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Klieverik are renowned the world over for the quality of their heat presses. Contact heat is the only real solution for achieving a complete sublimation with disperse inks. The GTC-type belt calendar is a versatile machine capable of handling a wide range of fabrics types and qualities. The product is guided along the heated drum whilst optimal temperature, dwell time and pressure are maintained. Roll-to-roll and single piece transfer printing are both possible.

The GTC Series Heat Transfer Calenders are available for narrow width (GTC 81/1850 and GTC 81/2300) or Grand Format Width (81/3400) production capabilities.

The Klieverik machines are engineered for precise use of heat, pressure and timing to produce dye-sublimated textile prints. With the GTC Series Heat Transfer machine users can create gorgeous, high resolution textiles using transfer or direct-to-textile process.

These heat presses can be used for wide format transfer of paper-printed images and fixation of direct to textile prints for advertising, exhibition displays, banners and flags, bedding products, sportswear and anything else that would benefit from high-resolution textile substrates.

The precision guiding of the long belt and the lack of lateral movement of the paper and fabric make it possible to print with the highest degree of edge sharpness. The stable temperature of the thermal oil and the electrically heated drum are designed to give you excellent colour brilliance. This state-of-the-art technology creates beautiful prints without ghosting, excessive shrinkage, variance in fixation or the difference in colours or colour yield that may be seen with other transfer systems.


Designs can be printed onto High Performance Transfer Paper with a Mimaki TS500-1800 using high performance ink. The Mimaki TS500-1800 prints with an unrivalled speed of 150 m2/h on sublimation paper like no other machines in its class. Targeted at the textile market, the machine is especially suitable for production of sportswear and soft signage. It boasts large roll media loading as well as stable media feeding and take-up.

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