yummy eats and drinks.

And, that ending was the perfect beginning to our next segment.

The need for GSW …

One tends to forget that to get everyone up in those fantastic cable cars, an entire team of people sit behind the scenes.  And, that the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is a business, requiring business equipment.

One part of the Cableway’s divisions, is the Food and Beverage department, and this is where Enrico Williams steps in.   It was also where Graphix Supply World came in.  The need for a label press lead Enrico Williams, their Administrator in the Food and Beverages division to seek the advises from GSW.  He had heard a few business colleagues speaking about us, and when he realised he needed to print labels for the in-house sandwiches, ingredients and other baked goods, he took the plunge to purchase the label press.

While they haven’t yet made use of the Primera LX400E Label Press, due to the high season period end of last year, they are looking forward to testing out its quality and speed.
The Primera LX400E Label Press –  Key Selling Points

While the LX400E has since been replaced by the LX500E, it warrants a mention, in terms of its spectacular specs.

With its marvellous 4800 dpi print resolution and putout speeds, this “little” printer kicks a real punch.  For the purposes of the labels, that the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway requires, the LX400E is perfect.

Whether it be a full colour photo, graphics, bar codes or illustrations, this label printer delivers clear and perfect prints each and every time.  Its high-resolution inkjet technology means that you are presented with brilliant full-colour product labels.  As for the cost per print, the more you print, the better the cost per label print, as opposed to flexo or offset.

The nitty-gritty …

So, whether you have travelled up and down the mountain a few times, or if it would be your first time, decide on a perfect-weather day, and go enjoy one of our countries epic and iconic wonders of the world.  Take a gander at their website, for further info on specials, highlights and all that the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has to offer.

Further, Enrico, or anyone of the Cableway’s fantastic staff, can be contacted on
Tel : + 27 021 424 3792 or Email:

It is a pleasure to welcome Enrico and all at Table Mountain Aerial Cableway to the GSW family, and wish them more success going forward.